“That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

—Neil Armstrong

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong made history. He became the first human to set foot on the moon. People around the world watched and listened as Neil slowly climbed down the ladder of the lunar lander. He then stepped on the moon's surface where he could look up and see Earth far above him. His words resonate today, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Armstrong took his picture of Buzz Aldrin who joined him on the moon. Pilot Michael Collins, who remained in orbit, was the third member of the historic Apollo 11 team.

Achievement. Pass It On!

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Justice W from Illinois OCTOBER 4, 2023
His journey actually ENDED with the small step. The journey didn't begin on the moon.

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2022
Most people thought it was impossible to put a man on the moon, but since we humans are stubborn, we always find a way!

Big Boom from Your moms house SEPTEMBER 9, 2021
That's definitely inspiring.

Zoey from Portage In JANUARY 13, 2021

Anonymous AUGUST 22, 2019
this really inspired me and this is now my favorite site...

JEANNE ARSENIA LACAS from philippines  AUGUST 15, 2019
So inspiring for me

Jeanne Arsenia Lacas from Philippines  AUGUST 15, 2019
So inspiring for me

Jeanne Arsenia Lacas from Manila, Philippines  AUGUST 15, 2019
The achievement is not really easy to achieve need to sacrifice

Jeanne Arsenia Lacas from Philippines  AUGUST 15, 2019
I like this

Aimen from Earth JANUARY 7, 2019
Neil armstrong is a pretty nice guy. first to step on moon, that took a risk.

Anonymous from IDK DECEMBER 7, 2016
One small step can change the way we look at things.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
Neil is super inspiring

Hunter from edison school AUGUST 23, 2016
this is so cool!!

Kingdom from Ghana  JUNE 24, 2016
Neil has done a bravery job, step to the moon. A place where he had no idea of. Ii wish one day I do same.

James from U.A.E MARCH 18, 2016
i have been inspired

jason from hartford MARCH 18, 2016
So inspiring! :)

Neil Armstrong from Moon MARCH 18, 2016
That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Sam  JANUARY 30, 2016
Anything is possible!

Nancy from Weonah N.J JANUARY 13, 2016
Love this F.B.L Billboard along with the radio ad

Anonymous OCTOBER 27, 2015
that's really cool.

Anonymous OCTOBER 7, 2015

Alec from U.A.E OCTOBER 5, 2015
Niel is the man

Ethan from Texas SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
I'd be scared but he is not.

Anonymus from no AUGUST 26, 2015
That takes guts

sarah boulbadaoui from algeria NOVEMBER 4, 2013
wooww that's really great, and i wanna try this adventure in the futur ^^

Stephanie from Kansas City SEPTEMBER 29, 2013
Such an inspiration!

Song Muna from Nairobi kenya AUGUST 7, 2013
wow! I felt to dream again!

Miko from Ipil,Zamboanga Sibugay Province Philippines  JUNE 30, 2013

Grelish from old town in ohio MAY 22, 2013
nice neil nice

natasha from springdale MAY 21, 2013
he did made the history and he was brave enough to go to the moon

thomas from logan FEBRUARY 22, 2013
One small step for man one giant leap for mankind.

samuelbenn from east hartford FEBRUARY 13, 2012
nice work keep it passing on

cameron from ottawa OCTOBER 11, 2011
his story will probably last forever!!!

matthew from stittsville ottawa ON canada OCTOBER 11, 2011
true and inspiring

Anderson from Colatina, ES. Brasil APRIL 15, 2011
Parabéns, sua coragem nos ajudou a chegarmos onde poucos imaginavam um dia chegar.

AM from OH JANUARY 5, 2011
Awe inspiring! Each billboard and commercial gives us goosebumps as they make us think and reflect! Finally an internet site we can all be proud of!!! THANK YOU!

M,H from Hopkins MI DECEMBER 8, 2010
So inspiring.

Cheyanne R. from Asheboro, NC MARCH 24, 2010
This is Grace P. and Cheyanne R. We just love this poster it makes us want to fulfill our dreams!

Pam G. from Mesa, AZ DECEMBER 31, 2009
I see several of the billboards on the drive from Phoenix to Riverside, CA. They are inspiring and I look forward to seeing them each time I make the trip. Thank you.

Margaret K from Delaware SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
One step at a time - that's what my students need to believe to go far.

Iris S. from Brookings, OR MAY 19, 2009
Neil Armstrong is a real inspiration! This story just proves that if you want something, go for it and you can get it!

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana APRIL 19, 2009
Neil Armstrong is an interesting story by itself, since he has long been known for being very media shy. It is also indicative of his character that this famous photo was of Buzz Aldrin and not him. Truly great men usually do not to be known for themselves, but instead for their deeds.

Randel H. from USA FEBRUARY 22, 2008
Good advice, listen.

Stevzilla from Fort Worth, Texas USA OCTOBER 29, 2007
Very uplifting!

Alan D from Culver City, CA, USA SEPTEMBER 29, 2007
Rich, Poor, Black, White, Democrat, Republican, Christian, Jew, Muslim. We all held our breath that day. Truly an 'Achievement' of Man.

Heather L. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Live your life as long as you can and live it well. Don't spend your time picking on others!

Josh R. from Miami, Florida USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Very Moving!

Murphy F. from Boone, North Carolina USA AUGUST 20, 2007
My Favorite.

Donna M. from Philippines AUGUST 14, 2007
Great site, its really inspirational.

Cheryl T from Centerville JULY 10, 2007
as I go to work every day, I see 3 of your billboards along the way, this being one of them. I think about the message & it makes my day. Thanks for sending out something uplifting.

Bharath from India JUNE 23, 2007
wonderful, very impressive

Anonymous JUNE 21, 2007
very inspirational

Mar from USA JUNE 10, 2007
I come to this site for inspiration---keep up the excellent work!

BluMiiks from UK MAY 9, 2007
Super site Thanks

EHEIfpC MAY 4, 2007
Best site!!

Rudolf_Mine from Germany MAY 1, 2007
Great site. So much useful info. Really perfect!!! I'll bookmark!

RaymonWazerri APRIL 20, 2007
Hey, I love what you're doing! Don't ever change and best of luck.

Peter_Dorinzon from Germany APRIL 17, 2007
Perfect work. Great site.

Taizo K from Japan APRIL 15, 2007
...and with encouragement

Ray K. from Iowa City, Iowa APRIL 9, 2007
Go the distance

Anonymous MARCH 22, 2007
very moving

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2007

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