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Alexandra Scott was born on Jan. 18, 1996, to her parents, Jay and Liz. At first, the family faced the usual ups and downs of infancy. Their world changed forever when, two days before Alex’s first birthday, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

The next few years became a whirlwind of doctor and hospital visits. When Alex was four, she was inspired to have a lemonade stand with the goal of raising money to help "her hospital." In July 2000, Alex donated more than $2,000 in lemonade-stand sales to Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Alex and her family moved to Philadelphia in early 2001 to pursue new treatment options. She continued her lemonade stand, and during her third year she raised $20,000 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in honor of her friend Toireasa, who had recently lost her battle with neuroblastoma.

In 2004, Alex set a goal of raising $1 million for her lemonade fund. With the help of friends, family and strangers who hosted lemonade stands in all 50 states and a few other countries, Alex's goal was met.

Sadly, on Aug. 1, 2004, Alex passed away, but not before she had set another goal: to raise $5 million for pediatric cancer research in 2005.

While Alex’s personal fight is over, her mission lives on. Today, with the support of her parents and her brothers Patrick, 
Eddie and Joey, the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is a registered nonprofit foundation. To date, ALSF has raised more than $60 million toward fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure, funding more than 300 research projects nationally—and continuing as a living testament to the inspiration one young girl provided.

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This billboard about Inspiration features Alexandra Scott (1996-2004); Founder of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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Jenna Herritt from Kent state APRIL 14, 2020
I love lemonade so I have to say great tribute.

Trinity from somewhere OCTOBER 9, 2019
pay it forward people

Over the rainbow MARCH 21, 2019
this is amazing

Anonymous FEBRUARY 4, 2019
this is literally amazing and very inspiring

Anonymous DECEMBER 5, 2018

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