Alexandra Scott was born on Jan. 18, 1996, to her parents, Jay and Liz. At first, the family faced the usual ups and downs of infancy. Their world changed forever when, two days before Alex’s first birthday, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

The next few years became a whirlwind of doctor and hospital visits. When Alex was four, she was inspired to have a lemonade stand with the goal of raising money to help "her hospital." In July 2000, Alex donated more than $2,000 in lemonade-stand sales to Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Alex and her family moved to Philadelphia in early 2001 to pursue new treatment options. She continued her lemonade stand, and during her third year she raised $20,000 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of her friend Toireasa, who had recently lost her battle with neuroblastoma.

In 2004, Alex set a goal of raising $1 million for her lemonade fund. With the help of friends, family and strangers who hosted lemonade stands in all 50 states and a few other countries, Alex's goal was met.

Sadly, on Aug. 1, 2004, Alex passed away, but not before she had set another goal: to raise $5 million for pediatric cancer research in 2005.

While Alex’s personal fight is over, her mission lives on. Today, with the support of her parents and her brothers Patrick, 
Eddie and Joey, the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is a registered nonprofit foundation. To date, ALSF has raised more than $60 million toward fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure, funding more than 300 research projects nationally—and continuing as a living testament to the inspiration one young girl provided.

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This billboard about Inspiration features Alexandra Scott (1996-2004); Founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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Anonymous from odessa,MO SEPTEMBER 5, 2023
I think Alex is a really brave kid.

Olivia.oboyle from school. APRIL 4, 2022
so cool i wish all people could do that

Jenna Herritt from Kent state APRIL 14, 2020
I love lemonade so I have to say great tribute.

Trinity from somewhere OCTOBER 9, 2019
pay it forward people

Over the rainbow MARCH 21, 2019
this is amazing

Anonymous FEBRUARY 4, 2019
this is literally amazing and very inspiring

Anonymous DECEMBER 5, 2018

Unknown from Unknown NOVEMBER 8, 2018
I'm literally about to cry. This is the most touching thing ever. You will be remembered Alex!

Dylann from Minnasota OCTOBER 2, 2018
thats amazing

will.s from hell JANUARY 31, 2018
this the best thing i read all day

Anonymous JANUARY 11, 2018
She is so cute. :]

Can't Say from Can't Say Either JANUARY 10, 2018
That is so touching.

Sage DECEMBER 4, 2017
She's amazing!

Cassia Reyes from The Outer Provinces JUNE 2, 2017
Wow. That is amazing for a little kid to be able to do all of that.

Iwuvfnaf! DECEMBER 6, 2016
this is really sweet I love it

Anonymous DECEMBER 2, 2016
nicest person on earth she also thought about everybody not just about her

Anonymous OCTOBER 6, 2016
So sad

anonymous from dallas tx. SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
so much courage

Anonymous APRIL 1, 2016

Matt from Perth APRIL 1, 2016

Ashlen FEBRUARY 18, 2016
She is amazing. This is very deep.

kylee JANUARY 26, 2016
what a lovable kid

Olivia from Maryland JANUARY 19, 2016
That is very touching!

Addison JANUARY 6, 2016
That amazing

Teerthan DECEMBER 10, 2015
this is the most amazing thing I have seen and she has proven that the littlest can make a difference

anonymous NOVEMBER 17, 2015
this is so sad! she worked so hard to raise money to help others who have cancer to have a better life. the saddest part is that it wasn't enough to help her battle with cancer.

unknown [boy] OCTOBER 23, 2015
this is so so so sad she was really inspired to do this she must have tried really hard to do this

Anonymous OCTOBER 23, 2015

shilynn SEPTEMBER 25, 2015
go alex

Raevin from Nebraska SEPTEMBER 17, 2015
It's so inspiring to hear these stories about these children who have cancer, yet they raise all this money to fight other's and their own cancer. To Alex!

