Believe team usa hockey
“You were meant to be here. This is your time.”

—Coach Herb Brooks

History marks great moments when an unlikely victor emerges against incredible odds. In the 1980 Olympic Games, a young, unproven U.S. hockey team—made up of amateurs and college stars—faced the hardened Soviets, who came into the match with a long winning streak.

Before the game, which almost anyone would have expected to go to the Soviet Union, Coach Herb Brooks inspired his U.S. team with these immortal words, “You were meant to be here. This is your time.”

When desire, preparation and sheer tenacity come together, the outcome can be explosive. On that day in 1980, a powerful combination of momentum and belief made it possible for 20 young men to overcome one of the greatest teams in the world of hockey. Their achievement—which became known as the “Miracle on Ice”—set the stage for the team to go on to win a gold medal. Most importantly, they raised the bar for hope and inspiration for themselves, for their families, and for anyone who faces a great challenge.

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This billboard about Believe features Team USA 1980.

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Carlo Leonel Sifuentes from Houston Texas APRIL 28, 2021
I love hockey because I watch it all weekend long through out the year since the summer of 2014, however i started watching the NHL first, and its the best sport that 2 teams play on ice.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Favorit story ever

Isaac from Wausau Wisconsin OCTOBER 6, 2016
This inspired me to play hockey

Isaac from Wausau Wisconsin OCTOBER 6, 2016
amazing movie,event and thing in hockey history

Anonymous MAY 2, 2016

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