“Even after nearly a quarter of a century, Albert remains motivated by one thing: to help families in a time of need.”

—Roger Oxendale,Children's Hospital President and CEO

Every Tuesday and Thursday for more than 30 years, Albert Lexie has left his home at 5:50 a.m. to travel 90 minutes by bus to the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. When he arrives, he sets up his shoeshine box in the lobby and gets to work, charging $3 per shine.

Albert’s earnings allow him to live on an annual income of about $10,000. Yet, astonishingly, he donates approximately $10,000 a year to the hospital.

Despite living within very modest means, Albert gives every penny of his tips to the hospital’s Children's Free Care Fund, which ensures that all children receive medical care, regardless of a family's financial ability to pay for it. Since 1982, he has donated more than $200,000 of his hard-earned tips to the Children’s Hospital.

He has been featured on local and national news, received numerous awards, and even has published a book, “Albert’s Kids, The Heroic Work of Shining Shoes for Sick Children.” Yet through his fame, Albert continues to do what he does best. He shows up at the hospital, shines shoes—and provides a brilliant example of the way to give, love and live.

To the children and family he has helped over the years, and to everyone he encounters, Albert is an everyday hero. With his diligence, his humility and his loving kindness, he embodies the value of charity.

Charity. Pass It On!

This billboard about Charity features Albert Lexie; shoe shine shop operator, philanthropist.

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Sebastian OCTOBER 3, 2019
so amazing how one person can do so much.

Anonymous DECEMBER 20, 2018
This here is a kind man

raegan from VA AUGUST 28, 2018
this man is so sweet

Anonymous JULY 22, 2018
God Bless and thank you! I will strive to do more thanks to you!

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2018
Nice job

Logan from Texas OCTOBER 26, 2017
Good man..

Kathy from Michigan  AUGUST 19, 2017
This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Albert, I am humbled and inspired to do better.

Jpe from Barre, MA JULY 7, 2017
The world is a better place thanks to people like Albert. God Bless you!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
You the man Lexie

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 7, 2016
he is such a great person

juan from medicine hat ab JUNE 8, 2016
this guy is the best person in the wrld

Robin from Junction City, Kansas NOVEMBER 22, 2015
Our Junction City neighborhoods in Kansas could use a few of these!!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 23, 2015
What a caring man! Thank you, Mr. Lexie!

Tony Herold from India APRIL 16, 2014
This simply proves that anyone, anywhere can do great things in a small way.... Cheers Mr. Albert. Would love to hear from you. Tony

Patrick Paluso from Wilmington, North Carolina NOVEMBER 2, 2013
I can attest to Albert's daily commitment. I grew up in the Mon Valley in Pennsylvania and remember seeing Albert daily hard at work with his shoe shine box. Along with charity should be hard work and commitment.

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI JULY 30, 2013
Tears with a smile fill my face and my heart. I am grateful for what Albert does for everyone and himself. God Bless you Albert, enjoy what you do and the love you give. :)

patti from illinois JULY 15, 2013
what a wonderful wonderful heartwarming story!

Marie Odom-Green from St. Louis JULY 9, 2013
This is great for the children and for his self-esteem! He is truly a loving, giving soul! I had a special needs daughter and she spent a lot of time in a local children's hospital ... this is a truly GREAT gift!

Rebecca Mott-Lynn from Selbyville DE JULY 9, 2013
Albert warms my heart

maria from karachi, pakistan JULY 6, 2013
I display this true story to my school children for inspiration

Karen from Reno, NV JULY 3, 2013
Albert's story is the sweetest! If only everyone was so generous, there would be no poverty!

Debbie from Cleveland, OH JULY 3, 2013
What a beautiful story, it is good to hear positive stories of the good things people are doing on in our nation. We often hear so much the negatives. What an amazing man!

Jill from Madison, WI JULY 3, 2013
God bless you Albert. Your kindness warms my heart.

Basil from Malaysia JULY 2, 2013
Albert is a great man. I would like to something like him for the autistic kids in Malaysia.

