A New York fireman who risked his life to save countless others on September 11, 2001.

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Brayden Newman from Nigeria JANUARY 6, 2023
That is super nice

Anonymous from California  OCTOBER 13, 2021
Even though this was 20 years ago it is still inspiring to see the people that survived and served us in a time that we needed them the most.

Anonymous OCTOBER 2, 2020
That's so kind!!

Kali Ward from 907 summit gardens blvrd kent ohio  APRIL 21, 2020
this is my favorite because its so heart touching

Mason Medhurst from 5779 roads road Kent Ohio APRIL 13, 2020
everyone should be able to help others if needed. So if yo need help ask for it don't try and possible mess up just ask for help.

Jenn from N.Falls, Ont FEBRUARY 12, 2020
This is my favorite.

Anonymous JANUARY 11, 2018
the lesson is that being brave is good.The message is that having courage is good. I picked this billboard because it inspires me to be great.

Anonymous JANUARY 10, 2018
The lesson is that helping is not bad it's good.The message is helping is caring.I picked this billboard because it gives me courage.When I read these words it insipres me to risk my life to help someonels who needs help.I had to help my cousin when he hit his head on the corner of a wall.this proves that risking your life your life to save someone is good.

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2018
The lesson in the passage is when someone runs someone different will come and help. The message is that having courage is not bad, it is good. I picked this billboard because it gives me courage to stand up for others and myself. When I read these words I get inspired.

Mouse from The galaxy  OCTOBER 5, 2017
So amazing

phoenix from nh DECEMBER 6, 2016

Anonymous NOVEMBER 14, 2016

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 7, 2016

Kaylee from Vancouver wa FEBRUARY 16, 2016
Thank you for your courage it has changed the world

callie from 324 loge SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
awe so careing

Logan from Walla Walla MAY 13, 2014

Steve A. from Foley, AL. MARCH 17, 2014
As a retired professional firefighter, this means the world to me. All firefighters risk their lives for others for little pay and less notoriety. Thanks for noticing.

Declan from Washington FEBRUARY 14, 2014
cool that guy must be nice

Teresa from ND AUGUST 28, 2013
My Aunt was saved. Thank you so much!

joe from New york city MARCH 14, 2013
My father was saved thank you soo much!

iziah B from Bridgeport JANUARY 25, 2013
What is his name?

Blake A. from Perry,MI OCTOBER 4, 2011
I was so young then but since then it gave me courage

Sarah from Colorado SEPTEMBER 17, 2011

Elena from Illinois MAY 5, 2011
This is inspiring...

Indya Conover from Two Rivers Magnat Middle School FEBRUARY 7, 2011
Amazingly Brave

carly l from south carolina OCTOBER 7, 2010
This man is the definition of courage. It wasn't something he had time to think about

Olivia T.B from sudbury ontario OCTOBER 4, 2010
Amazing! You should see the movie "The World Trade Center."

Karen M from Montana JUNE 16, 2010
Whoever this guy is, he's a hero to me.

Nitav from India APRIL 27, 2010
Courage is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary,and this is one such exemplary example.

JoJo from Nashville,TN OCTOBER 23, 2009
AWESOME. Beyond words. It brought tears to my eyes. A manifestation of TRUE greatness.

Chris S. from Queen Creek, AZ JULY 17, 2009
This makes me more proud to be a Firefighter!

Bob P. from Jefferson City JUNE 22, 2009
This guy is a cool cat.

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana APRIL 19, 2009
Cowardice is when you fear, and run. Courage is when you fear, yet go forward.

Jeanie F. from Cairo, Nebraska APRIL 6, 2009
I am very inspired by this billboard. I believe that this man is possibly an angel on earth. He is so courageous. He shows a prime example of pride and hope.

Anonymous APRIL 20, 2008
Just speechless... I have to agree with the person above... it gives me the goose pimples...

Rebecca T. from USA APRIL 12, 2008
Thank you for your courage that fateful morning.

Eleazer A. from Accra, Ghana DECEMBER 10, 2007
Fear is an illness, don't allow it to overcome you, show them what you are made of.

Jomiah W. from Vassar, Michigan USA OCTOBER 3, 2007

Jomiah W. from Vassar Michigan, USA OCTOBER 3, 2007
I can identify with the courage billboard because Fire fighters have alot of courage to do what they do day in and day out. I aspire to be one someday.

Adeamusat, R. from lagos, nigeria SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
What manner of love, that a man will be ready to lay down his life for others. I salute the courage of the NYC firemen!

Jim S. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, weigh 240 pounds, and like to think I am pretty tough. I looked at this sign, and felt so small compared to this guy.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
This picture just gives me goosebumps. Men like him save lives. They are what makes this nation as great as it is. Men like him make me proud.

Sorgz R. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 8, 2007

Trevor P. from Boone, North Carolina USA AUGUST 20, 2007
This is very touching and makes me remember. Thank you.

Bob N. from Calhoun, Georgia USA AUGUST 10, 2007
My dear friend was rescued from Tower 2. If not for the courage of some, he may have parished. Thank you!

Felicia M from Puerto Rico, USA. JULY 20, 2007
That is real courage....

Marie S. from Fort Drum, New York USA JULY 6, 2007
Watching on live television the responders run in while others ran out is permanently etched in mind. I always ask myself, what would I have done. I can only hope I would have had the courage.

Philippa V from NSW, Australia JUNE 10, 2007
this is so moving....amazing

Chad W. from Utah, USA MAY 17, 2007
That we all could/would act in times of need.

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2007
I've cried when I've seen this one on the road

Anonymous MARCH 27, 2007

Anonymous MARCH 21, 2007
wow, this one gives me goosebumps.

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