Integrity mike masiello
“Couldn't fix it, so I won't take your money.”

—Mike Masiello

As the idea of this billboard campaign was being created, we wanted to focus on people who were making a difference in our communities. Around this same time, it just so happened that our creative director, Jay, took his car to have it repaired.

As Jay searched for an “honest” mechanic, Mike Masiello came highly recommended. Yet, after Masiello had spent nearly three hours trying to fix Jay’s car, he realized there was nothing he could do. The problem was unfixable.

Jay had suspected he might hear that news. Reluctantly, he asked how much the diagnosis was going to cost him.

Masiello replied, “I couldn’t fix it. I won’t take your money.”

As Jay stood there, in a small shop on Long Island, he knew that people like Masiello were exactly who we were looking for in this campaign. Everyday heroes.

Among his neighbors and peers, Masiello is known as the “Mother Teresa” of the automotive world. He’s an honest guy, making an honest living, and he never tires of helping those around him. But even beyond his local neighborhood, he represents the good at the heart of many people—a heart of integrity and honesty.

Integrity. Pass It On!

This billboard about Integrity features Mike Masiello; mechanic.

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Wyatt from Baxter springs MARCH 28, 2018
The is a good guy

Ken from Illinois MAY 17, 2017
I read this somewhere. " If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you have no integrity, nothing else matters." This rings pretty true....

Julie from New Zealand NOVEMBER 15, 2016
So impressive! Thanks for sharing your light.

Jebediah from New York FEBRUARY 23, 2016
He was raised right

Diana from Florida MAY 30, 2014
These are the people that need to be in the news, GOOD NEWS, everyday!!!!! Values are more powerful than anything else.

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