“When we got home from the race that night, Rick wrote on the computer, 'Dad, when I run it feels like my disability disappears.' That was a very powerful message to me.”

—Dick Hoyt

The doctors told Dick Hoyt that his infant son Rick should be institutionalized. There was no hope, they said, of Rick being anything more than a “vegetable.”

Four decades later, Rick and Dick Hoyt have completed more than 70 marathons, 250 triathlons and hundreds of other events as a father-son team. Rick, whose father was told he was incapable of intellectual activity, graduated from Boston University in 1993. This remarkable pair’s devotion to each other and to their goals has enabled them both to accomplish things that neither would have achieved alone.

During Rick's birth in 1962, the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, cutting off oxygen to his brain. Diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic, Rick has cerebral palsy. Yet despite the doctors' grim prognosis when Rick was born, Dick and his wife Judy were determined to raise him at home.

Though Rick could not speak, his parents knew that he was as intelligent as his siblings—and they were eager to give him a voice. With now-familiar perseverance, Dick and Judy raised $5,000 through bake sales and dinner dances and then convinced a group of engineers from Tufts University to build a "communicator" for their son. By tapping a switch with the side of his head, Rick selects letters to form words and sentences. He revealed his athletic leanings with his first words, “Go, Bruins!”

At age 13, Rick finally was admitted to public school. Soon afterward, he told his father he wanted to participate in a five-mile benefit run for a local lacrosse player who had been paralyzed in an accident. Dick was not a runner, but he agreed to push Rick through the race course in his wheelchair. That’s when a surprising thing happened. During the run, Rick felt as though he wasn't handicapped anymore—he was simply one of the runners. This experience deeply affected Dick, and he committed to running an increasing number of events with his son so that Rick could have this feeling as often as possible.

"Team Hoyt" began competing in earnest in the late 1970s. At first, other competitors often treated them as outsiders and even avoided them. But gradually, what began as a way for Rick Hoyt to experience inclusion and equality broadened in its purpose. Running together became a way to send a message that, as Rick said, "everybody should be included in everyday life."

The duo's first Boston Marathon in 1981 yielded a finish in the top quarter of the field, and shortly thereafter, attitudes began to change.

"In the beginning no one would come up to me," recalled Rick. Now, he says, "many athletes will come up to me before the race or triathlon to wish me luck."

Dick has run, ridden and swum literally thousands of miles to be with and support his son. Their athletic pursuits have enriched Rick’s life and had a tangible benefit for Dick’s life as well: After a mild heart attack, Dick's doctors told him he might have died 15 years earlier if he weren't in such good shape.

Team Hoyt's total commitment to each other and to what they do ensures that they challenge themselves constantly. In addition to their athletic events, the Hoyts tour the country to speak about their experiences. They also have established the Hoyt Foundation, which seeks to help integrate young people with disabilities into everyday activities so they may live fruitful and productive lives.

The 2013 Boston Marathon was the 31st time the Hoyts have run the race, and it was going to be their last. Just a few days before the marathon, a bronze statue of the Hoyts, titled “Yes You Can!”, was unveiled near the starting line. After the race was disrupted by the Boston Marathon bombings, the Hoyts vowed to come back one more time, in 2014, because nothing will stop them from achieving their dreams—together.

Devotion. Pass It On!

This billboard about Devotion features Rick and Dick Hoyt; athletes, inspirational speaker.

Pass It On®

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the dad is a great hero and the son is a wonderful person god bless you

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my life has been changed by this father and son. i have suffered depression for the past few years due to some physical and personal hardships. i will forever remember this story to help me in my life. this story inspired me so much. thank you

jayjay from school FEBRUARY 7, 2014
you are awsome

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I so admire the courage as a father to stick by your sons side no matter what. Love you guys. I grow up without a dad and so praise your achiement

Jazmin, Cata, Meli and Brenda from Rauch, Argentina SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
The story of Dick and Rick is very inspiring, the motto "you can" is a message to help everybody. congratulations for that.

