Live Your Dreams (Kermit the Frog)
“I've got a dream too, but it's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with.”

—Kermit the Frog

When Kermit the Frog sprang from the imagination of creator Jim Henson over 50 years ago, the world was given a new friend whose endearing qualities continue to charm each succeeding generation.

Remarkably, most never really outgrow the connection with Kermit the Frog. His personality transcends mere toys and action figures because Kermit the Frog is someone we know. We’ve lived along with him through good days and bad and observed how he keeps a perspective on whatever comes his way. Green and fuzzy, this delightful character has become part of our lives. Henson offered insight into the comfortable world Kermit the Frog draws us into: “There is a sense of our characters caring for each other. A positive feeling, a positive view of life. That’s the key to everything we do.”

Kermit the Frog is also a dreamer and an inspiration for our own goals and aspirations. After all, if a frog can accomplish so much, we can do something too!

We came to know Kermit the Frog when Sesame Street introduced him and many other enduring characters in 1969. But Kermit’s beginnings trace back to Henson’s childhood, with a family who was very supportive of Henson’s creativity. In particular, his maternal grandmother, who was an avid painter, quilter and needle worker, encouraged young Jim to use his imagination and to take delight in the world around him.

Since then, TV shows, movies and personal appearances around the world have made Kermit the Frog worthy of star status. Yet he remains as loveable as the first time we encountered him. Perhaps a clue to Kermit the Frog’s humility comes from his well-known lyric, ”It’s not easy being green.” As we grow and change it’s nice to have a hero who stays the same—one who serves as a real inspiration to “Live Your Dreams.”

Live Your Dreams. Pass It On!

This billboard about Live Your Dreams features Kermit the Frog.

Pass It On®

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Ryan Boenitz from riverside elementry MARCH 17, 2023
I love seeing this poster around my school

anon from krusty crab  OCTOBER 14, 2022
I love this billboard because it shows that you can be anything no matter who you are.

swazejay FEBRUARY 22, 2022
kermit was the best childhood tv show

Stacie from 987 Joyner loop 72086 JULY 11, 2021
I Love this I really need one

isabella from at school JANUARY 29, 2021
i like this one because kerment the frog is so funny

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2021
singing and dancing and making people happy that's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with

David Seliga from Colorado DECEMBER 2, 2020
Honesty, who doesn't like Kermit?

maximus ragiknof from russia NOVEMBER 20, 2020
Haha, i very much enjoy this!

dylan SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
kermit is the funniest person and is very inspiring

kaylee from cookie land in xeturevt/outer space SEPTEMBER 22, 2020
kermit is so funny and he is also the best actor on tv (in my opinion)

Bella OCTOBER 9, 2019
I like this one it’s very happy

Anonymous OCTOBER 3, 2019
Kermit is very inspiring

Anonymous OCTOBER 2, 2019
Kermit is very inspirational in his quote

Savannah from 411 north washington street, cuba city wisconsin SEPTEMBER 5, 2019
i absolutely love Kermit's funny sense of humor, not only does he use it to amuse people, but he also uses it to make people feel happy!😁now that's quite the talent!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 11, 2019
Kermit is my dude

Anonymous NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Great inspirational message. This billboard makes people smile and reminds us that despite our differences, we can still promote love health and happiness. It also reminds us to embrace the things that make us different.

Anonymous OCTOBER 1, 2018
kermit is very wise

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 29, 2018
Love kermit!!!!! This billboard made my day! Want to frame it, keep it, share it! Awesome!

Avery B SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

Anonymous MARCH 28, 2018
I like this billboard mostly because I love Kermit my sister actually can talk like him

Anonymous FEBRUARY 14, 2018
I love Kermit

Kris from Lindale FEBRUARY 14, 2018
I Love it

Anonymous JANUARY 19, 2018
i like kermit the frog

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2018
I Like It

gage OCTOBER 25, 2017
like it

Anonymous OCTOBER 25, 2017
i like it

keith from Louisiana AUGUST 13, 2017
Like it

That Kid Nextdoor from Nextdoor MAY 22, 2017
I liked this one a lot. Live Your Dreams

Wardell Stephen Curry from Orinda California DECEMBER 8, 2016
"If you fall how you are you wont know how getting up is like"


Kermit The Frog from Hollywood OCTOBER 17, 2016
If I wasn't a character in the Muppets what would you do with out me?

