Overcoming (Adam Bender)
“Let us play!”

—Adam Bender

Adam Bender is an amazing example of the value of "overcoming." His story, told in his own words, spotlights his tenacity:

"My name is Adam Bender. I am a 10-year-old cancer survivor, and also a sports enthusiast.

“When I was born, I had a large tumor in my left thigh, and I had to have my leg amputated at the hip when I was a year old. Because of this, my parents didn't know if I would ever be able to participate in sports. At an early age, I began to show an interest in sports and chose to start with soccer. I quickly learned to adapt my style of play with my crutches and never looked back! Next I decided to give baseball a try, and thanks to some wonderful coaches, I found another sport I loved. These two sports helped me make many friends and learn to be part of a team. The desire to try new things led me to challenge myself with flag football, where I played quarterback for two seasons. I've also started wrestling, and just this winter, I won the state championship for my age and weight. I love playing on a team and I am thankful that my parents have allowed me to go after my dreams.

“I hope that when others see me play, they will be aware that a physical challenge can be overcome when you have the desire and you believe in yourself. My wish is that all children, no matter what their ability, who want to play sports be given the chance. With the help of my family, I want to start an organization that will help kids with physical challenges be able to participate in sports. In my own words, ‘Let us play!’"

Overcoming. Pass It On!

This billboard about Overcoming features Adam Bender; athlete, cancer survivor.

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Your Comments
casey from 120 River Bend Dr Georgetown, TX MARCH 4, 2021
great speech

Anonymous OCTOBER 8, 2020
you are such an inspiration

Drew from Denver calorado AUGUST 24, 2020
I play baseball my self and I have never known an athlete with your confidence

Marvin Cooper from 098djewq APRIL 16, 2020

Jenna Herritt from Kent state APRIL 14, 2020
Great tribute. And also Adam,you're the best.

wi SEPTEMBER 9, 2019
woohoo, great job

Savannah from WI SEPTEMBER 6, 2019
i think that he is an amazing, and talented boy for his age'

Savannah from WI SEPTEMBER 6, 2019
he is a strong boy for his age

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 5, 2019
he has quite the insperational talent

Mikiah C. from WI SEPTEMBER 4, 2019

Jackson from IA MARCH 7, 2019
he is awesome

Jackson from IA MARCH 7, 2019
he is awesome on what happened to him and he keeped playing baseball

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Great man

Baker from city APRIL 26, 2018

Anonymous JANUARY 11, 2018
I think the lesson of this billboard is always set a goal for yourself, and don't stop. A young boy Adam Bender- his goal was to play baseball with cancer, and one leg, and he set his goal, and didn't give up. that's why I picked this billboard. I picked this billboard because I read this billboard, and I feel like he makes goals, and don't give up, and thats what I do. I think the message of this billboard is be brave even if you see bullying, and you want to stop.

Anonymous JANUARY 9, 2018
Its so impressive how he can play all those sports

Anonymous DECEMBER 19, 2017
Great hard work and determination!!!

anomyus FEBRUARY 9, 2017

kymora from austintownmiddleschool DECEMBER 8, 2016
u are a brave boy

Anonymous NOVEMBER 11, 2016

Kali from Kirklin OCTOBER 31, 2016
So so sad

Virginia from Virginia  OCTOBER 30, 2016
Let Us Play!!!! Amazing!!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 18, 2016
you are an inspiration!!! Keep up the faith and good work!

Maya D. from Anonymous OCTOBER 13, 2016
Never give up

Anonymous OCTOBER 13, 2016
Your story is very inspiring for us all. Thank you very much!

Marianna from New York OCTOBER 3, 2016
You are amazing!!!!!!!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 3, 2016
You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 3, 2016
You really inspire me, keep being you

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 7, 2016
Good luck Adam Bender

kenny from ny SEPTEMBER 7, 2016

Mazook from Boca Raton, FL  AUGUST 14, 2016
This is a real Hero...! Let him PLAY....!

robert jenner from Oklahoma JULY 16, 2016
Wow your story is very inspiring to me andi am sure anyone who reads this stay strong

lance from philippines JULY 7, 2016

Jeremiah Jung from Evergreen Elementary School APRIL 18, 2016
One word: wow. just wow. Amazing. cool. epic. keep trying. (That wasn't exactly one word.)

