Courage (Muhammad Ali)
“It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.”

—Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was raised Cassius Clay in a small home in Louisville, Kentucky. From those humble beginnings neither he nor any observer at that time could have fathomed the path he would carve through life. He was a Golden Gloves champion at age 17, an Olympic gold medalist at age 18, and an undefeated heavyweight champion at age 22.

His fighting career began when, spurred by the theft of his prized new bicycle, he was out to get the person responsible. Ali was venting his anger at the local gym, when the perceptive policeman Joe Martin admonished, “You better learn to box first.” And box he did. Within a week he had his first match and first win. This feisty, 89-pound young man was ready to take on the world. And before his career in the ring ended, the world would know his name as the man crowned heavyweight champion three times—the greatest.

Outside of athletics, too, Ali never shirked at standing up for what he believed in. A prominent civil rights activist beginning in the 1960s, he took his conviction for draft evasion as a conscientious objector all the way to the Supreme Court, which overturned his conviction in 1971. He used his words as well as his fists, recording two spoken-word albums and an R&B song and earning two Grammy nominations; writing two autobiographies; and acting in several films and a Broadway musical.

Ultimately, his greatest fight was not in the ring. After beating the world’s toughest human opponents, it was Parkinson’s disease that would prove to be his final foe. In true Ali style, he met this challenge head on. Instead of shrinking from this difficulty, he stepped onto the world stage once more as a champion. His tireless work raising money to fight this debilitating disease inspired thousands and endeared him to a new generation of admirers around the world even beyond his death in 2016. As he was in the ring, he remains in our eyes—the greatest.

Courage. Pass It On!

This billboard about Courage features Muhammad Ali; boxer, Heavy-Weight Champion.

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Camden from Portage Indiana JANUARY 10, 2024
We can do this no matter what punch life throws at you

Fortnite from Floridia NOVEMBER 13, 2023

Anonymous NOVEMBER 13, 2023
Ali the G.O.A.T

Anonymous JANUARY 23, 2023
Very Physically and mentally strong balance

Acha Mercy from Nigeria MARCH 21, 2022
I love your work

Riley from river fall OCTOBER 12, 2021
it is cool how he was 17 when he was boxing then 18 when he was an Olympics then 22 when undrafted champion

Maggie from Walpole,MA JUNE 5, 2020
I love your billboards and quotes!

Rotimi Ogunwemimo from Abeokuta. Nigeria JULY 5, 2019
Ali. Truly the greatest. We ll continue to remember him

Anonymous NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Muhammad Ali was such a great man. He will be missed, and he will never be forgotten. R.I.P Ali

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2018
Very insperational

Anonymous OCTOBER 6, 2017

walon AUGUST 31, 2017

waylon AUGUST 31, 2017

someone on earth from somewhere on earth JUNE 4, 2017
what a great man athlete and friend R.I.P Ali

Kelsey Soper from St. James Middle School NOVEMBER 3, 2016
Never give up your dreams

Anonymous OCTOBER 31, 2016

Davian OCTOBER 18, 2016
R.I.P Ali

Dylan from Rines  SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
never give up on your dreams

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

unkown from johto reigon SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
ho accomplished life.

KAR from Not gonna say SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
This man was a good man, a great man. Strong, yet gentle. Fierce yet soft.

spencer from platteville SEPTEMBER 8, 2016
great story

no name from unknown school SEPTEMBER 8, 2016
this is a good story

he was good

Sunny from Peace of mind JULY 21, 2016
Ali was the world's greatest boxer and he was from the same city

Juan lopez from chinatown toronto, on JULY 20, 2016
This is pretty good because muhammed ali is a total g

A Fan from Laurel, MD JULY 17, 2016
When we call him "The Greatest" we're not just referencing boxing. We speak of his courage in & outside the ring, especially outside.

Delilah from MI APRIL 16, 2016
The Fighter Is Still Fighting. He Win Until The End!

Matthew from Green APRIL 4, 2016
Such courage

Fred from 43830 MARCH 2, 2016
Great man.

Anonymous JANUARY 14, 2016

Sam NOVEMBER 22, 2015
He is the boxer of all time! He still is a fighter!

alex from fenton NOVEMBER 3, 2015
awesome story

NULL from NULL JULY 6, 2015
He is the best in the world. That is all there is to say. Better that Mayweather.

Elijah from Junction City APRIL 28, 2014
You are a role model you will be in history nothing will ever stop you no matter what.

eliajh from JC,KS APRIL 28, 2014
your a hero to everybody

Michael from Miami JANUARY 29, 2014
The best boxer in the world!

