Giving Back
“I've been motivated by overcoming challenge and overcoming the hurdles and obstacles that face me. There still is plenty out there to get motivated by.”

—Andre Agassi

Every once in a while, an individual comes along with a vision - an idea born that challenges established practices. At first, the idea may be ridiculed; even fiercely resisted but eventually it is accepted by the mainstream. The man with this idea is someone perhaps you wouldn't expect.

You may know him as a former World No. 1 professional American tennis player. A winner of eight Grand Slam singles tournaments. An Olympic Gold Medalist in singles tennis. One of five male players winning all four Grand Slam singles events during his career. The only player in the open era to win every Grand Slam singles title. These are but a few of his athletic accomplishments, as you'll soon see there are more - yet of a different kind.

His name - Andre Agassi - Founder of The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which has raised over $60 million for at-risk children in Southern Nevada. His idea - the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy (AACPA) in West Las Vegas, NV a K-12 public charter school for at-risk children - it's changing the face of how we educate our children.

Founded by Andre, and funded by a 40 million dollar contribution from The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, Agassi Prep opened in 2001 with 150 students in grades three through five. A growing student body has expanded Agassi Prep into a K-12 eight-acre campus. In 2005 Agassi Prep was the only middle school in Clark County, NV to receive an "Exemplary" designation from the Nevada Department of Education. In addition, was named a National Model Charter School by the U.S. Department of Education.

Tuition is free - the majority of students are African American selected by lottery and there's a waiting list. The Agassi Prep mission? "Providing educational and recreational opportunities to enhance the character, self-esteem and career possibilities of at-risk boys and girls." Agassi Prep gives children who don't fall into traditional "teaching guidelines" an education and the tools to develop into well-rounded adults who in turn contribute to the community.

Beyond a conventional academic curriculum, Agassi Prep inspires students to develop intangible traits such as character, respect, motivation and self-discipline, which until recently due to emphasis on analytical skills have been undervalued. Students must memorize The Academy's Code of Conduct posted inside the front door, which states, "The essence of good discipline is respect. Respect for authority and respect for others; respect for self and respect for rules. It is an attitude that begins at home, is reinforced in school and is applied throughout life."

Agassi Prep holds students, parents and teachers to a higher standard and individual accountability. Each one must sign a "Commitment to Excellence." Consequences for not upholding the Academy principles can lead to loss of certain privileges and relative to its teachers, dismissal from AACPA.

Humanity is ripe for the hallmark of a true teaching academy like Agassi Prep. Its creative methodology inspires students to a higher level of development without personal agenda. But what inspires Andre to continue this monumental mission? For Andre it's a selfless undertaking. It's a labor of love and devotion. Helping children realize their full potential and to stand on their own - is the highest reward.

Giving Back. Pass It On!

This billboard about Giving Back features Andre Agassi; professional tennis player, philanthropist.

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Your Comments
Anonymous APRIL 22, 2020
This country needs more people like Andre

Owen from SCHOOL AUGUST 29, 2017
Even though he's sick, he still donates?! Wow! Amazing....

Lori Davis from Sebring Florida, SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
It's a beautiful thing...a positive life

JJFM from Philippines JUNE 5, 2014
Great way of giving back! I am not surprised why he is blessed.

Chris Harmon from Nevada SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
This only touches the surface. Agassi has been a grand champion in Nevada for so long. His example has always been what community support means to me.

anonymus from Connecticut FEBRUARY 1, 2013
This is amazing. Many athletes will spend all their money on mansions,cars, etc. Andre put it towards something that really matters.

Kelli Smith from Indianapolis, Indiana MARCH 22, 2012
I think this billboard is incredible. I think it made a huge impact on alot of peoples lives, and they will be changed forever. Its amazing how one person, can change the lives of so many people.

Jake C. from Indianapolis, IN MARCH 22, 2012
Great job to Andre, glad to see someone stepping up in this world, we need more people like him!!

Ayonna from Indianapolis, In  MARCH 22, 2012
I feel like this is really helping children and adults around the world because they see that helping someone by just doing something little can go along way and really help make someones day and maybe even change their life so I would say hes doing an amazing job by helping thoses children and some parents to and the teachers contract I feel is an great idea.

Karunakar Koyyada from Hyderabad JUNE 13, 2011
Giving back is a noble act and only true givers can do that and not someone who pretends to be like someone else.

