Rising Above
“People can do whatever they want if they just set their heart to it, and just never give up, and just go out there and do it.”

—Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton began surfing as a child and at age 11 participated in her first competition. Her plans of becoming a pro surfer were seemingly ended at age 13 when she was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark on October 31, 2003 while surfing near Tunnels Beach in Hawaii. She lost her left arm just below her shoulder and miraculously survived the attack.

Within months, Bethany was back on her surfboard. She continues to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer and has entered numerous contests. She won 5th place at the 2004 National Scholastic Surfing Association Nationals Championships, has made the finals in several other events, and has won three contests. Her determination to rise above adversity continues to inspire the people around her.

Rising Above. Pass It On!

This billboard about Rising Above features Bethany Hamilton; surfer.

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Camden from Portage JANUARY 10, 2024
We can do this together

sheldon from 32208 JANUARY 11, 2023
We can do it together

Shayla from Miles City  OCTOBER 19, 2022
you should always keep trying and never quit if you do how will you succseed

Anonymous MAY 9, 2022
She is so brave to still be surfing. If that was me I would stay away from the ocean forever

puppi from iowa OCTOBER 20, 2021
her confidence is so pretty :)

Veronica Acevedo from Texas APRIL 7, 2021
I really admire her strength and passion to strive or achieve more in life no matter what obstacles she is facing. To me she is a go getter and that is what I like about her. Never give up no matter how the situation is.

alli JANUARY 15, 2021
Attacked by a tiger shark. glad she made it.

Marley from New York NOVEMBER 9, 2020
I think this is a very scary story but she worked through it to make her goal to be a really good surfer come true.

Randi from Sioux city OCTOBER 20, 2020
I love Bethany

Maddi Shay from Narrows, Virginia SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
She is a survivor! That's so cool!

Jinny Weasly from Newnan,GA SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
I'm super inspired by this, right now the whole world is going through a bit of a crisis and I cant go back to dance but I have a ballet bar at home and do whatever I can to keep dancing.

lollypop from Texas AUGUST 25, 2020
omg she is awesome

Hanna C. from Ohio OCTOBER 29, 2019
You are so inspirational to me! I watch your movies all of the time and you are so inspiring. I love you so much!!!!!

Naomi from Arizona OCTOBER 17, 2019
This was my favorite theme ever! Keep going Bethany!

Jeremy from MN OCTOBER 9, 2019
so awesome

Emmalou JANUARY 22, 2019
she is sooooooo inspiring

Poop JANUARY 16, 2019
I love How inspiring Bethany Hamilton truly is. she had her arm bit off and yet she still continues to surf to this day! She is so amazing and just fantastic that she even has a movie all about her. i suggest you watch it.

Lily from Gulf Breeze Flordia NOVEMBER 26, 2018
WOW! Such Courage!!!!

Isabelle from America  NOVEMBER 9, 2018
Bethany Hamilton is my hero and other people too.

Bill from my school NOVEMBER 8, 2018
luv it

Anonymous NOVEMBER 8, 2018
she is a brave girl

jacob NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Olivia from New York NOVEMBER 8, 2018
This girl is my role model!!! #nevergiveup

Ashlynn from ........ MARCH 28, 2018
I love you you are so BRAVE

Anonymous FEBRUARY 19, 2018
very powerful<3!!!

Kailee from feb.19 218 FEBRUARY 19, 2018
Bethany Hamilton was a hero to many people of all ages...courage and inspiring to her story she is a hero and beautiful and nice and so many other things

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2018
This billbord is so powerful!!!!!

Kaylei from RHODE ISLAND OCTOBER 25, 2017


Anonymous SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
i iam sorry for you i hope you ok

brynn APRIL 4, 2017
keep going coooool!

