Observant Mail Carrier Rescues Elderly Customer

Observant Mail Carrier Rescues Elderly Customer

March 23, 2021 by Cathy Stack

Chicago, IN - USPS mail carrier, Shonda Lemon has a special bond with the residents on her route, especially the elderly who she says are “dear to her heart.” She enjoys chatting with her customers and regularly looks out for their welfare. One day she noticed that Helen, an 89-year-old woman who she normally exchanges pleasant daily greetings with was not picking up her mail as usual. Shonda grew concerned so she knocked on Helen’s door and received no response. She had a dreaded feeling that something was horribly wrong. She took immediate action and dialed 911.

Shonda learned from her friendly conversations with Helen that the woman lived alone and had recently fallen.  To make the mail easier for Helen to grip, the mail carrier had a thoughtful habit of tightly wrapping the bundle with rubber bands.  Helen in turn randomly taped candy to her outgoing mail to leave for her favorite mail carrier as a token of her appreciation.  It was that caring bond that motivated Shonda to go the extra mile and check in her customer. 

Shonda knew it was unlikely that Helen would be traveling so when she didn’t respond to her knock, alarm bells went off.  She listened to her instincts and immediately called authorities to conduct an urgent welfare check for Helen.  Help arrived within minutes. 

Upon entry to Helen’s home, authorities found her lying helplessly on the living room floor.  The elderly woman had fallen several days prior and was unable to move due to the injuries she sustained.  She had laid there for days suffering without any food or water. It was unlikely in Helen’s condition that she would have survived much longer had she not been rescued.

Helen was immediately rushed to the hospital.  She was weak from dehydration and malnutrition but was miraculously still alive.

“My heart trembled, it just made me cry,” described Shonda of the enormous relief she felt upon hearing the incredible news that Helen was alive.  Helen remained in the hospital recovering for a week and was then sent to a rehab facility to regain mobility. 

Helen’s niece, Mary Mason said she was grateful Shonda was there at the right time to save her aunt’s life.  Mary felt compelled to thank Shonda in person. The two women had the opportunity to meet and exchange a warm embrace on a cold winter day.  “You’re an angel,” Mary told Shonda.

The community hails Shanda as a hero, but she laughs off the praise.  “I don’t look at myself as a hero,” Shonda said humbly. “I just look at myself as one of God’s children looking after his other kids. That was my blessing for the day, that she was OK,” she added.

Passiton praises Shonda for her caring nature and quick-thinking action which helped to save a woman’s life.  Being observant of community members’ habits provided her with the instinct to know when something was dreadfully wrong.  She went above and beyond the call of duty.   Her action is a great example of the value of community.  Please help us honor Shonda by sharing her heartwarming story of the miracles that can occur when we all look out for one another.

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Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  MARCH 23, 2021
Shonda, you are a blessing to all of us. God Bless your faithfulness and for sharing with us the sincerity of love. I can add; Make Gratitude Your Attitude. :)

Melina from Boston MARCH 23, 2021
What a wonderful story of compassion and thoughtfulness! Thank you Shonda!!

Rubin from ISRAEL MARCH 23, 2021
Bless your soul Shonda !!

Kalindi from KENTUCKY MARCH 23, 2021
Shonda you are an angel is in blue 💙. The best act of kindness there is , looking out for each other...God bless you darling.

Mary Ellen McAnany from Phihladelphia, PA MARCH 23, 2021
The love within the heart of USPS Mail carrier Shonda Lemon shines through on her beautiful face. How blessed this world would be if more people cared about others the way Ms. Lemon has. As the PassItOn story reports, her elderly postal customer Helen would not have survived much longer if Shonda's instinct & genuine concern for others did not kick in. It is my hope that the USPS will present Chicago IN USPS Postal Carrier Shonda Lemon with an official commendation & public recognition for service above & beyond the call of duty. We pray for the day when the world we live in has many more loving citizens who follow the outstanding example of this special young lady. THANK YOU, Shonda Lemon

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