Mary Dougherty from San Angelo, TX JULY 2, 2013
I'm glad you're back; perhaps I missed your actual return. I think my favorite was quite some time ago, the young boy who started playing the piano alone on stage at a concert, People didn't know what to think.. The pianist then walked on the stage and helped the boy play a song. The message was clear. It was beautiful. Keep it going!

Ruth Maher from St. Louis JULY 2, 2013
What a sweet, sweet story!! Thank you for sharing!

Gregory from Trinidad and Tobago JULY 2, 2013
I love this guy!! Heart warming story!!

Kathy from Charleston, WV JULY 2, 2013
What a blessing Albert is and what a joy this was to watch. It humbled me to see this man devote his time and talents to help out in his little corner of the world. If we all, starting with myself, would donate just a hour of our time and give back to the community what a difference we could all make. Families are suffering and we need to start building them back up - they are the fabric and foundation of our country. I see them disintergrating along with our country. If we could help the families in need or the children, at the very least, I think it would make such a difference.

Ann N from Houston JULY 2, 2013
What a heartwarming and beautiful story - Albert's smile and giving soul should be an inspiration to us all! God Bless Albert!

Daryl from Southern California JULY 2, 2013
If only there were more Alberts!

John A from Paterson NJ JULY 2, 2013
The world is a better place because of you.

Haixin from China JULY 2, 2013
I have a big smile on my face while I am watching this video from Albert ! Thanks 谢谢 from China !

Surinder Ghai from New Delhi JULY 2, 2013
If you want to do anything, you have in mind, you can do it. I am really moved and impressed the way Albert did his charity work. Lot to learn from him.

Charlotte from Columbus, IN JULY 1, 2013
What an amazing, wonderful, generous man!

Lisa Cruz from RI JULY 1, 2013
Albert, God bless you .Your smile and joy are contagious!You made my day reading how you help others.The world needs more people like you!

Marilyn from Topeka, KS JULY 1, 2013
People like Albert are what keep our world a meaningful place. Thank you, Albert!

Patricia from Southern CA JULY 1, 2013
Precious, precious man. What an example to everyone he is! God bless him for what he does with such a joyful heart.

Bruce Tipton from Carlsbad,CA JULY 1, 2013
If you don't believe in angels....think again! What a special person and Albert's story is very inspiring.

Deana Hall- DeGroot from Heathrow, FL JULY 1, 2013
Albert, what can I say? I was profoundly touched by your story of giving and of life. You are truly an angel on Earth, the example of one of the most fine men that I have heard the story of how much you give and how much that giving gives you the friendshiip of

confidental from Somewhere in the milky way MARCH 22, 2013
Albert is a really blessed soul. Lets hope all his hard work goes to use!

LYNNE AND ROBERT from ct MARCH 4, 2013
Albert is a true example of "Better to give, than to receive." Albert's story should be aired in every school in the world! Starting at the earliest age that is appropriately possible. Funny thing about his giving is he also receives great joy by his deeds. Oh my! Where have all the "Albert's gone?" Albert we are in awe of you! Wish you could live forever. Hopefully your example will! Sincerely and respectfully, Lynne and Robert.

matt from dewitt IA FEBRUARY 6, 2013
Good job Albert! We need more people like you!

Judy S from Pennsylvania JANUARY 19, 2013
I've known Albert all of my life. He lives in my hometown. He is truly an amazing man! While driving through Greensboro N.C. in September I passed one of his billboards on the highway there.. It made me proud to say "Hey, I know that guy!"

Winnie saina from Kenya NOVEMBER 22, 2012
God bless you for the good work you are doing.

bob from usa FEBRUARY 10, 2012
i think that is great!!!!!!!

Jackie E. from Redondo Beach, CA JANUARY 27, 2012
Albert is an inspiration to me. I will let his example keep me moving in the right direction...