Aldana, Lucia, Milagros from Rauch, Argentina SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
We want to say CONGRATULATIONS, and you must go on and continue. You have courage, good luck.

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Your message is very inspiring, because is encourages people to follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles they have.

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Dick you have a big heart and you are two examples of life, helping a lot of people. Congratulations

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You are an example to many people. The message you give that "Everybody can" is inspiring!

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To judy, dick and rick, I wish you all well, you are a wonderful family a example to us all, the meaning of true love, given unconditionally, as it should be, my love to you all, m

Rhonda from Crete, IL MAY 31, 2013
Blessings to everyone who has "Passed It On" what a touching story of true love for a son. I applaud the Mr. Hoyt and Rick. No greater love! Thank You Katie Couric for having them on your show! Godspeed!

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One of the most touching stories I have ever read in my life. What an amazing father to work so hard to bring joy and happiness to his son. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I read the story. I still get tears in my eyes every time I share this amazing story with family and friends.

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Aww this video made me cry.

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A disability is not in the body, it is in the mind. We must always push on.

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Austin from Canada FEBRUARY 4, 2013
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Niki Q. from MI,USA JANUARY 17, 2013
I cried so much when I read this.The poor boy never gave up,and his amazing father never left his side. That is what FAMILY really is.His father was not only a dad,but also a great friend and a GREAT human being. The part where his dad was in good shape and lived because of his son made me bawl my eyes out! They both were able to live a happy life because they stuck together.I'm gonna go hug my dad now...

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this is beautiful. this is what the world needs more of. this is an example of what love, devotion, and courage can accomplish.

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that is what i call determination

Michelle Gallant from Orillia, Ontario, Canada OCTOBER 31, 2011
Wow reading this brought me to tears, good for both of you. Stay strong and keep up the good work. I just hope that one day something I do in my life that will be as inspiring and talked about for as long as you have been able to do this.

Jordan Caldwell from Adrian, Michigan  MAY 17, 2011
Reading this ad made me almost teary eyed. This is so sad and helpful to people around the world. You can never stop trying and this takes courage, confidence, and bravery. Thank-you Team Hoyt!

Casandra M. from Belleville,IL MAY 7, 2011
You guys are an inspiration to me. I help take care of my little brother, but it wasn't until I read your story that I realized that we too are a team. Thanks for living by example.

Major Shahid Munir (Retired) from Lahore, Pakistan MARCH 13, 2011
Bravado! Hats off to Dick in bringing up Rick. If Judy the Mom, is not in the picture, it does not mean she is not part of the 'Winning Team'. The trio deserves to be (and are) on the victory stand. This is the literal depiction of the traditionally quoted, 'sportsmans spirit'. Team Hoyt is a 'Maverick' ... with a difference. Bless them all. Amen!

Anthony from Brooklyn MARCH 5, 2011
Every time I see this ad, I cry. I think this is the best, most touching spot I have seen yet.

Patty C. from New York JANUARY 27, 2011
There should be more fathers like Dick in this world. He is an inspiration for others. Good Luck to both of you in all your future marathons. God Bless!

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In my opinion, they are very important people. We should not discriminate, we should accept them.

Jesus M. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
In my opinion, they are great people because they participate in triathlons and marathons. Even though they are not the winners, still they participate.

Micaela R. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I believe that Team Hoyt is an example for society. They are very good people because they help each another. All families should be like them.

MAcarena C. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I admire him because he demostrates that we can be happy despite our diferences.

Melisa P. from Rauch, Argetina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think Rick is a wonderful boy who fights for a great life despite his problem. He makes an effort to do what he wants.

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In my opinion, he is a great example because he fights for his life with his father's help.

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I think they are a great team. They never win, but they are the best.

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I admire them because they fight everyday to have a good life and they never give up.

Fernando P. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
In my opinion, they are responsible people because they are interested in enjoying the race and it is not important to win.

Brenda from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think he did well by participating because they demonstrate that everyone can do sports.

Marianela from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think they have strength to participate and have fun.

