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During the last week of August 2005, Hurricane Katrina cut a disastrous swath through Louisiana and the surrounding states. By Aug. 31, 80 percent of the city of New Orleans was flooded, with many residents trapped in their homes. Police officer Earl Dunbar was one of the many dedicated public servants who came to the rescue of many people in Katrina’s aftermath.

On one of his routine calls that fateful week, Dunbar came across a displaced mother with two small children and a newborn baby that was just five days old. The mother was so exhausted that she could not walk one more step as she approached the New Orleans Superdome, seeking help. She had been trapped in her home for three days in the wake of Katrina.

Instantly sensing the family’s urgent need, Dunbar stepped in to offer his assistance. He carefully cradled the infant in his arms as he rushed the mother and her children to receive the medical care they desperately needed.

Officer Dunbar is simply one shining example of the many people who stepped in during Katrina’s aftermath, and following similar disasters around the globe, who are constantly willing to give of themselves. He and others like him save the lives of their neighbors every day, simply by stepping in and caring in a time of need.

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This billboard about Caring features Earl Dunbar; Louisiana Capitol Police.

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damien perez from el paso tx JANUARY 28, 2021
when u care you help people one example of caring is when a poor person asks for help u help them in need from your heart.

damien perez JANUARY 28, 2021
caring is about like helping people like if some body fell you help them

damien perez JANUARY 28, 2021
what caring is to help other people that need help.

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2018

Anonymous OCTOBER 4, 2017

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