Brenden SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
This is so sad Alex's you are awesome 60M my she live on

NULL from NULL JUNE 30, 2015
Kudos to Alex!!!!!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 29, 2015 is awesome!!!!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 29, 2015
She is truly an amazing person!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 22, 2015
So Inspirational- We love you Alex!!!

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 8, 2014
this is incredable

Aidin from Angola APRIL 17, 2014
She is a really great person.

Zoey from Angola  APRIL 16, 2014

Angela from Adrian, MI. MARCH 27, 2014
This story is so great. thank you to whom ever wrote it. it touched my heart. Thank You. <3

Ohodgee Nieves from Hartford,CT FEBRUARY 15, 2014
I remember when Alex Scott was on the Oprah Winfrey Show a very long time ago.

hannah from fort mill sc JANUARY 16, 2014
its so inspiring

Gayle from Idaho SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
I just think its so amazing what some people and kids think of I definatley would've wanted to meet her. Plus I also almost cried. And super inspirational to me.

Alexandra from Ontario JULY 22, 2013
Rest in Paradise you beautiful angel. I wish I could have met you.

angela from Michigan APRIL 8, 2013
This is soooo sad. I almost cried. She did a wonderful thing for those children.

Adri from Indiana MARCH 28, 2013
Alex Scott is such an inspiration. Our school is doing a project for her! We Love you Alex !!:)

Vanessa from Two Rivers  MARCH 26, 2013
This story is really touching! Alex is such an inspiration.

amazing from Ct MARCH 25, 2013
Really touching!

bill from texas MARCH 25, 2013
I tried her lemonade, it was so good and it was for a good cause.

Ellie from Mily way  MARCH 22, 2013
Alex is so amazing I am going to try and particapate in her lemonade stand.

KTG from WORLD MARCH 21, 2013
Alex was so amazing! Such an inspiration to children and many others!

chris from ct MARCH 20, 2013

chicklet from the planet MARCH 7, 2013
Thank you Alex! You are a great inspiration!

Chicklet from The World MARCH 4, 2013
Really strong story. Almost made me cry.

Edith from CT MARCH 1, 2013
She's so inspirational to others. Love You!

Moved by this story from CT FEBRUARY 4, 2013
This story is an example of just how detirmened people can be- and how sucssesful. Shine in Alex!

Morgan from CT FEBRUARY 4, 2013
This is amazing! She looked so cute and she inspired me. She was a great person and shows just how great our world is that we live in.

Niki Q from MI,USA JANUARY 17, 2013
When I was her age,I was watching Sesame street. I used to play and was oblivious to the world's problems. This little girl though,spent her entire,short life trying to help save other lives. She is truly a hero.

Sophia from Planet Earth DECEMBER 12, 2012
This story is very inspiring! It made me cry! :'( People still continued Alex's Lemonade Stand even after she passed away! R.I.P. Alex

Eric from Los Angeles APRIL 16, 2012
I reread this story every so often, and each time,I cry. It just tugs at your heart in a certain way, and to see the generousity in this child, it moves me like no other. Just seeing the photo and her smile, I cannot help it...

kevin filanowicz from XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX FEBRUARY 14, 2012
This has been a truly insprational story. I' m gonna start my own lemonade stand too, and I'll donate all the money I make to jonson memorial hospital.

Jordyn Powell from East Hartford, CT FEBRUARY 9, 2012
She is amazing! Even though she's passed, people who believed in her still hold up her lemonade business. I have tried it too!

unkown from omaha,ne JANUARY 31, 2012

Betsy from Bel Air, MD MAY 12, 2011
Every time I read this, it makes me cry. Alex is a true angel, and she made such a difference in her short life. She is an inspiration to me to make a difference.

Katie from Hollywood APRIL 26, 2011
Fly high Alex, you're a true inspiration!!