Nazareno D. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
My opinion about Rick and his father is great - they are helpful to the world of sports.

Jazmin, from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
My opinion about Rick is that he is a very good person. It is nice to know that although he is a quadriplegic, he can still do sports.

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In my opinion, they also have the right to participate in marathons and triathlons like any other person.

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I think that Rick and Dick are two special people. Dick is great because he helps Rick to do sports.

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In my opinion they're fantastic in sports and in their ability to be a family.

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My opinion about Rick is that he is a very important example for people and he and his father enjoy the sport.

Matias M. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
In my opinion he is a generous father with his son.

Florencia M. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think that Team Hoyt is wonderful. They are very energetic and a great example of how to live life.

Milagros M from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think that Rick and Dick are an example for many people, in terms of teamwork. Dick is an example for my parents.

Luciano R from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
In my opinion, Rick is a fantastic person because although he can´t do sports by himself, he never gives up.

Roman C from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
My opinion about Dick and Rick is that they have devotion and love for each other.

Agustina A from Rauch, Argetina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think that the strength of Rick is enormous and the love of Dick is infinite. They make a great team.

Daniela C from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
I think the father is very good at doing sports with his son.

Gerald H from Lexington Ky SEPTEMBER 8, 2010
I was volunteering at VB Half marathon giving out medals. And nothing, and I mean nothing, was more inspiring than Team Hoyt coming through the Medal line, and asking us to give the medal to my friend I am doing this for. I could not help but give out a big yell, and high fives all around. This is so awesome. Thank you so much Team Hoyt. You are heroes in my book..

Nina H. from China MAY 20, 2010
He is a cool dad.

Brad L. from Bowling Green School MARCH 17, 2010
I love this website and the people who are on it.

Dave. E from Saginaw, MI FEBRUARY 2, 2010
I heard about this story from a Leadrship convention. The speaker had used this story as an example. Now I know the full story.

Becky S. from Denver JANUARY 20, 2010
I was so surprised and happy to see this billboard on West Colfax in Denver as I'd known about Team Hoyt for years and had seen you zip by in Boston years ago when my son was running. I found a place to turn around and parked, mesmerized. I cannot read your story without a huge lump in my throat and tears, father and son have the most amazing relationship I have ever seen, you are so inspiring that words fail me. I am in awe of this act of selfless and complete love. What a testimony and blessing you are to all who know you. God bless you both and your family and may He always keep you in His tender loving care.

Elena M. from Califorina SEPTEMBER 22, 2009
That is so cool!

Stephanie M from Ironwood, MI SEPTEMBER 16, 2009
I have known about the Hoyts for years because I love to watch marathons. However, no matter how many times I see them or read stories about them I AM MOVED. No one can love any child or dream or hope for them than a parent. The Hoyt's are the best parents/people around!

Gisele R from Queens, NY SEPTEMBER 2, 2009
This is simply the most beautiful picture i have seen in my entire life!! I was driving and saw it, made a U turn and took a pic of it and that's how i found this website. Thank you team hoyt for allowing me to see how much love and devotion a father and son can have.

Sue S. from Dracut, MA SEPTEMBER 2, 2009
I had the priviledge of hearing Dicky & Rick tell their story at my company's sales meeting 8 years ago. I never forgot about how touched we all were. There truly are heroes among us.

Mark R. from Chandler, AZ AUGUST 29, 2009
Dick Hoyt is the model father because he enabled his son, Rick, to become a man himself.

Juliana E. from Rauch, Argentina JULY 1, 2009
I think they're fantastic! the Team is an example because they give hope showing that everything is possible.

Daniela D. from Rauch, Argentina JULY 1, 2009
I think they are an example of life, and when there is love everything is possible.

Ivan P. from Rauch, Argentina JULY 1, 2009
In my opinion Dick is a hero. He never gave up. I admire his dedication to Rick. He is a real man and he loves what he does.

Nahuel T. from Rauch. Argentina JULY 1, 2009
I admire him because he never gave up and he never lost his hope to survive. I feel that he is a very good person and sports man. And his father is a very kind person.

