Believe In Yourself

In the movie "Shrek" the main character wins the heart of the princess by believing in himself despite the opinions of others. Shrek knows that he is not just an ugly, mean ogre; there is much more to him than that. By not doubting himself, Shrek saves the princess from her imprisonment and wins her heart. It is only by believing in himself that Shrek has the courage and self-confidence to succeed.

Believe In Yourself. Pass It On!

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Aaron AUGUST 15, 2022
don"t judge people on how hey look

Anonymous AUGUST 15, 2022
i believe

Anonymous AUGUST 15, 2022
i love peace

Stacie from 987 Joyner loop road 72086 JULY 11, 2021
Shriek I like the movie and there is much more to him than that by not doubting himself

austin SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
you always believe in your self and he saved the princess from her imprisonment.


Nancy from Wenonah NJ JUNE 2, 2020
I have seen that Shrek movie lots of times and love this Billboard

Anonymous APRIL 17, 2020
believe in YOURSELF you are all good enough!!!😇

Wow MAY 14, 2019

Anonymous JANUARY 25, 2019
im a beliver

??? from ??? FEBRUARY 27, 2018
Don't judge just love!

Alison from yoncalla MAY 17, 2017
This movie reminds myself that always try

Anonymous DECEMBER 8, 2016
i like this article

Iwuvfnaf! DECEMBER 6, 2016
Ever heard the saying don't judge a book by it's cover?!

Bob from Big Mac  MARCH 31, 2016
Just wow like wow like just wow

Anonymous FEBRUARY 26, 2016
dont judge people

leeyah from green ancker point AUGUST 28, 2014
don"t judge people on how hey look

Donkey from Swamp with Shrek APRIL 8, 2014
Shrek is my best friend!

Sam from Mooresville MARCH 24, 2014
the movie is great and the best thing is that the princess was an ogre in disguise

Andy Le from Lakewood, Colorado OCTOBER 18, 2013

Marco Antonio from Brazil AUGUST 9, 2013
Believing in myself and in my potential is just what I need to be successful with women. This is what my psychologist says and I fully agree with her.

Benshane from Philippines AUGUST 5, 2013
It is really good movie,i like it. I'd really like the way they meet each other.

Matthew Qunicy Brown from Brooklyn, NY USA JULY 1, 2013
I liked the happy ending. He had confidence in himself to save that princess...and now she is his wife !

mimi from ohio JUNE 10, 2013
i loved that movie!

alex from nora JUNE 10, 2013
aswome cool

ariel jackson from east ledbetter MAY 17, 2013
This is a nice website thank who ever thought of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

james Lin from taiwan MAY 17, 2013
good news!

Jana from Texas MAY 14, 2013
If we were all more like Shrek, the sad thing is though most of us are afraid of loosing what was never ours to begin with so we compromise.

Zak meiser from Cincinnati APRIL 25, 2013
Shrek is an American bad boy.

john from ct MARCH 22, 2013
I <3 Shrek!

thomas from logan FEBRUARY 22, 2013
I am a big fan the four shrek movies.

Lori from Kentucky JULY 16, 2012
Shrek is my favorite! Love this billboard so much. This is great for children of all ages to relate to.

Sean Hoo from Changchun Jilin China MARCH 25, 2012
It`s really inspiring

Bridget from Delta state FEBRUARY 7, 2012
I am encouraged now than before

Kaitlen from South Jordan OCTOBER 19, 2011
It's really amazing how a few little words can change someone's attitude about life completely. So this is to all you people out there: Smile, you never no who is watching.

Bud from St.Joseph, MO MAY 13, 2011
Shrek is the best he is funny.

Mark from Rochester APRIL 13, 2011
Shrek is my favorite animated character.

mackenziehickmott from owosso JANUARY 31, 2011
I went to see Shrek the movie it was funny. I laughed so much.

mackenziehickmott from owosso JANUARY 31, 2011
I love Shrek!

Alivia Hamady from Owosoo, Michigan JANUARY 31, 2011
I love Shrek! He's my favorite green guy ever!!

Angel from Lexington JANUARY 25, 2011
Taking Flight One Day At A Time

Victoria E. from Whittier, CA NOVEMBER 15, 2010
In today's society teens really need to realize this and believe in themselves, like Shrek:) and I am one of these teens. I am on my way to believing like Shrek:)

Danisa L. from Rauch, Argentina OCTOBER 31, 2010
Shrek is a very good example to show society that beauty is not important to be happy.

danilo torres G. from Philippines OCTOBER 11, 2010
Knowing yourself is understanding yourself and follows healing yourself.