Anonymous MARCH 8, 2017

Kas from Pennsylvania MARCH 8, 2017
She is awesome

Bob from New York MARCH 8, 2017
I like pie

Iwuvfnaf! DECEMBER 6, 2016
This is really inspiring i loved the movie too

Aaliyah from Navada NOVEMBER 30, 2016
She changed a lot of life's

ebeast from OH NOVEMBER 29, 2016
you are very inspirig

craig from OH NOVEMBER 29, 2016
this is an inspiring story

Elsa from Ohio NOVEMBER 29, 2016
you inspire me a latte

emmily from bark NOVEMBER 21, 2016
this is the best movie ever

Maya D. from Anonymous OCTOBER 13, 2016
Great movie,soul surfer

Brianna from Unkown for safety issues OCTOBER 4, 2016
I love this story, your so inspirational

Anonymous OCTOBER 4, 2016
I like soul surfer

Anonymous OCTOBER 4, 2016

Gacia from clafornia SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
You worked hard and never gave up great job.you go girl keep doing what ever you do best. and you are a hero to many kids.

Ileana from Kingsville SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
I loved this story she is so inspirational to everyone

ghridf from siyfrdf SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

gdfgko;xdf from zxcjuk SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

anonymous from san antonio SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
I have seen the movie and she inspires me more and more

chiyenne from WI SEPTEMBER 9, 2016
you did so great you are my hero

chiyenne from WI SEPTEMBER 9, 2016
you do so good

Why from No e APRIL 28, 2016
Bethany Hamilton still inspires me

Anonymous from Hawaii  DECEMBER 18, 2015
She kept on going!

Anonymous DECEMBER 18, 2015
She never quit.

Sekar Semwayo from Meadowlane intermediate DECEMBER 7, 2015
She didn't give up that's what made her,her

Denise from Calhoon DECEMBER 7, 2015
She is my hero

Chance  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
I really like this article about bethany Hamilton.

Iluty  OCTOBER 27, 2015
My niece looks up to you

phteven from cmms OCTOBER 8, 2015

Vanessa from C. A. SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
You inspire me! :)

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
She inspired me so much

Drew P. Bawls from Herriman, UT SEPTEMBER 25, 2015
This is awesome to see someone so courageous, doing what she loves even though it could have been the death of her!

Tony SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

keekee SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

Briyanna from North Carolina SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
i want to be like her someday.

Anonymous from Ga SEPTEMBER 3, 2015
You inspired me to never quit

anonymous SEPTEMBER 2, 2015
she is cool she is inspiring

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015
seen the movie incredible that she still is surfing

NULL from NULL JANUARY 22, 2015
So sad yet inspirational -Katie benham

Kyla from Michigan SEPTEMBER 5, 2014
I love that movie

Makayla from Indiana  APRIL 22, 2014
You are so awesome I am surfing all the time so i am following your steps

Jeremiah from San Diego  APRIL 21, 2014
She is cool

Makayla from Angola APRIL 21, 2014
You are awsome

Kalyn from In.angola APRIL 17, 2014

Makayla from Angola APRIL 17, 2014
Me and my sister look up to you

sadie from canada APRIL 7, 2014
I've seen it 5 times in 1 year

Asland from Narnia APRIL 7, 2014
i still haven't seen soul surfer

morgan from canada APRIL 7, 2014
best person to look up tooooo

Sadie from Canada APRIL 7, 2014
Soul surferrrr

aniyah from lamberton APRIL 3, 2014
great job! keep doing great!

Grace from Sand Diego,CA APRIL 3, 2014
your inspiring!

Erik from CA MARCH 20, 2014
You are the most brave women I ever seen...

Vivian from Denver CO MARCH 14, 2014
You are so brave to challenge your self to get right back out to the water and surf and I would love to meet you some time. P.S. I am going to be you for my biohgerphie tea at my school, I love you

ashley from connecticut MARCH 4, 2014
she is brave

ashae from hartford ct MARCH 4, 2014
i love her she is so cool and surfing on one arm. and i meet her before

Cindy from East Hartford, CT MARCH 3, 2014
Your the best surfer plus you survived a shark attack. Your so cool.Rising Above. Pass It On!

margarita from ct MARCH 3, 2014
you are so cool

Devon from Farmington FEBRUARY 16, 2014
You are a good role model for people with special needs

Elise from oconto JANUARY 21, 2014
you teach people that no matter what life throws at you; you keep going forward :)

Lerne sporkle from staten island,new york NOVEMBER 16, 2013
omg,your so cool,you survived a shark attack,and surfed with one arm

Deirdre Devine from Pelham ,NY NOVEMBER 6, 2013
Your my hero. I believe in you. I LOVE your movie I LOVE that logo. Never stop no mater what. You are a surviver. Fame didn't change you at all.

