“Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

—Winston Churchill

Winston Spencer Churchill was born Nov. 30, 1874, in England. As a young man, he served in the British Army and continued his military career in various capacities until 1924. Simultaneously, he began his long career in government in 1900.

Churchill was elected and appointed to various positions over the next several years, beginning with his appointment as First Lord of the Admiralty in 1911, a position to which he was re-appointed just after the outbreak of World War II in 1939. In early May 1940, the Prime Minister of England resigned, and King George VI appointed Churchill to the position.

Early in the war, England's army suffered many losses, and Churchill faced a great deal of criticism. Through it all, one of the major contributions he made to eventual victory was his ability to inspire the British people to greater effort with his timely public broadcasts. A brilliant orator, he was a tireless source of strength to people experiencing the sufferings of the German bombing campaign.

On Oct. 29, 1941, Churchill made a speech at Harrow School, which he had attended as a youth. Part of the speech included the line, "Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." He also used the phrase, "Never, never, never give up" in his personal writing and correspondence.

Churchill lost his bid for re-election in 1945. Shortly thereafter, he suffered his first stroke. Yet he remained active in politics, returning to the Prime Minister position in 1951, until his health forced him to retire in 1956. Throughout his life he was an avid writer, even winning the Nobel Prize for Literature before his death on Jan. 24, 1965, and today he remains admired by many for his writings and speeches inspiring people to staunchly stand by their beliefs, against any odds.

Commitment. Pass It On!

This billboard about Commitment features Winston Churchill (1874-1965); British politician and statesman known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

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Anonymous FEBRUARY 24, 2019
This was my husbands go to quote during his fight with cancer.

Anonymous APRIL 9, 2018
Don’t give up

Anonymous APRIL 9, 2018
Because if you give up you will never do your dream

Isaac OCTOBER 6, 2016
Churchill is amazing

cacook from school SEPTEMBER 7, 2016
yeah never never give up!!

Alexander Sterczek from Chicago APRIL 17, 2016
Inspiring. Words of character and substance from a man who was where he was needed at the right time in history.

J Parker from Omaha OCTOBER 17, 2015
"Never give in" is the actual phrase from the speech. Alarming how frequently it is misquoted in Internet posters and products. This always provides a good lesson for my students in both writing and history. "Never give in" is drastically more powerful in its width and depth than "never give up."

zachary from michigan SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
i think this story is very inspirational

Nick from Texas JANUARY 10, 2014
I agree with Andrew.

Andrew from Texas JANUARY 9, 2014
What a great story.

Peter Moore from Ozark, AL MARCH 23, 2012
Being an aviator originally from Ulster, Northern Ireland in the UK of Great Britain; it was very inspirational to hear Sir Winston Churchill, such a Godly man who feared no one except God Himself hear this speech on a local radio station ~ "The Voice of the Wiregrass."

Stephanie from Indianapolis,IN MARCH 22, 2012
Anyone and everyone can be committed to something! Being committed means NEVER GIVING UP as Winston Churchill said. Stay strong throughout your journey, because in the end, it will all be worth it! :)

Cindy Leeson from South Africa AUGUST 12, 2011
Thank you also a favorite of mine...

Karen O'Connell from Tamarac, Fl MAY 28, 2010
My father always quoted this speech to my brothers, sister and I as children. It stayed with me and I never forgot it. Little did I know that the reason it always stuck with me was because it would become my mantra, my source of inspiration through two long tedious battles with breast cancer at 28 & 35. Now at 38, It my favorite quote on my FB page and it will forever be my battle cry as not just a survivor but an over-comer of breast cancer...I will NEVER, NEVER give up!

Lynda F from Waitakere NZ APRIL 27, 2010
You don't have to be a world leader to have 'Never give up' as your slogan. I'm an obscure housewife who has lived by that dictum and achieved great things because of it.

GHT from Birmingham APRIL 14, 2010

Collin M. from American Fork JANUARY 14, 2010
The world needs more leaders like this man.

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana AUGUST 29, 2009
Thanks in no small part to Churchill's tenacity, strength, and unwavering moral clarity, the rest of the world was freed from the boot of the dictator. He was truly a statesman's statesman.

Garrett T. from Oregon MAY 20, 2009
Commitment is an attribute that every person needs. It's something that shows a person's true character. (Winston Churchill is my hero)

L from Greensboro, NC APRIL 25, 2009
Its simply amazing how a billboard can offer inspiration! Thank you!

Lysa A . from France NOVEMBER 18, 2008
I love this add!!! Good luck for continued success!!!

Steve C from San Diego, CA NOVEMBER 16, 2008
I was driving home from Los Angeles to San Diego, depressed that my business idea wasn't working. I said to myself, "I give up"! Two minutes later I saw this billboard. It brought tears to my eyes. I didn't give up!

Andrew L. from Grafton, Ohio SEPTEMBER 18, 2008
This picture really impacted me. After attending a community college for a number of years longing to be a music student, I finally got accepted to the London Royal Academy of Music to study vocal performance. This was my life dream and, I thought, financially unattainable. One day I was really feeling down about it, and that is when I saw good old Churchill on a billboard. "Never, never, never give up" not in anything, great or small...the words started coming back to me. Then I realized here is an Englishman who has seen tougher times than I, who says I can't do this? I almost felt like he personally was encouraging me to come to his country. This billboard affected me dramatically indeed.

Teresa P. from Wolcott, CT AUGUST 19, 2008
As a 40 year old nursing student with four children, I pass this billboard on my way back from an hour long commute home from school. I pray that the billboard stays on Rte. 8 in Waterbury, CT at least until I graduate in May 2009. It was my special quote long before the billboard went up. It was on a bookmark I bought when I started nursing school. It also inspires my friend and classmate who travels with me. She is 21 and came to our country only 8 years ago, speaking no English she excelled in high school and is one of the nursing programs youngest and brightest. See what happens when you never give up?

Kendall J from Pismo Beach, CA APRIL 8, 2008
As a special education teacher this Winston Churchill quote has particular meaning to my students and me. When I explained the Blitzkrieg and the relentless nightly bombings of English citizens, my students gained a different perspective of their own personal challenges.

Louis F. from Norwalk, Connecticut USA JANUARY 22, 2008
This my favorite of your billboards. Thank you!

Anonymous JANUARY 2, 2008
I like this one. Thanks! And PEACE to all. It is my #1 New Year's wish.

Ali M from Philadelphia DECEMBER 11, 2007
I have this picture on my wall in my room and when I am having a tough time and always gives me hope.

Lauren T. from New York, USA OCTOBER 10, 2007
Peace! I love this billboard. We need more peace in the world. This encourages us to help to get peace in the world!

Targhee J. from Utah, USA AUGUST 19, 2007
Thank you for posting your billboards on I-15, Northern Utah. They were very inspiring during very difficult times. Gods Speed, Targhee James Wy. 213 U White Shoe Polish Play the Game Like A Champion

Anonymous JUNE 13, 2007
If only today's prominent politicians could be as wise, courageous, and eloquent as he.

W. C. from chicago, IL APRIL 9, 2007
Winston Churchill is cool!

Anonymous MARCH 2, 2007
Be all you can be

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