Very helpful

keegan from oakwood OCTOBER 17, 2016
Kermit is sweet

Anonymous OCTOBER 12, 2016
this is great

Anonymous OCTOBER 12, 2016
Connecting great talent to great opportunities

brody nelson from crivitz, wi SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
i like it to

k from a SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
love it

spike from school  APRIL 27, 2016
hi kermit the frog how are you doing

john from harrisburg APRIL 27, 2016
i like it

Suzanne from Rehoboth Beach, DE APRIL 18, 2016
I saw this driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike---It is a statement that supports no matter who you are you are worthy of having and living your dreams. What a funny, simple, yet very profound message from the endearing Kermit the Frog.. You are absolutely correct in that he continues to connect and be part of each generation.This is one billboard I will never forget!

John from Hilliard, OH JANUARY 17, 2016
Thanks to Jim Henson and Pass It On.

Michael from Irvine, Ca. DECEMBER 21, 2015
I love your good work!

Melisa from Philippines  NOVEMBER 22, 2015
Kermit exists because of Jim Henson's kind of childhood. He grew up in a KIND and CHEERFUL environment that encouraged and supported and appreciated CREATIVITY. I think there will be more Jim Hensons and Kermit-like people in the world if parents make their homes a lot like Jim Henson's.

kirmit the frog from hollywood NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Kaela from Florida NOVEMBER 3, 2015
Awesome. I love the Muppets

Anonymous OCTOBER 21, 2015
Ha Kermit the frog!

Eva Bottchenbaugh from Big cove near Mingo falls OCTOBER 8, 2015
I love Kermit and I'm only 9 years old.

Eva from Big cove near Mingo falls OCTOBER 8, 2015
I love you and your friends.

emmy from bryson city OCTOBER 8, 2015
i love you kermit

Eva from Big cove near Mingo falls OCTOBER 8, 2015
Keep on your dreams Kermit the frog.

Kathy from Home SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
Saw this while driving the expressway

Erica from m.w SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
:) :) ;) ;)

erica from w.m SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
you rock.

Bev from Topeka Kansas SEPTEMBER 3, 2015
I love the muppets and I am over 65. Jim Henson got it right when when he created them . They appeal to kids and adults and always teach a lesson as well as entertain.

Sabrah from PA AUGUST 31, 2015
It's inspiring to know that Jim Henson's creation of Kermit was derived from such a loving and accepting upbringing. There is something very simple, yet overlooked mostly in todays society about Kermit the Frog. Acceptability and kindness at its best

lol :D haha!:p

NULL from NULL JANUARY 22, 2015
KERMIT!!!!! -KatieBenham

Hoope from greenbay APRIL 22, 2014
I love Kermit alot

Miranda from School APRIL 17, 2014

Riffsix from School APRIL 17, 2014

Kiana from Angola, IN APRIL 7, 2014
I LOVE your muppets movies and I can't wait to watch Muppet Most Wanted.

Leonard Thomas from New York APRIL 3, 2014
Yea, live your dream

Alicia from Philadelphia MARCH 27, 2014
When I saw this ad as I walked oass a bus stop i immediately captured a oic and shared it with everyone close to me. Now I received uplifting quotes daily from your company. Thank you!

Chris from Diamond Bar  MARCH 24, 2014
I like Kermit the frog, but I never watch the movie before.

jake jordon from new hyde park ny JANUARY 11, 2014
Muppets most wanted in theater's march 21st

hugh from MN NOVEMBER 6, 2013

Danna from Rocky Mount, North Carolina NOVEMBER 4, 2013
I did not know Kermit dates miss piggy

Caleb from Minnetonka,MN OCTOBER 22, 2013
I LOVE KERMIT!!!!!!!!!

Linda from San Francisco OCTOBER 20, 2013
I love Kermit. He's my hero! I'd love a poster of this one.

Ethan Smith from Tokyo, Japan SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Kermit is really good-looking... does anybody have his number????

Andres from Chelsea, London, UK SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
I can confirm that it is true (despite the fact that I never made it to Hollywood). Thank you for reminding me of that.

Donna from Potosi, WI SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
My husband saw this while driving semi and disappointed when it was changed. I would love to have this billboard for the side of our barn. It would definitely make everyone smile! We love it.

Crystal Pool from Bear Creek NC JUNE 12, 2013
I would like to have this poster for my classroom.

alex from nora JUNE 10, 2013
cool aswome wanna be is what he is

Jill from Newfoundland,Canada  JUNE 8, 2013
I saw this bill board at Edmonton Airport. It made me smile, but also every few seconds someone else would see it and smile. I took a photo and sent it to my 23 year old son, who laughed. Here am I today, on your website thinking the world is a better place. Thanks.