Anonymous APRIL 3, 2016

Anonymous MARCH 31, 2016
this is amazing

syncer from two river ms MARCH 17, 2016
you are the best person ever

syncer from 360 canida MARCH 17, 2016
i am so sorry

Aaliyah from Sunniside middle school DECEMBER 15, 2015
This is an amazing one

logan from idk DECEMBER 10, 2015
this is very inspiring and it will drive me farther with my athletic abilities

Kayelene from Massllon,Ohio NOVEMBER 3, 2015
this is sad but your parents must be proud

Jordan from Baltimore,Maryland NOVEMBER 2, 2015
this is inspiring Adam you have done lots and your a awesome kid.ge better and have a wonderful life

Jordan Corley from CMMS OCTOBER 8, 2015
pretty cool

max from chicago SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
your a very special kid

Erica from M.W SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
you inspire people Adam hope you get better :) ;)

hunter ingram from JS SEPTEMBER 11, 2015
you are so awsome

Jay from Belton, tx SEPTEMBER 9, 2015
you are awesome

NULL from NULL MARCH 26, 2015
Hey Adam; I was born with my right-side weaker than my left-side. You are so cool, nothing stops you !! I want to shake your hand so bad. Lefties are Awesome !!! Keep your head Up, and keep on Rolling, Your Doing Great !!!

mickyela from Tampa Florida AUGUST 20, 2014
I think he was brave enough to do that

Ed Bonchak from Euclid, Ohio MAY 29, 2014
You are INCREDIBLE Adam. I coach a 6 & 7 year old "Mighty Mites" baseball team where I live. I hope to share your story with them next time we lose a game or don't play well. Your determination and never give up attitude is inspiring!

madason from pulaski wi APRIL 22, 2014
amazing story kid

Eric from The Heart APRIL 20, 2014
Adam, if you lived near me, I bet we could be best friends. My baseball team, before every game, sit down and say some kind stuff and just wish you the best. You are, my hero. Everyone on my team looks up to you. Just think about that. Your just a kid, and we look to you. You are a hero.

Zoey from Angola  APRIL 17, 2014
So inspiring

Miranda from School APRIL 16, 2014

Miranda from School APRIL 16, 2014
Wow this is the most courageous little man I have ever seen you are a hero I play softball and I'm good at it but you Adam Bender are a true hero and a true athlete thank you for all you have done for the world Adam YOU ROCK :D :P :3 :) :p

Cienna from School FEBRUARY 14, 2014
Ur so brave for still playin

samantha from !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEBRUARY 3, 2014
you are an amazing little boy and i also love baseball!:) you are an inspiration everwhere!

rebecca from ??????? FEBRUARY 3, 2014
you are sooo inspiring and i think that is alot to go through at such a young age. you are a trooper for sure.

fiona from mississauga NOVEMBER 28, 2013
this is a very inspiring billboard

lorin from CT NOVEMBER 16, 2013
your so amazing you inspired me

Bella from pa NOVEMBER 12, 2013
I feel so bad. your a hero, Adam!

melinda from utah NOVEMBER 10, 2013
You have an amazing story. I love that you are making a difference, and overcoming your obstacles

Bella from lancaster NOVEMBER 6, 2013
Soooo touching

sadie from houma OCTOBER 15, 2013
he is very nice

Jimmy from CT OCTOBER 7, 2013
This is very inspiring and very emotional!

Barbara from Primos, PA OCTOBER 3, 2013
My students are researching people who have overcome obstacles in their lives. You are a great example to whom they can relate! Thank you!

Maya from Platteville SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
U have so much bravery!

kaylynn from michigan SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
you are awesome!!!

Nck shailes from Australia AUGUST 9, 2013
You are a true inspiration to me and adam folkard, and our hill united chiefs team as we work towards a world title this week. You have reminded us what we all play for! Thank you

Eli from south carolina MAY 28, 2013
I can believe that I can do anything with this poster. you guys help everyone anywhere,no matter what.

vashana from conway,sc MAY 28, 2013
you are a brave survivor you don't care what anyone says about you , you just go for what you believe in

kwaidan from twff MAY 23, 2013
bro u r awesome

Saige from Two Rivers Magnet Middle School MARCH 25, 2013
This is a very inspiring story and teaches us all to overcome our problems.

emily felix from trmms MARCH 22, 2013
You are awesome to all!

moises rivera from Two rivers magnet middle MARCH 22, 2013
Reminds me of Marlon Shirley.

brandon from trmms MARCH 21, 2013

BB from US MARCH 20, 2013

baylee d. from lebanon missouri FEBRUARY 10, 2013
It's cool that you play all these sports but how? I mean do you have a prostetic leg, because if you do that's awesome.