Unknown from school JANUARY 29, 2014
He was awesome


Jeovanni from Ocean Academy SEPTEMBER 3, 2013
greatest fighter ever !!!!!!

chuckles from scranton  MAY 30, 2013
this is really good keep it up

guick from australia MAY 7, 2013
This website should do a profile on Neil Armstrong.

guick from school MAY 7, 2013
He's awesome and religious plus this website rocks!

guick from school MAY 7, 2013
Truly amazing!

David from Florida MARCH 10, 2013
This man was drafted during the Vietnam War. He did not believe in killing and refused to enter the Army. He did not flee the the US, he gave up his championship and served time in jail for what he believed in. I did not believe as he believed, I served 4 years but I have complete admiration for him standing up for what he believed in and paid the price while others fled. He is a true hero.

Dana F. from America MARCH 22, 2012
He's such an inspiratinal man. He promotes motivation, courage, determination, strength, etc. :)

tiana carr from school JANUARY 9, 2012
well i naver knew that much about him but now i do it was very interresting and know i know a little bit.

Max Wickershamer from Florida MAY 3, 2011
Very inspiring!

Ron Rigal from Ontario MARCH 28, 2011
A model to follow... The greatest fighter is the greatest man.

Renae.T from Colonie JANUARY 10, 2011
I love this website.

Carl S. from Lexington, SC MAY 21, 2010
I say the same thing as Tyler, cool.

Tyler F. from Lexington, SC MAY 20, 2010
This dude is the best BOXER in the world, I want to be him one day!!!!

Ashley, B from Texas MAY 17, 2010
You rock man!!!!!

Kirthishri M. V. from Bangalore, India NOVEMBER 3, 2009
This site is really doing a great job, keep it up. I wish this site's work will go on forever.

Doanldo O. Pena from BHHS MAY 19, 2009
He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!!!

Christy B. from Your Mom APRIL 6, 2009
This billboard is very correct. Discrimination and racism was a huge problem in a lot of African Americans lives and I'm very proud of him for sucking it up and doing what he loves even with all of the problems he faces.

Eric A. from Colorado Springs, Colorado FEBRUARY 24, 2009
I am glad that the people of the United States are starting to recognizing it's citizens as to what they truly are, color and beliefs aside - 'Americans'! No longer am I separated from others by race or creed or ethnicity. Pride only touches the surface of an emotion I have for knowing that this beautiful person is my 'brother.'

Mark M. from Fort Payne, AL DECEMBER 30, 2008
Only the greatest could inspire and encourage as he has done from a humble beginning to overcoming everything that has gotten in his way- not backing down but going forward taking all that he experienced in life to make him what he has become. Truly and inspiration to the world.

Terry from Arizona DECEMBER 9, 2008
I grew up in a prejudice household which could not, and chose not to understand Ali. Now that I have witnessed the type of man he is, I am ashamed. He is a great man that deserves nothing but respect.

Robert R. from Los Angeles, CA MAY 9, 2008
I also remember when Ali was the one who received the Olympic torch last and lit the flame at a recent Olympics. He indeed symbolizes greatness and is one among many great examples worth following presented here. Ordinary human beings who did extraordinary things.

Deborah A. from Fort Worth, TX APRIL 24, 2008
Ali's life as taught me that all things are possible, and not everyone will believe me; so I just continue to believe in myself.

William L. from Burnt Hills, New York USA MARCH 11, 2008
This site is so inspirational.

George S. from Kansas City, MO DECEMBER 14, 2007
Over six billion people are on this planet but individual paths guide us all.

Anonymous DECEMBER 11, 2007
Can I just say, this site is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

David K. from New York DECEMBER 7, 2007
He showed incredible courage opposing the unjust war in Vietnam. A true American hero.

Mel M. from Philippines NOVEMBER 18, 2007
His biggest fight is his battle with Parkinson's disease. The greatest fight he will have to endure in his lifetime!

Christopher A. from Dublin, Ireland SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Truly encouraging; someone to emulate.

Manasa M. from Nigeria AUGUST 23, 2007
Courage is everything.

Ellen K. from Massachusetts, USA AUGUST 9, 2007
Beautifully and intelligently done, with heart. Inspiring. Thank you!

Mdowsar from Syria JULY 21, 2007
He is a very good example for more generations to come. His story comply with the story of the ant, never tired of trying and re-trying to be on TOP scale.

Muthama S from Kikima, Kenya JULY 9, 2007
It tells me why I should have confidence and courage in life despite the challenges I encounter.

Tom E from Sacramento, California USA JUNE 15, 2007
Ali is The Greatest - more because of life outside the ring than in - we may never know the many acts of kindness he performed

Sara from Bahrain MAY 29, 2007
I like it

Dimitris V from Greece MAY 23, 2007
Perfect! Very Very nice work!

Tugay Tunaboylu MAY 2, 2007

YF from London APRIL 28, 2007
The greatest of them all...

Anonymous MARCH 21, 2007
really inspiring....these little stories charge u up when u r at the ebb of life!!!

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