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Anonymous from Rochester, MN MAY 2, 2024
I saw this is Rochester, Minnesota and wondered what this was. It is nice to see some peace billboards and stuff like that, instead of normal advertising, especially with the geopolitical situation right now.

Oliver from Hermitage Tennessee  MARCH 23, 2024
I just wondered what this was and it was nice to see a sort of compliment instead of direct advertising. :-)))

Dawn from Gilbert, az JULY 24, 2023
Imagine, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

j**** from Woodbridge, VA MAY 30, 2023
i saw this billboard on the way to my little sisters concert. it made me think about my goals for this year.

Emily from Worcester, MA APRIL 19, 2023
Thank you! :))

Katherine Cotton from New Jersey  NOVEMBER 21, 2022
Saw this in NJ by Newark; made me curious and quickly made me smile and remember everything works itself out. Praying and wishing blessings over everyone that encounters this sign.

William Barkowski from Albany ny JULY 14, 2022
Make this the day

Sheryl Collins-Winsett from Cleburne,Tx. JUNE 27, 2022
I saw the sign in Cleburne,Tx. My husband and I were having a tough day, the sign made me smile and feel better about what is going on. Thank You!

Deborah from FL - Florida MAY 19, 2022
Love the billboard. We need more of them! More importantly people can't just read it, they must live it, practice it and be it!!

Barbara Malarkey from Lake Charles, LA.  MARCH 5, 2022
Just saw on I-10, just east of Lake Charles. So happy I did. Thank you.

Joshua Gadbois from Washington State FEBRUARY 12, 2022
Seen in Washington state on the way to widby island from Seattle, awesome message! Peace!

Ale from Florida JANUARY 25, 2022
I love this message! Beautiful to see :,-)

Nichol W. from Taylor, MO  JUNE 21, 2021
Saw the Peace Billboard in Taylor, MO off hwy 61. When we saw it we both commented on how inspiring and wonderful the message it was sending. Thanks for having these up and we will look for more on our journey back to MN.

caelan from CT,Stamford MAY 27, 2021
make peace this year with happiness and joy

korren from lusaka zambia  MAY 14, 2021
Thanks for the great work you're doing

Tom Allee from Denver APRIL 24, 2021

MJ DM from Pennsylvania APRIL 20, 2021
I think that says it all!!!!

Jeff from Saint Augustine Florida  APRIL 4, 2021
We are all just trying to get through this life., be kind. Why can’t we all go get along.

Kaylaa Castrejon from Texas JANUARY 28, 2021
Be caring to all the people no matter how they look

Dennis Burlingame from Iowa JANUARY 20, 2021

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