McKenna Montour from WI USA NOVEMBER 4, 2013
I watch your movie last night it was amazing that you surf with one hand great job I'm your biggest fan

caleb from minnetonka,MN OCTOBER 28, 2013
I've Watched the movie about her like 10 times!

Aspen from st.anthony OCTOBER 16, 2013
you are my hero

seth from baton rudge OCTOBER 15, 2013
omg i love u, u never gave up

Olivia hoover from Whitehouse ohio  OCTOBER 5, 2013
She is a surviver

Katelyn from Maryland SEPTEMBER 29, 2013
You are just the best bethany

skyla from 72 st north SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
I'm being just like her when I turn 13 year old

skyla from 72st north SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
you the best and I LOVE YOUR MOVIE

allison from us AUGUST 16, 2013
i loved the movie. keep going, bethany!!!!!

Jennifer from Florida JUNE 11, 2013
I think you are brave!

luz from chicago JUNE 10, 2013
she is really brave

nazir from newlin MAY 8, 2013
That was good what you did and how you didn't give up on your self.

Lugun from Bolton APRIL 17, 2013
That's Boss.

shane hart from indiana APRIL 17, 2013
I hope you still surf.

Harper from Florida APRIL 6, 2013
Bethany, two years ago, I saw your movie... I got inspired... I wrote a million comments... and I started to surf. Ever since, the water has brought me joy... I am not afraid to try new things. So thank you, for helping me and introducing me to the water... and everybody who will read this comment.... Do the same.. it will make a difference in your life!!

Frost from Washington <state) MARCH 27, 2013
I really like Bethany Hamilton, she's a great role-model! Because of her, I'm not afraid of the ocean anymore, and now I take surfing lessons with my friends.

emily felix from 193 rockwell avnue  MARCH 22, 2013
She's awesome!

emily from 201 main avenue  MARCH 20, 2013
I love you Bethany!

esther from new zealand MARCH 8, 2013
You're so determined and hardworking and always achieving your goals. Your one of my role models and I look up to if i look down on myself.

Molly Brown from Hartford CT MARCH 6, 2013
Amazing and inspiring!

Thomas fryer from ogden.utah FEBRUARY 22, 2013
I loved your'e movie soul surfer. I wish I could meet you in person one day.

MM from CT FEBRUARY 21, 2013
She is courageous!

Spartan5 from g FEBRUARY 18, 2013

angel from hartford FEBRUARY 4, 2013
this is such a touching story.

Hannah from Connecticut  FEBRUARY 4, 2013
So awesome and inspiring!

kenish from america JANUARY 23, 2013
I hope you keep on doing what you love to do! Keep inspiring people!

Matt Contardi from Wisconsin JANUARY 9, 2013
Her story is very inspirational. It's hard to lose your arm doing what you love. But it's even harder to get back up and keep doing it, especially when your 13! Hopefully people see that you can do anything you set your mind to, and rise above the challenge.

Jenna from NYC JANUARY 8, 2013
She has been a great impact on my life and taught me to never give up. I think she is an amazing surfer and she is going to go far with only one arm.

Alivia Barker from Burlington Iowa JANUARY 7, 2013
That Right There Is Someone Who Will Never Give Up. I Hope Everybody Can Do That As Well And Put There Mind To It ....

Courtnee from Detroit lakes NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Wow that is so cool!

Breanna from Minnesota NOVEMBER 2, 2012
You are such a good surfer and I love that movie soul surfer the first commercial I saw of the movie was at a Christian concert of mercy me, anthem lights, ect. I fell in love with the movie right away and got it right away when it came out in theaters and DVD

Thomas from Dl NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Wow amazing!

braydon from dt JUNE 28, 2012
I wish I was like you.

Mackayla Smith from Wyoming JUNE 7, 2012
Bethany, I want to thank you for being such an inspiration on others and excpecially my life. You have taken my life out of the gutter and brought me into the light! I truly appreciate it! God Bless! -Mackayla

AnnaMary from middletown PA USA APRIL 3, 2012
I cant believe how many young lives were inspired by what happend to you that day. I know for sure I am extremely inspired. I thank you for that and it just helps me to want to attempt surfing. I always wanted to try it but because of my mentality age I am some what scared to go into open water any advice.... ? AGAIN THANK YOU!

