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“It was my Mum who got me into singing properly—she knew I had to do something with my voice because she knew I was talented. She was the one who pushed me into joining a choir all those years ago, when I was about 12. I remember she told me to start with the choir and just see where it took me.”

—Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle spent her early life faithfully attending her local Catholic church, taking singing lessons and performing in small karaoke venues, and caring for her aging mother, whom she promised that she would someday enter a singing contest. Boyle’s first public performance after her dear mother passed away in 2007 was before an enormous audience—more than 10 million viewers of a 2009 episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

As she walked onstage, 47-year-old Boyle was greeted by a surprised and skeptical audience. And then, as if the world stopped for just a moment, she captured the audience and stunned the judges as she sang “I Dreamed a Dream.” Her dream swiftly became reality as tens of millions of viewers around the world became acquainted with her phenomenal performance, via the live broadcast and an online video that quickly went viral.

Who was she, where did she come from, and the most often heard query—where has she been?! Boyle never sought stardom. Over the years, she had quietly pursued her dreams from the small village of Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, gaining just a bit of local notoriety by performing at church and community events. As a child, she struggled with learning differences and, she reports, was bullied in school.

By the end of 2009, however, the world was very aware of Boyle. After she came in second on Britain’s Got Talent, her debut album, released in November 2009, became the best-selling album of all time in the UK. Her subsequent albums have been extremely successful as well. She has toured widely, collaborated with household names, and performed before the Queen of England.

In addition to revealing her tremendous talent, Susan Boyle has been an inspiration to many. She is a beautiful example of overcoming the stereotypes of age and circumstance, to rise to world acclaim. Her first public song is really her story—she dreamed a dream.

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Veronica (Vicki) Le Gare from California, USA MAY 18, 2020
She is truly an inspiration!

Jenna Herritt from Kent state APRIL 14, 2020
I love this tribute. Absolutely wonderful.

rebeca from Connecticut MARCH 29, 2017
i was bullied before and now im entering depression. this inspires me to forget about what everyone else thinks and just be you.

Julianna from Montana NOVEMBER 21, 2016
so touching i am gonna cry

Anonymous MAY 11, 2016
Very inspiring!

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