“Success is not just the crowning moment, the spiking of the ball in the end zone or the raising of the flag on the summit. It is the whole process of reaching for a goal, and sometimes it begins with failure.”

—Erik Weihenmayer

Despite losing his vision at age 13, Erik Weihenmayer has become a celebrated and accomplished athlete. Redefining what it means to be blind, Erik has transformed the image of blindness and opened the minds of people around the world as an athlete, an adventurer and a motivational speaker. He has never allowed his blindness to interfere with his passion for an exhilarating and fulfilling life.

Erik was first introduced to rock climbing at a camp for blind teenagers. At the earliest opportunity, he embarked on a mountaineering career. He gained national and international notice as a climber when he reached the summit of Mount Denali in Alaska—the highest peak in North America at 20,320 feet.

He continued setting new challenges for himself. After climbing the tallest mountains in South America and Africa, he set his sights on Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. On May 25, 2001, Erik stood atop the 29,035-foot peak as the first blind person to summit Everest. On Sept. 5, 2002, at age 34, Erik became one of fewer than 100 individuals to climb all of the Seven Summits—the highest peak on each of the seven continents.

Erik continues to climb today, and more importantly, he demonstrates to others that even a challenge as serious as blindness does not have to be a limitation. He enjoys rock climbing, alpine skiing and whitewater kayaking. He has run marathons, completed adventure races, and was the first blind person to complete the Leadville 100 mountain bike race in Colorado.

A lifelong athlete and a former middle school teacher and wrestling coach, he has accompanied blind and visually impaired teenagers on challenging mountain treks, reaching 21,000 feet on a peak on the north side of Mount Everest—the highest altitude achieved by blind teenagers—and in the Andes. He also works with Soldiers to the Summits to lead disabled military veterans to climb mountains and also to adopt a “no barriers” mindset that lets them move forward with their lives.

Most of all, however, Erik shows the importance of identifying what we want to achieve, and not giving up until we reach our goals.

For more information about Erik and his latest adventures, visit

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This billboard about Vision features Erik Weihenmayer.

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andrew from monoe JANUARY 30, 2018
cool info

Kaydin Quales from Bristol Tn JANUARY 10, 2018
This is so emotion able

Anonymous OCTOBER 24, 2017
Great for studying! Great info!

A Name  OCTOBER 4, 2017
this makes me want to do something

Anonymous MARCH 31, 2017
Very inspirational

Kitty from A Place DECEMBER 16, 2016
Erik is a very motivational man showing kids that u can really achieve anything you put your mind to!

Anonymous DECEMBER 16, 2016
Human vision in pretty important to us, but Erik shows that even some people can make it seem like we were made to be blind by showing how easy it is to accomplish our dreams and daily routines even through disability's and though times.

jarred from subway DECEMBER 15, 2016
this is so great oml

Mallory NOVEMBER 18, 2016
soooooo cool

Preston from Mesa,Arizona AUGUST 13, 2016

Cahan Jamerson from Cleveland APRIL 4, 2016
This is such a good story about what blind people can accomplish. It makes me so happy I cry.

Matthew from Ellington, CT MARCH 17, 2016
It shows us that even if you are blind, you can still do things a normal person can do.

Zachary from Austin texas FEBRUARY 29, 2016
This story tells you that you can do anything


Brianna from school DECEMBER 8, 2015
Wow amazing

Brianna DECEMBER 8, 2015
I love this story, it make you feel like you can do anything.

wonder gurl from Home SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
this story is amazing and inspiring it shows that what ever challenge you face to never give up and keep on trying

jonathon SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

NULL from NULL JULY 5, 2015
Erik is super man

Sunny.h2o from Home APRIL 22, 2014
I'm doing a project on you

Sunny.h2o from Home APRIL 21, 2014
In school I'm writing an assignment about you!

cooper from canada MARCH 5, 2014
erik your cool

austin from trmms MARCH 3, 2014
thats cool

Shifaat from Pakistan JULY 8, 2013
Erik, a real legend....has proved that "where there is a will there is a way".

A. Saran from India JUNE 26, 2013
Great inspiration, not only those who are blind but even for those who have sight......he will be remembered forever.

B. Ferman from MN MAY 11, 2013
That would be so scary, but it shows that you can do it. Whatever the challenge may be.

Molly Brown from CT FEBRUARY 1, 2013
This story is so amazing and it means that there are no limits and that you can do anything!