Jordan Caldwell (: from Adrian, Michigan  APRIL 12, 2011
Alexandra Scott was truly a lifesaver for some people who have been diagnosed with this aggressive cancer or any cancer at that. She saved some lives while trying to save her own. Alex is a kind person to help other people like that. Why aren't there people who help with cancer or any other cause? This is because people are not dedicated like Alex Scott! Alex, you will be in my heart for what you did to help children! Thank-you. (:

Rick from Farmington Hills, MI FEBRUARY 10, 2011
In 2005 there was a 3 year old race horse named Afleet Alex, named after his sire Northern Afleet and the owners' own child Alex. Afleet Alex was entered in the Kentucky Derby that year and the owners pledged part of the horse's earnings to Alex's Lemonade Stand as a tribute to that "other Alex". An actual lemonade stand was also setup at the Churchill Downs race track to raise money for the cause. Afleet Alex ran a close third in the race (still worth good money). Afleet Alex went on to win both of the other Triple Crown races that year (the Preakness and Belmont Stakes). Alex's Lemonade Stands were run at both of those races as well. All in tribute to this amazing girl and for the good of her cause!

austin from owosso JANUARY 31, 2011
This kid is a livesaver. Keep up the good work.

Rubi C. from San Jose,CA JANUARY 21, 2011
Beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes how a little girl had such a big crying right now.

Martin G from Denver, CO JANUARY 20, 2011
Thank you! For making miracles happen... Great job!

carly l from south carolina OCTOBER 7, 2010
This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. She made a difference, and she was only 8 years old. Let this be a message to everyone out there: believe.

Jasmine R. from California SEPTEMBER 30, 2010
I think she is very brave to do that.

Abby L-J from Oregon SEPTEMBER 15, 2010
I agree with everyone else that it was an inspiring story and it made me want to do something about it too. The parents of Alex should be very proud. :)

Kamryn J from lexington,sc MAY 21, 2010
You are the most giving and loving person!

Kamryn J. from Lexington, SC MAY 20, 2010
Alex, you the most amazing person I have EVER seen in my life.

Zoe, S from TX APRIL 19, 2010
She is very considerate and will go far in life.

Cheyanne R. from Asheboro, NC MARCH 24, 2010
We love how inspirational this poster is we love your story.

Victoria from Ralinoski MARCH 9, 2010
shes so sweet!!!!

Alex H. from Canyon Country, CA FEBRUARY 8, 2010
The value is INSPIRATION, the person used to represent this is Alexandra Scott. This person is a perfect example of inspiration because this little girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma two days before her first birthday. She was four when she was inspired to raise money to help "her hospital." She donated $2,000 she got for a lemonade stand in July of 2000. When she moved, she continued to raise money with a lemonade stand, and raised $20,000 in honor of her friend who had lost her battle with neuroblastoma. In 2004, this amazing little girl set a goal to raise 1 million dollars. From the help of family, friends, and strangers throughout all 50 states, this little girl met her goal. She passed away on August 1, 2004. before she died, she set a goal to raise 5 million dollars for pediatric cancer research in 2005.

Vero from Ventura, CA JANUARY 21, 2010
Very inspiring.

Luke J. from Cottonwood Hights, UT DECEMBER 7, 2009
Wow. Just an amazing story.

Natasha. S from San Antonio, Alamo Heights Texas NOVEMBER 25, 2009
I am 9 years old, and I am doing the same thing. Except it is for my grandmother's her breast cancer, not mine. I selling jewelry boxes in San Antonio TX, so if anyone wants to help, please do!

Mickey D. from NY OCTOBER 14, 2009
This is an amazing thing to do & it makes me want to reach all the goals I've made in my lifetime.

Abby d from New York OCTOBER 8, 2009
That is truly amazing good work♥

Collin S. from Adrian, MI SEPTEMBER 21, 2009
Wow. That's very hard to raise 1 million dollars from a lemonade stand? And then she died. How tragic.

Brooke V. from Yorktown  SEPTEMBER 17, 2009
That's cool that she's raising money for her and other peoples cancer.