Gisele N. from Rauch. Argentina JULY 1, 2009
In my opinion they're great people. I think Rick is a person with many values. I admire them because they're a big family.

Anita F. from Rauch, Argentina JULY 1, 2009
In My opinion Very inspiring. It is a beautiful story. You are examples of life. Thanks for your actions..

Yanina V. from Rauch, Argentina. JUNE 30, 2009
In my opinion it is an amazing story because Dick's father is an older man and practices a sport. I think Rick is a brave man.

Camila H. from Rauch, Argentina JUNE 30, 2009
I think in this story you can see values such as respect and strength. Rick is a brave young.

Juan M. from Rauch, Argentina JUNE 30, 2009
In my opinion this story is amazing, inspiring and dynamic. I'm very interested in this story and I like it very much.

Flor from Rauch, Argentina JUNE 30, 2009
This story is great and beautiful. This team is dynamic and Rick and Dick are very brave because taking part in marathons in these conditions in not simple.

Ramiro L. from Rauch, Argentina JUNE 30, 2009
Very inspiring. It is a beautiful story.You are examples of life. Thanks for your actions.

Karen C. from Rauch, Argentina JUNE 30, 2009
You are a good family. It is a beautiful story and it is a good example to the community.

Zachary P. from Brookings, OR MAY 20, 2009
Absolutley amazing!! I personally think that doing that for your child, family member, friend etc.. is truly showing love and devotion Keep it up Hoyt team, show everyone that nothing is impossible!!

Connor C. from Canada APRIL 1, 2009
That's amazing! I wish my dad would help me do things like that!

Becky K. from Staunton, Virginia FEBRUARY 24, 2009
I did a U-turn today to look at this billboard near my home in Virginia. Over 20 years ago Rick was a patient of mine at The Children's Hospital in Boston. He and his dad had just begun running together. I remember Rick's buddies from high school bringing in a poster to hang above the bed where he would need to be for a long time! The joy in working with this family and watching Rick grow as a young man has remained in my heart for many, many years. Thanks for the opportunity to renew a connection.

Linda W. from Klamath Falls, OR FEBRUARY 18, 2009
"Those who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." One of my favorite quotes given to me by a friend.

Christopher A. from Williamsburg, VA JANUARY 18, 2009
I was introduced to this story at a business conference a few years back. It took away a lot of the excuses that we look to for why we "can't do _____." After meeting them last year, I was convinced of the power of determination and perseverance.

Caroline J. from South Carolina JANUARY 3, 2009
I pass this billboard every day on the way to school and it always makes me smile.

Jennifer A. from Indiana DECEMBER 22, 2008
I met these men last year and their amazing story brought me to tears... now I never say "I can't."

Terry from Arizona DECEMBER 9, 2008
Very inspirational. It took me a few days to read it all but I stare at it every day on my way home from work at Scottsdale Community College, Arizona. I do want to know, as a runner, what Dad does running down, and up inclines. I've run where it's hard enough to get myself up the hill and I know I couldn't push someone up it with me. Has this been an issue?

E.T. NOVEMBER 4, 2008
Team Hoyt—You are my heroes and inspiration. I have a picture of you both running and Rick raising his arm and below the picture I wrote "qualify for Boston in Philadelphia!" Well, I did not qualify for the marathon in Philadelphia because I never went. Last year the impossible happened. My husband, Scott, found out he had cancer and passed away six weeks later. I stopped running and didn't go to Philly. Yet, every time I passed by my dining room, I would see the picture of Team Hoyt- "qualify for Boston." One day, I saw an ad for a contest sponsored by JetBlue for tickets to the Boston Marathon. I entered the contest and shared my story. On Valentine's Day last year, I found out that I was one of five winners of the contest to go to Boston and run in the Boston Marathon. I was surprised and then thought to myself, I better start training harder and so I did. After a few weeks, when my application to the marathon was due, I was having second thoughts and wasn't too sure if I wanted to go to Boston. My friends were scolding me, telling me that I needed to do it and could not pass up the opportunity. Well, one night while driving home I noticed an electronic billboard and guess who was on that billboard? Team Hoyt! It was like an omen, confirmation that said it all. I needed to go to Boston and run the marathon not because it was Boston but because what it all stood for--me moving on like you two, no matter how what! So I give you both my gratitude- thank you!