What a great way to make a difference in someone's life. :D

L from Iowa OCTOBER 25, 2011
I can be a pretty cynical person, but this floored me. Thank you, Albert, for what you've done for these kids and for sharing your story with us.

Debriel P. from Denton, Tx OCTOBER 22, 2011
I think that Albert is a true saint and that everyone can learn from his caring nature and commitiment to the community

Mirna Roque from Denton, TX OCTOBER 21, 2011
This man is truly an inspiration. I am in awe of him.

Leland R from Denton, TX OCTOBER 21, 2011
What an amazing, selfless thing to do. Albert Lexie is the perfect example of how to make a positive difference in this world.

Brandon Smith from UNT! OCTOBER 21, 2011
What a great guy. If you don't have a role model in your life, this is someone that could definitely be a good candidate for one. His selfless actions show that this world doesn't revolve around one person, but that were all people so we should give help to those in need.

Kimberly Ciocan from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
A man like that is something we should all strive to be in our lives today. Giving back to people who don't have money is truly a blessing.

Kimberly Ciocan from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
Wow. Just reading this makes me want to give back to my community. Having people like you in this world is truly a blessing. THANK YOU. :)

Graham Low from Denton, TX OCTOBER 21, 2011
Truly an inspiration when a selfless act like that is enacted. The smile on his face says the innermost reward he receives.

Alex M from Denton TX. OCTOBER 21, 2011
Not many people can be that sharing. He truely cares for those kids huh... good man

Aubrey from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
His annual income is only about $10,000 and he donates approximately $10,000 a year to the hospital. No-one can say that donating to those in need is impossible, Albert donates almost all of his income to help these children. We should all look at Albert as a role model and find ways to give back because he literally contradicts any statement that says charity is impossible or difficult to do.

Taylor Cormier from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
Albert is an example of hope and is an inspiration to others such as myself. He is the true definition of a devoted citizen that truly cares about others.

Blake Ward from Denton, TX OCTOBER 21, 2011
Albert is a truly compassionate individual. His story shows how selfless and giving he is on multiple levels -- his time, effort, and money. He is a truly determined and motivated individual, for his commitment was not for a day, or even a week, but for 30 years.

Rachel B. from Denton, TX OCTOBER 21, 2011
I love the smile he has on his face! A true inspiration and a model we should follow.

Cameron S. from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
This is a really cool story and a really cool man. Pretty awesome that he's done this for so long when most people complain about getting up at seven in the morning to go to work or school.

Felicia Swanier from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 21, 2011
Albert Lexie is a remarkable man who has basically committed his life to enhancing the lives of sick children. He is not only a man of courage but a man of perserverance. A lot of children today in the world are truly benefitting and living to their fullest potential because of him. I want to be one to say thank you Albert Lexie for doing something so outstanding!

Sarah Hall from Denton, TX OCTOBER 20, 2011
What an Inspiration! It is truly remarkable to see someone so open to change to help the future generation to succeed! Thank you for giving back!

Schuyler R. from Flower Mound, TX OCTOBER 20, 2011
This man is sacrificing his time, effort, and financial security in order to help others. He is truly an honorable man.

Sarah Hall from Denton,TX OCTOBER 20, 2011
What a great message! He is giving up luxury for kids of the future! Congrats on making the world a better place!

Kristopher Davis from Denton, TX OCTOBER 20, 2011
Albert Lexie's commitment to what he does makes me believe there is a better way to live life. Thank you Albert Lexie, you inspire me!

Rocky Hart from Denton, Texas OCTOBER 20, 2011
This is truly heart warming!

Colton Bigham from Denton, TX OCTOBER 19, 2011
It's things like this that warm my heart! Thanks for reminding me of how much more giving I should be

Maomi Chu from Denton, TX OCTOBER 19, 2011
That is a true sign of doing something for nothing in return. NO one really wants to shine shoes for a living and this person did it!