John R from Yuma, Arizona APRIL 2, 2012
I'm a 56 year old stroke patient. After much rehab, I can now walk (slowly) with a special brace, although my left arm hasn't responded to treatment. I want to thank you, Bethany, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me in so many ways. You helped me through my stroke. More importantly, you helped me become a stronger Christian. I may not meet you in this life, but I'll surely thank you when I see you in heaven! Cyber hugs and sincere thanks from me and my good wife.

Aaronya c. from santa clartia ca MARCH 17, 2012
Hi Bethany, I am 10 years old and I am a Christian. You are so inspiring. I hope God blesses you and your family. Aaronya

MM from United States MARCH 9, 2012
Bethany you're amazing!!! My dream is to one day go to Hawaii and surf..I've never surfed before though..

maddie from china MARCH 8, 2012
you are so inspirational Bethany i have a deise my self and people said i couldn't do things and i believed them until i herd your story i realized that god is going to take care of me like he has taken are of you thanks for everything!

Hannah from Bordentown FEBRUARY 28, 2012
She is such an isnpiration! I want to be a pro surfer so bad and i really look up to her. Just because she lost her arm, it doesn't mean that she didn't stop her dream of surfing. :)

Shaely Bentley from Maine FEBRUARY 3, 2012
Wow, I recently got the movie after seeing the commercials. I have been swimming and diving since I was 18 months and my parents nick named me shaely fish because I'm out body surfing and boogie boarding when others would rather stay on the beach. I'm not affraid of big waves at all. I know that if I ever lost my arm I would be devestated, but it wouldn't stop my dream of becoming a surfer.My second cousins, nathan and his little brother, are on the U.S.A surf team and live in Kuau'i. When I grow up I want to live in hawii, become a marine biologist and open a clinic for wounded and sick marine animals.

kelly mckenzie from arkansas JANUARY 17, 2012
she is a fighter, believer, and much much more! who ever doubts that life is tough enough for them they should look at people like bethany!

George from So New Hampshire JANUARY 16, 2012
Saw the movie. Just a middleaged amateur motorcycle builder. I keep a collage of photos, including that one, posted on my toolbox in the garage for inspiration. And no, I don't surf. Yet.

Kacie Forest from Maryland, United States DECEMBER 26, 2011
DOOD, ms. hamilton You are God's gift to all through spreading the word about God and what he does for people. You are my hero. Amen Kacie :)

Tyler from PA DECEMBER 6, 2011
She had great endurence to do that and still get back on her board. Amazing.

muranda wyatt from montana NOVEMBER 11, 2011
you are really amazing bethany! i'm praying for you every day. God loves you and i do too

Emma from Michigan,Lansing OCTOBER 4, 2011
Live on Bethany!

Anneliese Haumann from Arizona Gilbert SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
I am sorry because this is my third post but i love writing to you. i love you so much because u inspire me in many different ways! You will rise above every thing that stands in your way. You fight, you heal and you survive. You are just a person that will stay in good health forever and you will never die!

Anneliese Haumann from Arizona Gilbert SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
i wish arms can just grow back i am so sorry for you and this is my second post i am sorry for that but it is true i wish i could help but i cant and i really want to but your just a thankful person and you pray for good things just like i am praying for you

allyson from gilbert arizona SEPTEMBER 20, 2011
I really enjoyed your video!


Harper Tindell from Florida SEPTEMBER 13, 2011

Elsie Read from Corvalllis, MT AUGUST 26, 2011
Dear Bethany, You inspire me to dream. You are my hero. I am 9 and I was afraid to surf, but now I'm not. When I have fears I will think of you.