Carol Johnson from Reno NV MAY 16, 2013
I LOVE the Kermit billboard. Each time I drove past I had to laugh out loud. I miss it on East Highway 80

john from school MAY 16, 2013

maddie from nemeth APRIL 17, 2013
Cool I feel like I can do anything now.

simmon from on a cruise MARCH 25, 2013
While on my cruise I got bored and came across this website. I looked at this bilboard and thought Jim Henson changed the way we look at our problems. He taught us that bad things can happen but you can overcome them.

lashanda from rogers ar FEBRUARY 20, 2013
soooo cool

Tyanna from Clarion, Pa JANUARY 18, 2013
Kermit is my hero! He has inspired me through my years, I'm only 13. I loved seeing him on TV, my mom, my sister, and me love him! He has inspired me to follow my dreams. To keep doing what I love, which is drawing.

Maggie from Wisconsin DECEMBER 16, 2012
I love the muppet show and Kermit! He's soooooo funny and entertaining :)

Johan from Londerzeel, Flanders (Belgium) SEPTEMBER 6, 2012
The very first "advertising" poster I saw, when we landed on NJ Liberty Airport. It really made my day and actually... even much more! Go Kermit!

Kat from Lex+3rd JUNE 16, 2012
This poster was at a bus stop I walked pass on my way to work on a Saturday. Very encouraging in a green, warm, fuzzy way. Awesome.

Sher from Ohio MAY 30, 2012
Saw this in the Tucson AZ airport after an emotionally exhausting visit with my aged father. Totally got me laughing and feeling much better! Go Kermit!!!

john from ny APRIL 28, 2012
I saw this billboard sign on the way to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. I had laughed, as it was the funniest thing I ever saw. It was great to see Kermit in the advertising media again.

Judy from Darlington APRIL 25, 2012
I love this billboard so much I took a photo of it for my screen saver. There are so many anoying ads out there...AGAIN I LOVE THIS ONE...hats off to the person(s) who came up with it!!!

Vicky from Redding, Ca MARCH 23, 2012
Saw this Billboard a couple times while traveling in Arizona. It totally made my day! We need more feel good advertising in our lives. Thank you!!!!!!

Skylar from Indiana MARCH 22, 2012
Awwww. I love Kermit <3 this billboard is sweet too. :)

Katie from New York MARCH 22, 2012
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rae from New York MARCH 22, 2012
I love you kermit!

Rae from Florida MARCH 21, 2012
Kermit is soooo cute!

Teresa Dichesare from Auburn, WA MARCH 15, 2012
Thank you so much to whomever created this billboard! It makes me smile everyday on my way to school to train for my dream job, after the mill I worked in for 27 years closed down right before Christmas! THANKS!

Tinker from Chico MARCH 13, 2012
I saw this billboard on the way to my chemotherapy appointments. At first every time I saw it, it made me laugh. What a great place for a happy billboard. Then the more I saw it, the more it got me thinking. Why Not. I'm completely recovered. I still have dreams and lots to do. I think Kermit helped me get better faster. It's a very inspirational and motivating billboard. I LOVE IT!!!

L. Borgens from Stockton, CA MARCH 1, 2012
"It's not easy being green..."

Cindy from Arizona FEBRUARY 1, 2012
Kermit the frog :D

Louise from Ottawa, Ontario- Canada FEBRUARY 1, 2012
I could not believe it when I opened this up. I found this same Kermit ad for when I was preparing my vision/dream board. In is in a place of prominence on my vision board. He looks so gentle, so dreamy and he makes me smile. It just fell it love with what it represents and how it was set up. I REALLY BELIEVE IN LIVING ONES' DREAMS AND PASSING IT ON.

Autumn from Alaska JANUARY 27, 2012
Kermit is so cool he is true to himself and doesn't hide who he really is. How's that saying go ? Be honest and true even to yourself and reach for your dreams they will happen will truth and perseverence.

Ty from NYC JANUARY 25, 2012
Kermit has always been an inspiration for me. From his song/line "Someday we'll find it the rainbow connection. The lovers the dreamers and me." to Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing keep pretending!" Love the ads you guys do!

John Wright from Raleigh, NC OCTOBER 20, 2011
Inspiration- that is the key to all that we do. I was having problems with seeing an idea that could lead to an insight on how to change myself, less known the world, but to hear this Kermit the Frog inspiration,has opened a line of communication with myself, that I can live my dreams and that changing the world is changing oneself.

SavtaSue from New Joisey OCTOBER 12, 2011
I have been pondering whether or not to quit my dead end job to pursue my dream and then I saw this billboard. Kermit the Frog gave me my answer!

Aaron from Illinois OCTOBER 3, 2011
Awesome! Gives me hope for a better future!

Anneliese from Arizona  SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
My Dad loves the Muppets! He even does an impression of Kermit the Frog; it is so funny.

sam from ut SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
I totally love this billboard!!!!! I never thought that following your dreams would b a value!!! Kermit the Frog is sooo amazing i loooooove him!!!

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