Sean M. from East Hartford, CT FEBRUARY 9, 2012
Blind and climbed Mount Everest, very brave indeed

Tyler from PA DECEMBER 6, 2011
That took bravery and courage. Not to mention the mind's will. This is a very inspiring man!

George S. from Los Angeles JANUARY 8, 2011
Thank god for people like him....thanks for inspiring me.

Claudia S. from Oxford Mills, Ontario Canada MAY 20, 2010
This is a wonderful website. I have already sent two e-mail cards. Very inspirational! Thank you!

Ali from Miller MARCH 9, 2010
You are truly and inspiration.

India W. from Vassar, MI JANUARY 25, 2010
I believe this billboard follows perseverance. It shows a man on a mountain, who was blind, which means he showed determination and had some kind of faith and hope for himself. It also shows strength and stability because he was blind, but it is obvious that he had enough courage to climb the biggest mountain in the world blind.

Tim S. from Camillus, NY JANUARY 19, 2010
What a great billboard...almost as awesome as this man himself. Quite ironic that Eric didn't have the physical VISION, but in his mind the mental vision to climb the highest mountain on this planet. WOW!

Kirthishri M. V. from Bangalore, India NOVEMBER 3, 2009
What can possibly stop the unquenchable thirst and that great fire in him? Blindness??? who can tell he is blind? A person without a dream, without a goal is really blind. Lets learn from him how to overcome our weaknesses.

M.C. from Long Beach, CA SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

Mary Rose M. from Mooresville, NC AUGUST 29, 2009
The first time I saw this billboard as I sat at a traffic light, I did a double take upon reading the words. It took another moment after that for the enormity of his accomplishment to really sink in. A truly, truly inspiring

Anna C. from Phoeniz, AZ JULY 24, 2009
That is beyond amazing. I met him in the 6th grade (2 yrs. ago) because my gym teacher was part of Erik's base camp team people.

Qirong L. from Missouri MAY 11, 2009
I can't imagine if I were him. He's so strong not just physically but also mentally. He never gave up for anything, and still try to overcome the difficulty and reach his goal. Do what he wants.

Qamar H. from Canada APRIL 22, 2009
Wow, I never thought a man could do something without sight, but instead of sight he had courage!

Annie N. from Cairo, Nebraska APRIL 6, 2009
Most people won't even attempt climbing this peak with sight, this man has twice the courage as anyone.

Taizo K. from Shawnee, OK, USA FEBRUARY 16, 2009
Losing one of our six senses makes other senses better. He is an example...he is a talent!

Anonymous JULY 24, 2008
Erik spoke at my college. His words were inspiring and his outlook on life was extraordinary. An amazing individual who taught me what life is really about. He dares to dream.

Alvin K.Y. from Toronto, Ontario Canada DECEMBER 30, 2007
Never lost sight of his goal. Bless his soul!

Deanne from Missouri, USA DECEMBER 4, 2007
I had the opportunity to met this man and he is just a truly inspirational as you would expect.

Gay H. from Wyoming, USA NOVEMBER 13, 2007
He takes away any thoughts of "I can't."

Grade 6 student from Toronto, Ontario, Canada OCTOBER 19, 2007
This man is a great example for all of us.

Faith L. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada OCTOBER 19, 2007
This man not only had courage but he had faith in himself.

Hope L.L from Toronto, Ontario, Canada OCTOBER 19, 2007
This man is so inspiring to me--I could never imagine me doing that! You are so awesome!!

Trudy G from Calgary, Alberta, Canada OCTOBER 3, 2007
I am humbled by his accomplishments and inspired to do my best. Thank you.

Teresa I. from Utah JULY 29, 2007
Gives us knowledge that blindness does not and will not hold one back. Great billboard!

Anna F. from Virginia JULY 20, 2007
These billboards are so uplifting and encourage me to live my life in a way that counts. Thank you so much!

Prakash from India JUNE 4, 2007
it's very exciting

David S. from Springboro, Ohio MAY 2, 2007
"Ain't no mountain high enough...!" is what I hear playing in my head when I see this!

carole b from Canada APRIL 1, 2007
Takes my breath away.

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2007
Not only VISION .... but courage.

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