First in. Second to none.

In every crisis there are heroes that rise to the challenge. These billboard messages represent our heartfelt appreciation for all who have valiantly stepped up at such a critical time. Thank you for supporting these brave individuals with and for all you are doing to bring optimism and hope to our communities.

Courage. Pass It On!

Pass It On®

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washington middle school teacher from milescity OCTOBER 19, 2022
i love this story and how the person who made it so understanding i cant wait to share this with my class/students

Jessica Beckham from Frisco TX APRIL 19, 2021
Thank you Doctors nurses You are one of the best things I have in my life Thank you doctors nurses what do you do every day Thank you for my family and God

Cynthia from Escondido, can.  JUNE 9, 2020
No doubt these health care worker's on the front lines are the most selfless human beings on the planet ! Thank you all who keep going back to these hospitals every day risking their lives for complete strangers... God's got a special place for you all ... And I will pray every day for your safety during this 🙏 aweful virus tradgedy! Thank you for your service💜💜💯

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