Nicole C. from Bakersfield,CA MAY 21, 2009
Alex really inspired me because what she did to help others that has cancer. I have an uncle and cousin who has cancer and my other cousin died from cancer....

Tayanna aka Jenna Seals from California MAY 21, 2009
Your daughter is a true inspiration. She has shown me that no matter what age you are if you believe in something and you are dedicated to it you should always fight for it. I am so glad I read her story it has inspired me to stand up for what I believe in. Thank you for putting your child's story up on these billboards.

Qirong L. from Missouri MAY 12, 2009
In our life, there is only one thing that could make us move on - inspiration. You may be inspired by love, friendship, or even interest. Inspiration is one of the most elements in our life. Inspiration is our hope. Inspiration is the key to succeeded.

Ruc P. from SCOTLAND MARCH 24, 2009
That is just amazing!

JV from Quakertown, PA NOVEMBER 21, 2008
I cry for the loss of this beautiful little girl every time I see this billboard or read her story. I have her book and read it to my little girls. Every time, I have the same reaction. She has set an amazing example of will and determination. It is also a reminder to all that if Alex can accomplish so much in such a short lifetime, there are no excuses. We must use our time and resources wisely. Her inspiration and spirit lives on.

Allie D. from Voorhees, NJ OCTOBER 20, 2008
You should never give up a dream no matter what disibility you have. You have to keep on going with persistence and confidence.

Leah L. from Philadelphia, PA MAY 28, 2008
This is such a touching reminder of how giving a little- the cost of a bottle of lemonade- really does make a difference. Don't be paralyzed by the idea that you don't have enough to give. I work in Philadelphia schools and used to live in Harlem. Last year, the school in which I worked in Philly- where 80% of the children live at or below the poverty line- raised over $2000 in one month for Alex's lemonade selling cookies from shop-rite. In Harlem, the children bring pennies to school for a fundraiser- the different schools come together and they get up on stage and weigh their pennies (instead of counting them). The pride on these children's faces- again, many of whom live in poverty- well, oftentimes it is those who know need who are most willing to give. As an adult, I think that the joy you get from giving runs laps around that you get from getting.

Nathaniel N. from Holtwood, PA MAY 22, 2008
I thought Alex's lemonade stand was a great story. I'm happy she was able to raise that much money but sad she did't make it.

Savannah S. from Pequea, PA MAY 21, 2008
People that have challenges aren't different from us. Have challenges could be having to wear glasses, use a wheel chair, having an illness and so many more. We have to look past challenges and only by what we are inside.

Mickayla B. from Holtwood P.A MAY 10, 2008
This site made me realize that people with problems are the same as anyone else.

Robert R. from Los Angeles, CA MAY 9, 2008
Truly a girl who, when life gave her lemons, made lemonade.

Christine R. MAY 6, 2008
Wow! This story has a true inspiration to it. I think I will get some of my friends to start up a lemonade stand to make Alex's dream continue with the faith that she had, which can carry us far with her goal that she had worked so hard for. This girl should be a hero in some shape or form for us all. This story brought tears to my eyes, and I will read more, I thought this would be weird I am only on here for a school project but I will definitely visit again because of one girls doing.

Tabitha Flugenot from Canada APRIL 10, 2008
She's sooo cute I wish she was my little sister. She's a great girl with an inspiration to light up the sky! I hope one day to have children of my very own to shine like her! She reminds me of back in the day when I was a little girl I would always have lemonade stands but of course I was soo greedy and kept all the money. Oh how I do wish I had donated that money to good causes.

Angel A from Pennsylvania MARCH 29, 2008
It's amazing that a four-year old can have such a big idea and such a big heart. Most adults would never even try something like that.

Oklahoma, USA FEBRUARY 19, 2008
I think she is a very inspirational person.

Jeannie K. from McMinnville, Oregon USA NOVEMBER 29, 2007
This girl is an amazing inspiration to us all. She was so young, yet she accomplished more than many of us ever could. This girl gives me hope for a cure.