Ellie from TRMMS FEBRUARY 4, 2013
This is very inspiring to anyone, especially me because he is only 10 years old.I can't believe he would be able to do all of those sports. Go Adam!

AJ from Two Rivers School FEBRUARY 4, 2013
You are very inspiring and I hope all people with cancer follow their dreams like you did.

Matthew J. Willoughby from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming JANUARY 12, 2013
Adam, Stand Tall; Never Give Up !! I want to shake your hand (were both left-handed) I hope to meet you in the future !! (SO PROUD OF YOU)

Matthew J. Willoughby from Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming JANUARY 12, 2013
Adam, You are the most driven,outgoing and inspirational boy I know; It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you can do it. I wanted you to know that I was born unable to fully use my right-hand, I use my right-hand to help out with my left-hand; and I have been doing that my whole life. I have watched the youtube videos, that baseball comes out of your left-hand faster than a bullet out of a gun; I'm Proud of You !!! I'll never let anything stop me after seeing you live your life. I want to shake your hand so bad (and were both left-handed) Good Luck with the organization; I would also like to meet you.

Alexia from muskegon MI DECEMBER 17, 2012
You are so brave and a inspiration!

Liz Holmes from Lawrenceburg KY NOVEMBER 25, 2012
Adam, we miss you guys. I know you were born to be great. I am so excited to see these billboards and posters. I am also proud to know you. Keep it up buddy.

Lexy jesness from Detroit lakes, minnesota NOVEMBER 5, 2012
People like you are angels from above that make every persons' life a little better no matter who they are.

John Sarna from Route 39, Illinois JUNE 8, 2012
Just saw the billboard today with my two children in the back seat. I had the pleasure of telling them how I presented you with the Bo Jackson Courage Award at the Pitch & Hit Club of Chicago's Awards Dinner a few years back. My children learned a valuable lesson today, just as I did at the dinner. Keep it up Adam, you are a true inspiration.

Michael Conrad from Portland, Oregon MAY 20, 2012
Adam, I saw your picture today and you remind me of me at your age. I was 11 when I lost my leg to bone cancer. I am now 57 and have been cancer free for 46 years, Praise the Lord. I too played baseball,water-skied, basketball,scuba dived and many other sports. I wear a artificial leg all the time and I have worked as a carpenter and a contractor, I climb ladders, and do most all I desire to do (within reason). You have a great life ahead of you, enjoy it with God's help. your fellow AK amputee.

Austin from Indiana MARCH 23, 2012
I thought this is inspiring to all of the kids and adults who are going through the same (or similar) thing as this young man.

Rae from New York MARCH 22, 2012
So touching.

Robert from Raleigh, NC MARCH 7, 2012
I just saw this billboard today on I-40W in Raleigh, NC. It immediately caught my eye because our daughter (now 2 years old) was born with no right leg and only about 40% of her left arm. When I saw this billboard I was actually on my way to work after meeting with my daughter's physical therapist and prosthetist. What an awesome way to start the day. As with Adam's parents, we've had unending questions of what our daughter will or won't be able to do. I love seeing things like this that keep us looking at the unknowable future with hope and enthusiasm. On a related note, when I was leaving the ultrasound meeting when we first found out about her limb issues 2+ years ago, I heard an interview on the radio about a teen who was going blind and about his triumphs at the Paralympics.

Rachel Hampton from Lexington,Kentucky FEBRUARY 27, 2012
Your cousin Sebastian saw your billboard in California today. He sent me the link on facebook. You are awesome Adam, and such an inspiration to others!

Stephanie R. from Manchester, CT FEBRUARY 10, 2012
Dear Adam, You are very inspiration to other people around the world even to me.

kimberly from Idao m. JANUARY 24, 2012
Adam you are a brave kid and inspiration to others keep doing what is best for the world i hope more people will be like you thanks so munch.

rylee from oshawa ontario DECEMBER 28, 2011
adam. you were very brave to play sports with 1 leg! we dont have a cure for cancer but i know we'll find one soon!!!