Tayna T. from OREGON SEPTEMBER 11, 2008
That is what you call family love.

Barbara L. from Vermont SEPTEMBER 3, 2008
I saw Team Hoyt at the 1999 Ironman in Kona. I was working in the massage area and everyone was cheering and teary-eyed at this amazing testimony of love. Whenever I have moments of laxity or feel sorry for myself, I think of them and I snap out of it. Thank you for the inspiration!

TeamAngel from Kentucky, USA AUGUST 20, 2008
Team Hoyt has brought something out of me-I'm now training for triathlons. Why? Because I'm going to swim, bike, and run "behind" Rick and Dick Hoyt the entire way and cross the finish line with them. I am not competing to win the race, but to be with them and to share in the joy they have provided me and many other supporters. Thanks Rick and Dick Hoyt!

Jason P. from California, USA JUNE 7, 2008
I have found my role as a Father has been renewed and redefined by your amazing life story. GO TEAM HOYT!

Elizabeth from Quincy, MA JUNE 4, 2008
I saw this billboard over the weekend in CT and was so exciting. You're story is truly inspiring. Everyone should follow the examples you two continue to set.

Alexandra from Ontario, Canada MARCH 23, 2008
I've studied Team Hoyt for homework but what I've got out of it is more than an A+. This is amazing, it makes life worth living.

Sally H from Westfield, MA MARCH 21, 2008
Rick and I were friends in jr. high and high school. Rick sat behind me our high school home room for 4 years. He never mentioned his marathon acheivements to me. I found out about that later on TV and in magazines. Rick aways had smile on his face and a laugh to share. I drove by a billboard quickly today and recognized him immediatly. I drove around to see it again. You go Rick!

Miranda C. from Baltimore, Maryland USA JANUARY 29, 2008
I am so inspired and touched by the love and devotion shown in this picture. Is there anything stronger than the love of a parent?

A. Hoyt from Seattle, Washington USA NOVEMBER 7, 2007
Such a touching story makes me proud to be a Hoyt. Godspeed to you, Rick and Dick.

Bunmi T. from Nigeria OCTOBER 27, 2007
Wonderful and what a great love between father and son! I love it.

Jen M. from Chicago, Illinois USA OCTOBER 19, 2007
I saw the Hoyts on 60 Minutes or Dateline this past year and the dedication of this father and this family is so inspiring and touching, it made me cry. We are so fortunate in Chicago to have the "Team Hoyt" billboards downtown as a beautiful reminder of the kindness which propels unconditional love. The Hoyts are my HEROES!

Amy M. from Clinton, Wisconsin USA OCTOBER 12, 2007
What an inspiration to all of mankind! Dedication, devotion, and is truly breathtaking their devotion to each other. This proves that with effort any obstacle can be overcome. Congratulations Rick and Dick!

Trudy G. from Calgary, Canada OCTOBER 8, 2007
God bless you for your courage, trust and integrity to show all of us what love is. My gratitude to both of you for these gifts to bless our world with. Joy to you both.

Kelsie Lee B. from Straw Plains, Tennessee USA SEPTEMBER 22, 2007
You guys are amazing keep up the good work.

Samantha J. from Harvard, Massachusetts USA SEPTEMBER 19, 2007
This is a great billboard and really shows what some people and all people should do for eachother.

Middle School from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
How wonderful of a dad to do this for a son. They both should be so proud of themselves, and each other=) Keep up the great work guys you make an awesome team.

Sunny from Laguna Beach, California USA SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
Wow this is a great story. So inspiring keep up the good work Team Hoyt!

Aftab, A.P. from India SEPTEMBER 16, 2007
This is truly remarkable and source of great inspiration.

