During the last week of August 2005, Hurricane Katrina cut a disastrous swath through Louisiana and the surrounding states. By Aug. 31, 80 percent of the city of New Orleans was flooded, with many residents trapped in their homes. Police officer Earl Dunbar was one of the many dedicated public servants who came to the rescue of many people in Katrina’s aftermath.

On one of his routine calls that fateful week, Dunbar came across a displaced mother with two small children and a newborn baby that was just five days old. The mother was so exhausted that she could not walk one more step as she approached the New Orleans Superdome, seeking help. She had been trapped in her home for three days in the wake of Katrina.

Instantly sensing the family’s urgent need, Dunbar stepped in to offer his assistance. He carefully cradled the infant in his arms as he rushed the mother and her children to receive the medical care they desperately needed.

Officer Dunbar is simply one shining example of the many people who stepped in during Katrina’s aftermath, and following similar disasters around the globe, who are constantly willing to give of themselves. He and others like him save the lives of their neighbors every day, simply by stepping in and caring in a time of need.

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This billboard about Caring features Earl Dunbar; Louisiana Capitol Police.

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damien perez from el paso tx JANUARY 28, 2021
when u care you help people one example of caring is when a poor person asks for help u help them in need from your heart.

damien perez JANUARY 28, 2021
caring is about like helping people like if some body fell you help them

damien perez JANUARY 28, 2021
what caring is to help other people that need help.

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2018

Anonymous OCTOBER 4, 2017

Chrystiyana from School MARCH 7, 2017
Such a kind person

Anonymous MARCH 7, 2017

Sparrow from somewhere over the rainbow NOVEMBER 30, 2016
he was very kind to do what he did

Da'Shaun from Miami Garden Fl. OCTOBER 22, 2016
That's Amazing ; Job well Done

Fiona from CMMS OCTOBER 13, 2016
Such small acts of kindness that mean the world to others.

Kylee from Bloomington, IN MARCH 31, 2016
This warmed my heart when this police officer came to help a infant

mckenzie from lewes,DE NOVEMBER 18, 2015
love and respect Dunbar

Daniel from NC OCTOBER 23, 2015
keep doing what you do ,Dunbar

Gabriella from NJ SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

endershooter from Tx SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
He is an amazing HERO!!!!

brittany from cheyenne wy MAY 2, 2014
this so cute anyone who saves a baby life is a hero to me, baby are so cute and fragile, I cry when I see a good person who do whats best for everyone

Emma from CT MARCH 4, 2014
that is so sweet


peyton from houma OCTOBER 15, 2013
a true hero!!!!

P.J. from Millwaukee,WI JANUARY 8, 2013
This story reminds me that everyone can be kind they just have to really think what would happen to that person if I didn't help and what would happen if I did?

Erica P from MI DECEMBER 17, 2012
When I see stuff like this it makes me think that this is not a evil world but there are some good people in the world.

Shay from Georgia SEPTEMBER 18, 2012
We all need some love and caring people in the world :')

Seth S. from Tennessee APRIL 9, 2012
He's a great person! God bless him, and I hope God helps us all to see that we should be Good people :)

Anna from Iowa MAY 4, 2011
It is so amazing for earl to help children after hurricane Katrina!

Abby L-J from Oregon SEPTEMBER 15, 2010
That was so sweet! I would be happy to know someone was willing to help me in that situation.

Hannah S. from Montana MAY 20, 2010
You can tell that Earl is an amazing person.

Sarah from Canada MARCH 24, 2010
This one is very amazing. Great story and I would like to here more about this one.

Delia H from Pittsburgh, PA JANUARY 19, 2010
I just saw this. What a beautiful tribute to caring. All the more poignant with the Haiti tragedy.

Kirthishri M. V. from Bangalore, India NOVEMBER 3, 2009
The world is still green because of the people like you Earl. Great job. Keep going....

Ginny S. from Atlanta, Georgia SEPTEMBER 9, 2009
Finally some inspiring news instead of always something depressing...

James G. from Jefferson City MAY 19, 2009
Earl Dunbar helped a mother and her children after hurricane Katrina, he cared a lot.

Enny W. from Jefferson City MAY 12, 2009
Earl is a very caring person. There are a lot of people who will just walk away without doing anything to help. He is a person with passion, a savior and a person full of pity and emotions.

Anonymous MAY 12, 2009
In life, we always need to care, and we should care for other people, too! When you care for other people, you will understand the values of life!

Fazeel from Maldives MAY 1, 2008
There are many heroes made in those dark days. They change dark days to light down here. Thanks.

Sharon C. from Georgia, USA FEBRUARY 27, 2008
Having known Earl for about 7 years, this picture only reminds me of the type of person he is. He will do this 1,000 more times if he had to because this is his heart. Take care Earl-We miss you!

Rick W. from Golden, Colorado USA FEBRUARY 18, 2008
I'm the photographer that shot the two pictures shown on this billboard in my work as a photojournalist. Its very gratifying to see them used across the nation to inspire others! There's even one up in my town of Denver along I-70.

Paola E. from Oregon, USA NOVEMBER 13, 2007
I really apreciate that we can count on you to do this for the ones in need.

Alicia L. from USA NOVEMBER 8, 2007
It is good to have people like you!

Tara from Seattle, Washington USA OCTOBER 22, 2007
This is so touching. This site is amazing I'm so glad I found it. I put a link on my myspace! Peace and Unity!

Deepti from India SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
The world today needs good people like Earl.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Earl Dunbar is someone who needs more respect then he could ever possibly receive. He saw someone who had lost everything except her children, and helped her. He saved her life, and her children's lives. He is a true Hero.

Larry T. from Ft. Eustis, Virginia USA AUGUST 11, 2007
This is an old song I hadn't heard or sang in over 15 I sing it every morning. Thank you for an inspirational picture. Yes, I will pass it on!

K-Dog from New Orleans, LA JULY 11, 2007
Many heroes were made in those dark, dark days down here. Thanks for bucking us up!

aap from usa MAY 29, 2007
this picture makes me cry the others should be cared about. its truly worth a billion words.

Carole B. from BC, Canada MARCH 30, 2007
This picture and its title depict the soul of humanity. It is worth a billion words. Thank you.

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