Meagan from Indiana AUGUST 19, 2011
Dear bethany, you are my role model! I love to watch you surf and you inspire me. To me it makes all the big stuff that's happened to me look so small. I do not surf but i want to know how. You are so inspiring to me and all my friends.... you rose above that time you were going through and look were you are now! :) I love you Bethany Hamilton!! :) (please respond if you can it would make my life!:))

Carolina from Idaho AUGUST 4, 2011
My husband rented Soul Surfer--your journey that is inspiring the world. After watching it I decided to print all the information I could find on the internet so that my granddaughters, both under a year old, will have a ready made book that illustrates in real life the concepts of courage, faith in God, perseverance and determination. I also admire greatly your desire to reach out to others who have lost their perspective after traumas and accidents. Bravo to you and all your family.

Balie h. from Shallowater, Texas AUGUST 3, 2011
The movie is so cool.

Balie H from Shallower, Texas AUGUST 3, 2011
I am so inspired that she got in the water after the attack. I would never get back in the water if I got attacked by a shark cause I would have bad dreams.

Bethany Paige. from Kawauii,Hawaii JULY 28, 2011
Hey Bethany, we have the same name and I lost my left arm from a shark attack last month. I'm 12 years old and I saw "Soul Surfer". You got back on your board I was like, "Wow if she can get back on her board, I can get back in the water". So now, I'm being a pro like you. I have been in 3 competitions with my friend. I was in the news when the attack happened. Maybe I'll compete you because I live in Kawauii,Hawaii. Love, Bethany Paige. p.s. Keep surfing because I look up to you always.

Brigitte GUILBERT from France JULY 20, 2011
J'ai vu votre film qui m'a bouleversée. J'en retire une belle leçon de vie que vous me donnez. Merci d'être une si belle personne. Je vous aime. Brigitte

Jessica from Arizona JUNE 1, 2011
You rock, I am totally never going to give up since you did not.

Henry from Nigeria MAY 16, 2011
She has a lion's heart

Sierra from Florida MAY 14, 2011
You're soo awesome Bethany! You inspire me a lot. Sometime next week I'm going surfing with my mother. I'm so happy! p.s To all you people out there, NEVER GIVE UP!

C.B. from Brooks, Alberta MAY 9, 2011
That's gotta take courage.

C.B. from Brooks, Alberta MAY 9, 2011
You are so brave. Good for you for getting back on that surfboard. It is so inspiring to me. It helps me realize that it doesn't matter what you look like or what you do.

Jordan Caldwell (: from Adrian, Michigan  APRIL 18, 2011
This story is so inspirational. I want to go see the movie since it is the true story of Bethany! Thank-you for trying your hardest Bethany,and to never give up after your accident! :)

Patrick from Medicine Hat AB MARCH 16, 2011
Wow! She really is a cool person.

Katie V from NY MARCH 16, 2011
Both my brothers and my dad surf all year long and I always wanted to too! But my brothers used to scare me with shark stories. Bethany Hamilton has changed my perspective of the world. I am now surfing year round with my brothers living my life to the fullest. Thank you for showing me you can do what ever your heart tells you to. You are by far my biggest role model! I love you!

Emalee from Canada FEBRUARY 21, 2011
I have always wanted to go surfing but I'm terrified of sharks. But her story really said to just keep going no matter what happens.

Allison L. from MI  JANUARY 31, 2011
She's inspirational =]

aaron h from adrian,michigan JANUARY 10, 2011
It takes a lot of heart to do what she did. I wouldn't.

ashleigh p from sudbury OCTOBER 25, 2010
Hero comes in many words and you are one of them.

She is so awesome. She not only got back on the surf board, she rides the waves like nothing ever happened. That is why she is so amazing. I love her determination. It inspired me to surf!

carly l from blythewood middle school OCTOBER 7, 2010
This is amazing. This story is so inspirational, it makes me want to go out and do something wonderful. I can't even begin to explain how amazed I was after I read this article. To Bethany Hamilton: keep trying, never give up, and you are truly amazing.

cheyanne R. from asheboro OCTOBER 4, 2010
This poster is very inspirational. It is amazing and this girl is truly dedicated.

Elaine J from Chippenham JUNE 28, 2010
I praise God for so many amazing people made in his image and able to go beyond what the worlds way may have taken them. Increase your power Lord.

Kamryn J. from Lexington, SC MAY 20, 2010
You inspired me to keep going even if some-thing knocks me down!

Sarah T. from Lexington, SC MAY 20, 2010

Carl S. from Lexingtom, SC MAY 20, 2010
That takes courage.

