Introducing the New PassitOn® Blog

Introducing the New PassitOn® Blog

August 5, 2020 by Cathy Stack

PassItOn is excited to introduce the PassItOn Blog which will feature true stories and videos highlighting everyday people doing extraordinary heroic acts in their communities.

It is our way to celebrate these heroes for being such positive role models. Their actions remind us of how our shared values can bring out the very best in ourselves as well as produce a positive rippling effect in the world. These uplifting stories and videos represent positive, life affirming, universal values such as generosity, courage, integrity, love, respect and kindness. We believe these values make a real difference in our communities and in our world.  

Our hope is that by sharing these inspiring stories our readers will be encouraged to contribute by sharing their own story and thereby make a positive impact in the community. We believe that the positive values that we live by are worth more when we pass them on. Together with every new PassItOn story we can help change the world for the better!  

Thank you for visiting our blog. We appreciate whatever you may be inspired to share.

Pass It On®


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Barbara from Pennsylvania APRIL 22, 2021
Good Morning, I just read the wonderful true story of honesty where a Good Will employee found $42, 000 dollars and rather than keeping it she was a terrific Hero by assisting in the money being returned to the rightful owner. Thanks for sharing this story that will no doubt inspire other people to do the right thing as well.

Mary Anne Martin from Montgomery, Alabama  MARCH 10, 2021
Thank you for lifting up our spirits by sharing this very special positive story! This nation needs to be influenced by many more positive stories based on caring individuals who express strong good character principles! Mary Anne Martin, Interstate Character Council, Inc. coordinator PS Alabama is one of eight officially declared by state legislatures to strive to become "states of character." SC also took this pledge so many years ago when that state was leading South through its character education efforts!

Tammy Combs from Florida JANUARY 15, 2021
Thank you so much for creating this inspirational place to share amazing stories. It’s truly uplifts the spirit.

JMA from TX JANUARY 7, 2021
Always try to find the light in every situation and if you are unable to find the light be the light, shin as bright as the sun.

Tony from Elyria, Oh OCTOBER 22, 2020
It’s great to see there’s still selfless acts of kindness, bravery, love and compassion in today’s world. After seeing the worst side of people for my entire life, it’s inspirational to see positive influence among others! Thank You for the message of Hope

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