Joann M. from Pennsauken, New Jersey USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
My brother participated in the Iron Man triathlon in the Sunapee Mountains in New Hampshire for several years and I personally had the privledge of seeing this dynamic duo swim, bike and run. It's a grueling effort for anyone to attempt. It was also one of the greatest joys I have ever see Team Hoyt, my brother and the rest of the participants cross the finish line. They truly inspire all who meet them. Thank you for including them in your efforts.

Zrain from San Diego, California USA SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
I take care of the TEAMHoyt Racing web site and you would think that dealing with this would get me use to it ... I still get lump in my throat and tears in my eyes thinking about the love and devotion. I'm still WOW'd ... Bless them both.

Satish T. from Bangalore, India SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
Saw this billboard at the Frankfurt airport and then saw the story of Hoyts on TV. Inspired me to bring such devotion into my relationships. Thank you guys for spreading this message.

Sorgz R. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
Wonderful Story. Great teamwork...Very inspiring!!

Joseph O. from Congo, Africa AUGUST 20, 2007
Without love life has no meaning. We must love one another and when we do, all things are possible for us.

Mary Beth G. from Norwich, Connecticut USA AUGUST 17, 2007
Inspirational story. I stopped the car to get the website off the billboard. AMAZING.

Chandan R from Silver Spring,MD AUGUST 9, 2007
Saw the Hoyts in a documentary about Ironman 2006.I just cried and cried. They both are great souls.I was very happy to see them here.

G. Smith from Ogden, Utah USA AUGUST 8, 2007
The eyes of love and opportunity come by making one step at a time in the right direction. What a great story both of you have to tell.

Lesley H. from United Kingdom AUGUST 1, 2007
A tribute to the power of love.

Thejas G from Nashik. India JULY 28, 2007
This shows both love and devotion

Mbaraka A from Ifakara Tanzania JULY 20, 2007
To be disabled, does not mean we are not able, as Rick and his Daddy proved.

Jenna H. from chicago, illinois, USA JULY 16, 2007
This is an AMAZING father/son team. i am so inspired by their story. they are a great example of never giving up in times of trouble. Keep up the good work! God Bless!

Dr. Rachelle L. from Aurora, CO JULY 13, 2007
Devotion like this isn't seen very much. Thanks for providing such a wonderful example.

Marie S. from Fort Drum, NY JULY 13, 2007
What a dad. An inspiration for all of us, parents and the childless. It helps me believe that it is possible " leave the world a little bit better...(Emerson). This Dad has made the world a better place not only for his son but for all he inspires in the rest of us.

Zandra M. from Phillipines JULY 10, 2007
This is what we all should do. Loving one another not just because they are our relatives or something, it is because we just love them.

K Ganjoo from India JULY 10, 2007
This is simply marvelous! Keep going! My very best wishes to you!

Brenda K. from Birmingham, AL JULY 9, 2007
Great going, Team Hoyt! I am the mother of a 24 year old, autistic young man and you guys simply add to the pride and love I already feel. God Bless!

Leonel M. from San Francisco JULY 9, 2007
I remember watching these two people on TV...and all I had to say was WOW. Thanks for making this AWESOME team part of your campaign.

Melissa P from Grand Rapids, MI JULY 9, 2007
Your story is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

Ben M from Peachtree City, Georgia USA JULY 9, 2007
Very Inspiring. Everybody should read their story.

Jeremy M. from Brighton, UK JULY 9, 2007

Amy T. from Arlington, Massachusetts USA JULY 8, 2007
The Hoyts make me smile through my tears.

Clint L from Rochester, New York USA JULY 7, 2007
Thank you for this billboard. My own 9 year old son has DMD. He is already in a wheelchair and the prognosis is not good, but we are fighters and have put all our time and energy into helping the MDA for his sake. Thank you again for this inspiration and devotion.

Letty L from Mexico City, Mexico JUNE 25, 2007
Thank you very mucho you guys thank you for letting us see that we can overcome everything

Wendy G. from Pennsylvania, USA JUNE 23, 2007
This is love.

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