Bob C from Quebec JUNE 1, 2010

Gabbi from Californa APRIL 19, 2010
I love Shrek!

Donna Mc from Baltimore MARCH 29, 2010
This ecard epitomizes my husband perfectly. In fact, I have often compared him to Shrek. And he does believe in himself, he tries every day to better himself and our lives.

Fredy Cougar from Washington DC FEBRUARY 23, 2010
SHREK RULES!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SHREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey H. from 661 baby FEBRUARY 10, 2010
I like this one because there are so many people in this world who don't believe in themselves. Maybe for once they should try it. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BE A BELIEVER.

Kate A. from Penn Manor HIgh School DECEMBER 16, 2009
Awesome. Very very awesome.

Michele G. from Michigan DECEMBER 14, 2009
My boss died suddenly this past week, leaving a big hole in our organization. Driving up to his funeral, I saw this billboard -- and it reminds me so much of him that it made me smile, and continues to do so. He was an over achiever that always worked to support the rest of us believing in ourselves. Thank you for giving me a neat way to remember him.

Conrad C. from Tanzania NOVEMBER 30, 2009
Brilliant ...totally brilliant.

Hunter J. from Conway, SC NOVEMBER 19, 2009
I really like these quotes. I like the one about Shrek; once I saw that one I can believe in myself.

Perla G. from Los Angeles, California NOVEMBER 6, 2009
This billboard not only brings a smile to my face, but it reminds me to believe in myself..

Colt C from Rapid City, SD NOVEMBER 4, 2009
This is an amazing way to reach out to children and adults alike.

Maria M. from Bakersfield, CA OCTOBER 22, 2009
I love this one because I'm a grouch so if Shrek can do it! I can too!

Stella T. from Oregon, Portland OCTOBER 8, 2009
Believe In Yourself means that you have faith- you also can feel confidence about doing something. For example, Shrek believed that he would be with the princess... and he did by believing in himself.

Nicole C. from Bakersfield,CA MAY 22, 2009
I really liked this billboard of Shrek... he is awesome and he didn't believe that he would fall in love with the princess.....

Jimmy U. from Oregon, Usa MAY 20, 2009
When you believe you can do and put yourself to the test, you`d be surprised to see what you can accomplish.

Josue M. MAY 18, 2009
He believed he wasn't ugly. We shouldn't believe what other people say because it makes you feel bad and lose confidence in yourself.

Mili C. from Jefferson City, Missouri MAY 18, 2009
Let's believe in ourselves. Don't worry about what other people think or say about you. There are too many things to explore in this world and we don't have that much time. Life is shorter than what we imagine. Live life and stop worrying about other people's comments. TRUST YOURSELF...THAT'S THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT!!!

Crissy M. from CA MAY 17, 2009
He not only wins the princess by believing in himself, but he shows her how to believe in herself as well and sees the beauty in her no one else could. Now that's truly passing it on.

JOYCE P. from PA MAY 17, 2009
Every morning on my way to work I see this billboard of Shrek - it gives me the confidence I need every day!

Ricard from Coruna, Spain MAY 5, 2009
Wow this is really amazing, we do need to believe in ourselves and not care what other people think of us!

Katherine A. APRIL 27, 2009
This message is true!

Emily B. from Montana APRIL 16, 2009
My teacher started the school year challenging us to be "ogre achievers" and to try our best at everything.

Patrick H. from Centura, Nebraska APRIL 6, 2009
I really believe in this story because you shouldn't let your appearance effect your greatness as a person. You shouldn't doubt yourself. There is too much in life to explore than to sit around worrying about what people think you are.

J.G. from Arkansas FEBRUARY 13, 2009
It is realy good to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you can do anything you can set your mind to.

W.D. from Renfrew, Ontario, Canada JANUARY 12, 2009
I am a grade 7 in Ontario, Canada. Our class posted all the posters around our school. We thought that it was a better way to make everyone in our school think hard. It was also a better way to make everyone respect each other.

James S. from Nacogdoches, TX, USA NOVEMBER 21, 2008
Every thing is worth trying, but if you do mess up and fail all you do is get back up and try harder.