Armaan D. from Manhattan Beach, California USA NOVEMBER 27, 2007
This billboard is the best!

Maryam D. from North Carolina, USA NOVEMBER 10, 2007
I think that if one girl alone can do that, if we band together we can acheive great things. So heartwarming!

Madeleine B. from Derry, New Hampshire USA OCTOBER 20, 2007
Seeing this site allowed me to discover the true strength of real people living their lives to the fullest. Each miracle told on this site is just another eye-opener to all its fortunate readers. You've got a life to live. Set your dreams, and you can change the world. A seed may be small, but it can grow into something with unlimited possibilities. Thank you.

Lauren T. from New York, USA OCTOBER 10, 2007
I'm with you Kristine! This is so sad...but she helped lots of people with a sickness. I was crying when I read this! Keep up the good work!:)

Kristene S. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
This is so sad! I was crying when I read it! She helped lots of people though; keep up the good work for raising money:)!

Lauren C. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
This girl has it all. Strength, determination, and heart.

Day W. from Kansas, USA SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Alexandra Scott is the perfect example of how little kids often have a more pure insight into the world and what needs to be done to fix it then adults. She saw a problem, and didn't think about how hard it would be, or what people would think. She just started raising money to help herself, but much more importantly others. She is the most selfless little girl I've ever heard of. A wonderful soul left the world the day she died, and everyone affected by cancer thanks her dearly.

Roma C. from Grand Island, Nebraska USA AUGUST 14, 2007
I ran across this site by accident but am very glad that I did! This billboard and backstory is very inspirational. It seems to me that "Alex" knew what was the right thing to do, while so many others just talk the talk. I am sure her parents were very proud of her. Alex, I dont think I will ever forget your story!

DavTaiwo J. from Lagos, Nigeria AUGUST 13, 2007
Alex, yours is a life that has meaning and PURPOSE.

Leonel M. from San Francisco JULY 9, 2007
This is the best billboard ever. R.I.P. Alex

Chris D from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania JUNE 24, 2007
Alex is an inspiration to adults because it reminds us that we should rekindle our selfless, childhood passions for making this a better world. THANK YOU, ALEX!

Michaela M. from North Carolina, USA JUNE 4, 2007
This girl had a lot of determination. She set goals to help herself and others.

Paigeo P from USA JUNE 4, 2007
This is my favorite. She not only helped herself but other people

AP from NC JUNE 4, 2007
I love this story so much that it almost made me cry.

Molly M. from North Carolina, USA JUNE 4, 2007
Oh my gosh, that was a great story...I wish she was still here.

Joshua S from Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA JUNE 4, 2007
I love Alex's lemonade stand. I read this and said to myself that I can't imagine this little girl doing that, so that really touched my heart.

Anonymous MAY 30, 2007
She is amazing. I hope everyone will do something this good in their lives.

Emily R from Lancaster, Pennsylvania MAY 24, 2007
I love this story it just makes me want to cry. It always touches my heart and always will.

Cory P from Lancaster, Pennsylvania MAY 24, 2007
I don't cry a lot, but this...definitely a crying manner. Alex, you're awesome.

Melissa H from Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA MAY 19, 2007
I love this story so much. Everytime I read it my heart sinks. Alex will always be a true hero in my eyes.

Anonymous MAY 9, 2007
She is an inspiration for me.

Anonymous APRIL 18, 2007
This is my favourite. She's truly a hero.

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2007
Goose bump factor ... yep, a sure winner!

Anonymous MARCH 2, 2007
I don't normally make comments on websites or really on anything for that matter. But I was curious about this billboard after seeing on the side of the freeway. So, I came to this website and read the backstory about it, and boy this story is really inspirational.I got a bit choked up reading it and I am a bit know rethinking it. Which raises the question. If a little girl can do so much for a cause she belives in, then what can you or I do? And why dont we do it? (whatever that may be).

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