“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

—Thích Nhất Hạnh

Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of the enigmatic “Mona Lisa,” on display at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, is generally regarded as the most famous painting in the world. Da Vinci's work was painted between 1503 and 1519 and yet seems more enchanting, engaging and popular than ever.

The ambiguity of her expression—her smile—has captured the imagination of other artists, authors and songwriters for centuries.

We hope that you enjoy her timeless, serene confidence. And if she inspires you to study what scholars have examined, writers have penned and singers have expressed, we hope you will come away with the most important gift she can give—a smile.

Smile. Pass It On!

This billboard about Smile features Mona Lisa (16th Century); oil painted portrait.

Pass It On®

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William Barkowski from From ballston spa AUGUST 27, 2022

Randy Baker from Ashland City TN. FEBRUARY 21, 2021
When you smile always look into there eyes and you will see there real smile. A connection within.

ziza FEBRUARY 15, 2019
always smile and have fun the brian enjoys it when you do it is a wounderful thing you can do everyday and it will make someones day

Peach from Mario brothers MARCH 13, 2018
Smile always and have fun ;3

Avi... from India AUGUST 3, 2017
Great Site

Skye from Georgia JANUARY 28, 2017
The positive energy generated by one smile can light up a room and fill up your heart.

Ashley from Denver SEPTEMBER 2, 2016
I love Da Vinci and his work. :)

Vernon from Beech Bluff Tn MAY 22, 2016
Smiles are a source of joy

Peter from Nw 39 sreet sapupla MAY 5, 2016
This is very nice

Riley from Medicine Hat NOVEMBER 15, 2015
I always work my hardest on smiling EVEN in the toughest times. I may think its impossible, but I keep on thinking of this quote:) thx for inspiring me

Glenda from Kent OCTOBER 9, 2015
Make someone happy smile smile smile

NULL from NULL JUNE 26, 2015
Like Mom said, smiles are for free, so give them away. ~DJ Tanner (Full House, Season 1, episode 9, The Miracle of Thanksgiving)

Anonymous JANUARY 22, 2015
Be who you are and don't let people tell you that you cant, because you can. Always believe in yourself and stay strong. -Katelyn B

NULL from NULL JANUARY 20, 2015
i love smiling #smile

NULL from NULL JANUARY 20, 2015
always remember to keep your head held high and smile

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 28, 2014
Smiles are free and can change a person's whole day. They in turn my brighten someone else's. Pass it on!!

Icanfly from Canada SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
Smiling is my style..

Leslie from Malolos, Bulacan JUNE 13, 2014
Always smile :)

April from Texas JANUARY 27, 2014
I should smile more, I need to get my self esteem up.

Andrew from Texas JANUARY 24, 2014
Wow, smiling seems pretty fun, maybe I should do it...

Sol from Phil MAY 17, 2013
I started using this billboards as my motivations to inspire people as well as my students.

skhyline from raytown middle school APRIL 1, 2013
I like this billboard because it helps you know that you need a smile to make your day.

Aiwa from China APRIL 1, 2013
I saw this picture in Seattle airport. It impressed me deeply, Then, I was back to China, I found this website. It is good. Great innovation ...The right idea will fly, that's true!

Hailey from Ogden, Utah MARCH 10, 2013
When I saw this billboard, I was so happy and surprised! Check out The Smile Movement! It's all about this kind of stuff! :D <3

AJ from Two Rivers School FEBRUARY 4, 2013
Always smile!

Ravi k d from Bilston wolverhampton UK  OCTOBER 29, 2012
Seen this morning on the way to work made me smile as the world would be a nicer place if every one did ... Btw smile ....

KNB :D :P :) from somewhere over the rainbow! JULY 10, 2012
This is totally my favorite! I just love the Mona Lisa, and all of the other works by Leonardo! Thanks for putting your message out there! Every time we drive by I smile!

Harley from Here MAY 1, 2012
I could not help but smile.

Martha from Wilmette,Il APRIL 21, 2012
I just love this poster! My sister has a group of friends from college who have the Mona Lisa as their "symbol." THANK YOU!

Kristen from N. Calif MARCH 19, 2012
I wish you had a bumpersticker, so I could "pass it on" Love it!

Cindy Lyn. from Japan FEBRUARY 15, 2012
The mona lisa is such a great peice of art and this billboard is awsome.

rebecca from utah DECEMBER 8, 2011
leo and mona lisa without you the world wouldn't know how to smile with out you or your portrait...........thank you for helping me smile!!!:D THIS ONES FOR YOU LEO.:D AND MONA.:D

Wendy Fachon from East Greenwich SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
I saw this billboard driving home from Providence. I love it! Smile at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning. Doesn't that feel good? It sets the tone for the rest of your day. And remember, that first smile which makes you feel sooo good makes others feel good whem they see it. You radiate happiness with a smile and you become contagious... in a really good way.

Nyla from Barton School JULY 19, 2011
WOW A LOT OF EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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