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I am not like everyone else. I don't pretend to be. I don't want to be. I am me.

—Grace VanderWaal

About This Billboard

She’s Climbing the Charts and Inspiring Fans With Her Message To Be Yourself!

Hailed by Rolling Stone as a “pop prodigy,” VanderWaal, 13, skyrocketed to fame after winning the 11th season of NBC’s top-rated America’s Got Talent and releasing the best-selling EP Perfectly Imperfect and debut album Just the Beginning.

The ukulele-wielding performer is on track to become one of Generation Z’s brightest stars, writing and singing songs about her own life experiences and prides herself on living a normal life. Recently named Billboard Women in Music’s 2017 Rising Star, she is also one of Billboard’s 21 Stars Under 21 for the second time and recognized in Variety’s Youth Impact Report, VanderWaal also is a YouTube and social media influencer who is on a mission to use her incredible voice to empower young girls. She joined the Pass It On campaign to spread the importance of believing in yourself.

Confidence. Pass It On!

This billboard about Confidence features Grace VanderWaal.

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Miguel O. from Nebraska JUNE 13, 2018
Grace influenced me to learn how to play the Ukelele. Now I feel more confident then ever, I even started my own music page on Instagram musicbymiguel. Anyways, she is my number one inspiration when it comes to music. “I am not like everyone else. I don't pretend to be. I don't want to be. I am me.” -Grace VanderWaal

Anonymous MARCH 13, 2018
I love to sing and. I'm good but I've never had the confidence to do it now I do thanks to Grace!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 24, 2018
Be you and stay you

Seena Baez from Georgia FEBRUARY 1, 2018
This is an assignment for my class but I wanted to share what I typed and hope that Grace reads it, it's important to me: Grace VanderWaal has been a very inspirational character to me since I have seen her on America’s Got Talent in 2016. She has always valued confidence and to always be herself no matter the stereotypes and preferences of others which is what made her reach a high standard of living even for her age. Just like her, I have always valued confidence, but unlike her I never had confidence. Ever since I was younger, I always struggled with my lack of confidence. Everyone I knew would push me around and abuse my confidence when I was younger and because of that, I lacked a lot in everything that I did and still to this day I lack because of my low confidence and low self-esteem, but because of Grace I have found the inspiration to push myself and try to regain confidence and to actually believe in the positive aspects that everyone tells me about myself. Now because of Grace VanderWaal I can actually believe in myself. I value confidence just like Grace because confidence is the key to a successful life.

Anonymous JANUARY 25, 2018
Grace I wish that I could be you. I am writing a paper about you. thank you grace.