Jarrett V. from Lexingtom, SC MAY 17, 2010


Theresa, V from Springfield, MA NOVEMBER 19, 2009
You are so brave! I really admire you!

Kelly, F from Michigan NOVEMBER 11, 2009
I think she is amazing, she makes me want to be a better person.

Abby W. from Iowa NOVEMBER 6, 2009
You're cool.

Marrisa L. from San Francisco OCTOBER 6, 2009
I like her integrity.

Gracie T. from Salt Lake City SEPTEMBER 16, 2009
This is amazing! I will never stop trying!

M.C. from Massachusetts JULY 7, 2009
You are my idol!!!

Lauren R. A. from Brookinks, Oregon MAY 19, 2009
I think this show that no matter what happens you can still do what you love to do. It takes a lot to get back out there after you get hurt like that. I think its really cool that she did it!

Anonymous MAY 11, 2009
I think this is really cool because I would never go back to the ocean,but Bethany keeps her dream and she stick to it even though she only has one arm.

Emily B. from Montana APRIL 16, 2009
I believe this also shows that what ever happens never give up.

Heather L. from Nebraska APRIL 6, 2009
I love this billboard because it shows me a lot. It shows me that even though bad things happen and there are obstacles, you can still do what you love and be good at it. It also shows me you can find the good side of things out of the bad.

Anonymous APRIL 1, 2009
You are such an amazing person!

Elizabeth W. from Canada, ON MARCH 24, 2009
That is really cool. And I hope you are OK!

Loni H. from Chino Valley, AZ FEBRUARY 12, 2009
Hello, I'm Loni. I'm 16 years old. I read this article and it had an effect on me. I see the perseverance and charisma of this girl and it makes me want to use those things to get me further in life and not dwell on the past. I haven't had the easiest life but I keep pushing to get further and go somewhere! Everyone needs to get back on the surfboard after a wipe out! Keep on surfin'!! KOWABUNGA!!

Alysia P. from Hatfield, PA FEBRUARY 9, 2009
Your character is an inspiration to us all!

Jordan J. from Fort Collins, CO JANUARY 9, 2009
WONDERFUL!! I love it.

Brooke O. from Glasgow, Kentucky DECEMBER 1, 2008
Bethany Hamilton is amazing! Her book is totally awesome! It is so inspiring! I am her #1 fan! She is a great surfer! Your site is totally radical! I was just trying to research some stuff for my 6th grade biography project. It will be so awesome doing a whole project board over you! I can not wait! You really are courageous you know! I wish I were like you! See ya Beth!

Manzoor A from Pakistan NOVEMBER 16, 2008
This is a wonderful site - combining some very important facts of life. I myself am a strong believer of always looking at the positive side that this site superbly demonstrates and encourages. Good luck to all its visitors.

Jess from Australia OCTOBER 17, 2008
I was researching Bethany Hamilton for an assignment and by the end of it I couldn't believe the passion and determination she had to show everyone that she could still succeed. I think she is amazing and a great role model.

Dana Y. from California JULY 26, 2008
My middle school has this poster hung in the girl's locker room along with an article about Bethany. As one who isn't very athletic, I often wished to just leave Gym class permanently. However, looking at this smiling surfer without an arm every day for three years inspired me to go beyond what I saw as my limits and to never stop striving for excellence. Bethany is an amazing teen and an inspiration to everyone.

Kayla F. from Laguna Beach APRIL 10, 2008
Your story is soo inspiring.

Mary C. from Utah APRIL 5, 2008
I have this poster hanging in my first grade classroom- my students and others always ask about it. What a testimony. Thank you for sharing such an important message. Bethany, your smile is inspiring!

Ciara C from Sunny Cali MARCH 30, 2008
It makes me wanna reach for my dreams sooo much more and to be thankful for everything!!!!!!

Cat A. from Greenville, South Carolina USA FEBRUARY 27, 2008
Would like a copy of the surfing girl poster. I collect women's sports memorabilia

Britney FEBRUARY 11, 2008
Found your site on Google, and it has a lot of useful information. Thanks!

Britney from Jork, Germany FEBRUARY 10, 2008
Looking for inspiring information and found it at this great site!