Mitchell O NOVEMBER 4, 2008
I like Shrek.

Kaleigh B from Adams OCTOBER 22, 2008
I accept Rachael's Challenge and appreciate what you do as well.

Karen BW from Saginaw, MI OCTOBER 2, 2008
Believing in ones self is important. Words of encouragement do not always come when we need them from others and that in itself can cause a person to feel defeated.

Prameela from India JANUARY 4, 2008
I will believe in myself from today this page & comments inspire me. Thanks guys! Keep in mind always believe in yourself.

Atasha E. from Toronto, Canada NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Wow this is really amazing, we do need to believe in ourselves and not care what other people think of us!

Ennar A. from Caracas, Venezuela NOVEMBER 2, 2007
True confidence is based on the stone of respect and love. Love others and you will live in self confidence, because when you dare to believe in others you will receive it back from all them!

Clarence H. from Vassar, MI, USA OCTOBER 3, 2007
Believing in yourself is one of the most important things in life, because if you don't who will?

Debbie from Indiana, USA SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
I raised my 2 children (now 31 & 26) that belief comes from within. And as long as they believed in themselves they would succeed in whatever they wanted to do. It's happening as I breath! Shrek your the MAN!

Tongai David M. from Zimbabwe SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
Shrek is an inspiration when you feel the urge to build your are amazing!!!

Lauren T. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 19, 2007
I love Shrek!!

Ally M. from Albany, New York USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
I love you Shrek!

Ally G. from Boone, North Carolina USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
I love this!

Lauren H. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
oh my gosh!! i love shreck!!:)

Jackline C.S. from Kericho, Kenya SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
I love the confidence that Shrek has, we ought to believe in ourselves to achieve greater things. Shrek is just beautiful/handsome inwardly.

Kofi A. from Kumasi, Ghana SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
There's not a better inspirer in this world than inspiring yourself everyday that with 100% attitude "there's nothing I can't do"; irrespective of my present predicament.

Shankar D. from Bangalore, India SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Belief in yourself should be so strong that nothing in this world can shake your faith. Then nothing in this world can stop you.

Eghosa E from Nigeria JUNE 19, 2007
It's a statement that inspires hope and brought out the fire in me.

Flora A from Texas, USA JUNE 4, 2007
love it!

Tina H. from North Carolina, USA JUNE 4, 2007
I am a 7th grader in North Carolina and your Shrek poster is really inspiring.

Allison W from California, USA MAY 29, 2007
I love this is so cool because I LOVE Shrek!

b.c. from ontario MAY 23, 2007
Shrek is truly inspirational and believes in himself for sure

Nair, p from Armenia MAY 15, 2007
Shrek character speaks of his soul. I think this cartoon teaches us that beauty lies within not outside. Love you, Shrek very much!

Becky G. from Connecticut MAY 14, 2007
Shrek is my absolute favorite movie. And this just makes me love it more. An animated movie can have so much meaning. As silly as it sounds, Shrek is an inpiration to me.

ojuolape k. from nigeria MAY 8, 2007
This is really cool! It's not about your apearance, it's about what you carry.

Chioma Ike from Nigeria MAY 7, 2007
The funny looking face passed a message to me. That no matter who you are, your looks, locality, colour, etc the best thing to do is to believe in yourself and you will surely achieve what you want to achieve.

Gaylord Tanjuan Gonzales from Manila MAY 7, 2007
It's not about your looks! It's all about believing in yourself!


jade seguban from Philippines APRIL 21, 2007
Oh last...I'm so thankful I see this site

ricky from india APRIL 20, 2007
ugly face with a lovely smile...something about the eyes I guess

pavi p from singapore APRIL 19, 2007
This one is my favourite one of all! I love Shrek!

Laurie B. APRIL 1, 2007
Sitting here on Sunday morning watching CNN with my son. He commented that the world is full of lots of bad people so I said, well that is what the media wants you to believe. Brought him to this website to show him all the good stuff happening in the world. [...] THANK YOU - keep up the positive work - I would love to learn how to help as I truly believe if we spread news about all the good stuff going on in our world versus the bad stuff - our world could only be a better place!

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2007
Gotta love Shrek .... thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous MARCH 1, 2007
I spotted the SHREK - BELEIVE IN YOURSELF Billboard on the Atlantic City New Jersey Boardwalk. It looks fabulous!!!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 16, 2007
I really like these messages. They add a light in my day.

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