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Volunteer work has taught me to appreciate my own talents and the gifts that I was given.

—Shifra Mincer

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Shifra Mincer (in her own words)
I was raised in New York City where I saw the homeless shivering from cold every winter. In sixth grade, a teacher offered to bring some students to a homeless shelter after school. I went with my friends and the teacher for several weeks, but when they stopped going together I continued to volunteer. Because I knew how to sew, I was asked to help out with the sewing kit if any guests requested some repairs. Throughout high school I continued to come each week after school, setting up my sewing kit that had now grown quite large. I got to know the guests who came regularly and I also got to know their clothes: the jackets, the shirts, the pants, and the shoes that were given to me with gaping holes and sagging seams.

In high school I started a sewing club with my friend and we taught our fellow students how to sew. We made heart-shaped pillows for sick children and the elderly. In college I continue to volunteer at our fully student run homeless shelter, UNILU.

Volunteer work has taught me to appreciate my own talents and the gifts that I was given. With my own hands as a young girl I had the power to repair someone's coat and keep him warm. Every time it rained I would think about the umbrellas I had sewn and suddenly I would appreciate that I was lucky enough to have a home. In the future I hope to continue helping others as much as I can. It is the most fulfilling and most important thing I have ever done.

Volunteering. Pass It On!

This billboard about Volunteering features Shifra Mincer.

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Anonymous SEPTEMBER 14, 2018
So inspiring

Anonymous JULY 22, 2018
Thank you! God Bless!

Kaylee from Georgia JUNE 2, 2018
She inspired me so much!!!

will.s from hell JANUARY 31, 2018

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2018
you inspire me thanks for helping the poor.