Hillary from Jork, Germany FEBRUARY 9, 2008
Hi! Definitely nice and neat site you got here.

Sveta from NEW FEBRUARY 6, 2008
Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!

Senseless from DeFuniak Springs, Florida USA FEBRUARY 1, 2008
Never give up. Truly a role model.

Maja W. from Victoria, Texas USA JANUARY 13, 2008
"To be or not to be." Not a question for Bethany...she is and always will be!

YM from Moscow, Russia DECEMBER 4, 2007
Hello! Good site! Thank you!

Sun from San Diego, California USA NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Surfer Girl, You are my number one hero of all time, which is a very powerful statement, as it takes a lot to impress me.

Abbie from Oregon, USA NOVEMBER 29, 2007
Bethany Hamilton is truly an Amazing person. Even with the incident with the shark, she still managed to get right back where she belongs, ON HER SURF BOARD! She sets an example to everyone out there to keep on keepin' on and follow through with your dreams, even if it means you have to face your fears.

Zoey O. from Ohio, USA NOVEMBER 18, 2007
I think this is awesome and I thank it is cool, what you are doing

Isabella A. from El Salvador NOVEMBER 15, 2007
Way to go!

Jaynel Z. from Southern California, USA NOVEMBER 11, 2007
I saw a feature story on TV about Bethany over a year ago, and was so inpired! She is so beautiful and strong, and I'm thankful to be reminded that one can overcome anything they put their mind to! Bethany, you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for inspiring millions!

Arman Q. from Agentina OCTOBER 23, 2007

Bing from Dodoma, Tanzania OCTOBER 23, 2007
Really good site, and a pleasant suprise... Good Luck!s

Sara from Lucknow, India OCTOBER 22, 2007
Excellent web site I will be visiting often. Thank You!

Helga OCTOBER 20, 2007
This is a great tutorial. Thanks!

Sarah B. from New Jersey, USA OCTOBER 15, 2007
Wow even though she's been bitten by a shark and lost an arm shes still going for it!

Hely from Chittagong, Bangladesh OCTOBER 15, 2007
Very effective. Thanks.

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Wow, so great, that someone could still do what they love after what happened to them.

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I just wanted to say WOW!

Dana L. from Ontario, Canada SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
Bethany Hamilton is an inspiring person...If something like that happened to me I probably wouldn't go back again.

Ashwin from India SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
10000000000 wishes

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Thank you sooooo much!

Vikyi from Kampala, Uganda AUGUST 29, 2007
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One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything.

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From the mouths of babes. So young, so resilient and, so strong. What a remarkable and inspirational young woman. I love her and all I know of her is her exceptional resilience. Thank you for asking her to "pass it on". I'm getting it.

Lance T. from Phoenix, Arizona JULY 9, 2007
This poster makes you want to get up out of your chair and do something! She's truly an inspiration.

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Bethany helped me over my obstacles, she is a perfect role model.

Justin L from Asheboro, North Carolina USA JUNE 1, 2007
She knows that if you love something, you should stick with it by rising above

SANDY H. from GREENSBORO N.C. MAY 26, 2007
MAY 17th, my husband and I woke to the heart of a loved one breaking! So much pain was coming from my husbands only sibling. My brother-in-law was dealing with a wreck his grandson was in the night before. May 18th,A.M.,the doctors removed the lower part of Justin's right arm, later, that same day, the doctors had to remove his arm to his shoulder. On Saturday morning I had a flight to N.Y. Your poster almost took me to the floor. Your face was there, I believe, for a reason!

Taryn G from Queensland, Australia MAY 13, 2007
Bethany is such an inspirational person and this billboard says it all!

Kara P from pheonix, AZ MAY 2, 2007
Bethany must be a really strong person to give surfing another shot!

Lindsey H from Indiana APRIL 27, 2007
Because of Beth, when I fall down I'm not afraid to get back up again!

Ciara C. from California APRIL 25, 2007
It makes you appreciate what you have so much more!

Taizo K from Japan APRIL 15, 2007
Because of her, I am doing my best in this moment, not past not future.

Steph G. from Pennsylvania APRIL 3, 2007
It's so great. It inspires others to go for their dreams.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 24, 2007
So inspiring... Rise above the challenge is the only option...

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