Kaci Franssen from Denton, TX OCTOBER 17, 2011
This story reminds me of a quote I heard from a speaker back in high school. "The more you give, the more you get. But the more you get, the more you have to give." Scot Lang used this quote to describe how people should be living their lives. Albert is doing this, and so much more. His work is setting an example for what this generation and the ones to come should be doing.

Morgan G. from Denton, TX OCTOBER 16, 2011
I wish there were more people like this in the world today. He's the perfect example of the type of person I hope to be one day.

Hayden M. from Denton, Tx OCTOBER 11, 2011
This is truly amazing how a man will get up that early in the morning two days a week to help raise funds for kids in need!

Alexis Blaylock from Denton, tx OCTOBER 1, 2011
This man is exactly what makes a person a "humanitarian". He is a true blessing to the community.

Rebecca G. from Denton, TX SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
This is the example that we need to follow. His dedication to his mission is amazing. I can only imagine how many lives he has saved and touched through his efforts.

Kayla Casperson from Denton, TX SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
This story shows that there are still good people in the world. Yeah, I'm a good person but would I really donate almost my entire income? Albert Lexie is a wonderful man and I'm really grateful for all that he's done.

Brett D. from Denton, Texas SEPTEMBER 28, 2011
This man is a blessing and I cannot imagine how many lives he has touched and saved. This story gave me chills.

Jasmine from Brownsville, TX SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
Albert is a truly inspirational man to give up his money for the betterment of children. We should all take from his selflessness.

JFC from Lakewood CO MAY 26, 2011
This billboard is on West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood, CO. Albert is a hero. I think I want to be a hero too...

Penny C. from Rockford IL MARCH 28, 2011
Thank you Albert!

Nancy from New Jersey FEBRUARY 25, 2011
My favorite poster! Bravo Albert!

Rachelle from Seattle FEBRUARY 20, 2011
Thank you Albert for your inspiring example.

Raz Giancola from Woodbridge Ontario, Canada FEBRUARY 4, 2011
After reading this story, I was confronted once more with the reality that if you are truly going to help others, you need to make sacrifices in your personal life? What are you willing to give up in your lifestyle? Downsize to a modest abode, give up your vacations, reduce what you spend on entertainment? What sacrifices did Albert make to be able to spend two days a week shining shoes and donating the proceeds and are we willing to do the same? The personal sacrifices are the more difficult thing to do.

a.j from lagos state nigeria JANUARY 25, 2011
he is my everyday hero.

Craig K from Baghdad, Iraq NOVEMBER 19, 2010
If each of us, were prepared to give 10% of what Albert gives - simply imagine the difference to our society that could make.. Albert - may I commend you on your continuing fantastic show of commitment, and selfless charity ...

Leslie R from Pittsburgh PA SEPTEMBER 4, 2010
I passed this billboard while on vacation far from Pittsburgh, and was surprised and delighted to see Albert. Like Ellie N, I knew him when I worked at Children's Hospital. It is great to know that his remarkable story is being told beyond the walls of the hospital. Thank you.

Steve M. from Wyoming, ON AUGUST 28, 2010 look great. It is a great honor and sets a great example for everyone. It was a great honor to be a fellow Allstar Among Us at this year's 2010 Allstar Game in Anaheim. Keep up the great work.

Ellie N from Fort Wayne, IN AUGUST 21, 2010
I passed this billboard while traveling from New Mexico to my home in Fort Wayne and nearly had an accident when I recognized Albert. I worked at Children's Hospital from 1989 to 1996 and saw Albert there regularly. His dedication to his mission is amazing. Thanks for setting such a great example over your lifetime, Albert!

Amelia S. from Detroit AUGUST 15, 2010
Albert is such a beautiful example of selflessness. If only this world had more people like him. This would be a much kinder and more wonderful place.

Paul M from Bethel Park JUNE 11, 2010
Congratulations!!! Albert, you are what the world needs more of.

Rose C. from CHP, Pittsburgh, PA MAY 20, 2010
Its the simple things in life, like Albert donating to a greater cause, that should make us all say- how can I make a difference?

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