Karunakar Koyyada from Hyderabad JUNE 13, 2011
Andre! You are a true player in life. You are a true winner, making a big difference in others life with your great attitude. True people, genuine people and successful people make others follow their foot steps. True followers follow you and become leaders, but fake or pretenders may act like following you but they never become successful in life.

brady f from adrian,michigan OCTOBER 18, 2010
I would like to go to the Olympics.

Karunakar from Koyyada JUNE 8, 2010
Thank you, Foundation Billboards, for all inspiring and real stories, making me (for 2 years) and others follow you. Thank you!

Praveen Kumar from Hyderbad, India MAY 18, 2010
Just like his game, in real life he's a fighter. He knows how to make maximize his chances out of a bare minimum. He's a force: determined, focused and humanistic. Hats off Andre!!!

Koyyada, Karunakar from Hyderabad, India MAY 18, 2010
He's not just a preacher (like me), he's a implementer in real life. Got to learn lots from him. Hats off to Andre.

Brittany S. from White Hall, AR APRIL 14, 2010
I enjoy the billboards.

Troi B. from Brookings, OR, USA MAY 19, 2009
He's done something really good with the money he has and he has started to change something about our system. Hopefully these changes will stick. I admire what he has done.

Jay M. from Milwaukee, WI APRIL 26, 2009
The transformation of Andre Agassi throughout the years has been truly remarkable. Being a fan of tennis I have watched him grow from a teenage superstar who never quite lived up to his hype, to a dedicated grand-slam winning professional, and finally to a compassionate humanitarian who has built a school that has set standards for learning that involve both child and their parents. Well done, Andre.

Linda W. from Klamath Falls, OR FEBRUARY 18, 2009
Generally, I have very little use for professional athletes. However, Andre you rock!!!

Henry K. from Fort Worth Texas NOVEMBER 19, 2008
I am blessed to see that you have given much. It is inspiring!

Jan A. from Sheridan, WY OCTOBER 18, 2008
I recently saw the "Still Serving" billboard featuring Andre Agassi at the Denver Airport (which prompted me to log on to your website) and as a former resident of Las Vegas, it reminded me of what a great example he sets!

Anonymous from Farmington, UT, USA SEPTEMBER 15, 2008
Doesn't his example make you just want to change the world?

Ena G. from New Delhi, India SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
Truly inspirational! Great work Andre, bess you.

Bill F. from Minneapolis, MN AUGUST 15, 2008
Truly a class act. The best successes in life are those that are brought to others.

Emma S. from Utah AUGUST 2, 2008
Amazingly awesome!!!!! I'm 10 years old and I love to see these billboards on the highway! I love them!!!

George A. from Bamenda, Southern Cameroons, Africa. JULY 1, 2008
I am not surprised by the works of Mr. Agassi because I had seen the signs of a gentle, compassionate and an inspirational giant written all over his face so many years ago. Mr. Agassi has proven to be a simple and ordinary man with uplifting and extraordinary mission for humanity. Very few people succeed in redefining the essence of life as Mr. Agassi is doing. I will always say a prayer for Mr. Agassi and his family for all he is doing to light a candle in dark corners of the world.

Vibha from Muskaan, Lucknow, India JUNE 29, 2008
Andre, you have a ball! What a perfect shot to give back to the world. I am all the more enamored. Great vision!

Eddie A. from Las Vegas, NV JUNE 24, 2008
Andre is a hero, role model, and a true inspiration!!! If our world had more people like Andre, what a better world all of us would be living in!!! Thank you Andre for your dedication to our kids and our community. You are the man!!!

Jaden B from Enfield, NH JUNE 18, 2008
It's so refreshing to see someone who has so much decide to give back in this way. Schools like this are the key to saving our educational system- we must first understand that not everybody learns in the same ways, and that not everything valuable to us can be learned through rote memorization. It's just as important to learn these "intangible traits", and it's wonderful to see someone realizing that and stepping up to the plate with fresh ideas for a truly rounded education.

Rosemary E. from Canton, MA JUNE 9, 2008
What a wonderful school. If more parents, students, and teachers were held accountable, our educational system would be in better shape. Kudos to Agassi for his vision and philanthropy.

Karunakar, koyyada from Hyderabad, India JUNE 3, 2008
Truly amazing shot in real life. Hats off to Andre.

Sanjeev G from Tustin, CA, USA APRIL 13, 2008
I was a fan when Andre was on the court. Now I'm an even bigger fan.

Cher T from Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, USA APRIL 8, 2008
He's never been as LOVE-able as he is right now, a great Player in this game of life!

Muhammad Kamran from Pakistan MARCH 27, 2008
I found it excellent.

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