Believe in yourself shrek

In the movie "Shrek" the main character wins the heart of the princess by believing in himself despite the opinions of others. Shrek knows that he is not just an ugly, mean ogre; there is much more to him than that. By not doubting himself, Shrek saves the princess from her imprisonment and wins her heart. It is only by believing in himself that Shrek has the courage and self-confidence to succeed.

Believe In Yourself. Pass It On!

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austin SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
you always believe in your self and he saved the princess from her imprisonment.


Nancy from Wenonah NJ JUNE 2, 2020
I have seen that Shrek movie lots of times and love this Billboard

Anonymous APRIL 17, 2020
believe in YOURSELF you are all good enough!!!😇

Wow MAY 14, 2019

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