Terry from Pace, Florida NOVEMBER 24, 2011
You are a rock, Adam. Inspiration can be contagious! ... and has the ability to affect others in so many positive ways. I was diagnosed 11-22-11 with Multiple Myeloma

Pepper from Florida NOVEMBER 17, 2011
Kid, you're amazing.

Maomi Chu from Denton, TX OCTOBER 19, 2011
You are a real inspiration for so many people. Especially with swimming, I had many obstacles, but none as drastic like this. Good luck kid!

Maomi Chu from Denton, TX OCTOBER 19, 2011
This makes me thing long and hard about the obstacles I've had to face with swimming and it doesn't compare to losing a leg! I hope all goes well for your athletic career.

emma from ontario,canada OCTOBER 11, 2011
I wish people would find a cure for cancer, but I know that one day we will!

Kayla Casperson from Denton, TX SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
It's really awesome that you overcame your obstacles. It shows that all you need is determination and you can get through anything.

Shannon Finley from Denton, TX SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
Such an inspirational story, it's so awesome that you overcame your obstacle and can show the world that if you try you can acheive anything!

Hector A. from Wyoming Street-El Paso, Texas SEPTEMBER 26, 2011
At the age of 65 and facing the reality of dealing with prostate cancer, Adam's billboard caught my attention today, 09-26-11, giving me the inspiration that with God's help, I will also be able to throw a curve ball and Overcome prostate cancer!

Loren A. from El Paso Tx SEPTEMBER 26, 2011
This is a beautiful story and I can kind of relate because I LOVE sports. I am so lucky that i havent had any major problems and your story really makes me realize how much I take this for granted. Im so glad that everything worked out for you. I hope that you and your family can start your organization. Im very inspired, thank you!

Gina from Julian CA SEPTEMBER 22, 2011
Hi Adam, I saw your billboard in Ramona California. I am glad to know your story, and I wish you all the best in your future. You are a great example of overcoming physical challenges to live life to the fullest!

Marilyn M. from Frankfort, KY SEPTEMBER 3, 2011
I knew you when you were younger, and you had a zest, joy and plain old joyful energy for life that makes all around you smile and be happier. Way to go, young man!

Bruce Goldie from Oakville, Ontario, Canada AUGUST 4, 2011
Inspiration, determination, and desire define who you are Adam. You will make a lot of people take note of their ability in life no matter what their challenges. Way to go! I look forward to hearing about your new organization and how people all over can help make it a reality.

Barbara Hochberg from Brooklyn NY JULY 24, 2011
Adam you are amazing and inspiring to all. Good luck with your club that you want to start.

Jackie Lemmink from Cincinnati, OH JULY 24, 2011
Your parents must be so proud of you, people who read your story are proud of you too. Keep up the good positive attitude and you will go far in life. Thanks for your inspiring message, we need more children like you in this world.

Mike P. from Westwood, NJ JULY 22, 2011
Dear Adam, your story and spirit made me weep tears of joy for your courage, determination and trust in your own well-being! Your drive to experience life to the fullest will remain a constant reminder for me to overlook my physical limitations and allow myself to focus on what I want rather than what I think I can't have or do. You are truly amazing and I thank you for your inspiration to me and so many others.

Eddie from Hoboken New Jersey  JULY 21, 2011
I love your story and you are an inspiration to others. Way to go!! And people like you are the ones who make this world a better place. Thanks!

Keith Leistekow from Sheboygan Wisconsin JULY 21, 2011
When I hear stories like this I often ask myself 'how would I face this hurdle in my life' - all I have to do is look at Adam - in other words, 'bravely'. Play ball Adam! Keith, Father of 3 Boys

Linda from New Jersey JULY 21, 2011
Your inspiring story brought tears to my eyes. Ah, the wisdom and truth of our youth. Please stay in touch with values.com so those who, like myself, want to donate to your organization will know where you are. Thank you for making a difference. Can't imagine how many lives will be changed because of your example.

Betsy B. from Wellsboro PA JUNE 24, 2011
Dear Adam, You are a real inspiration for so many people. Young, old, it doesn't matter. When I see your billboard and read your story, I am inspired to never give up. To always try your best and be a team player. I hope you and your family are able to start the organization you dream of. You already are a winner!

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