Faced with incredible odds after losing his foot at a young age, Marlon Shirley not only overcame them, but provided an inspiring example for each of us.

Overcoming Pass It On®

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When Marlon Shirley was five he lost his foot. Today he’s the world’s fastest amputee. He runs the hundred meters in less time than it takes to listen to this. Overcoming… Pass It On. This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It On.com.

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Pass It On®


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Anonymous OCTOBER 4, 2018
i love it

Bil from Mesa, AZ AUGUST 31, 2016

Jake from PA DECEMBER 10, 2015
I couldn't hear the whole sentence due to the music mix, now I see the words, thanks for this post and for sharing the success of this wonderful person and tribute to the medical/rehab team that made it possible for Martin to return to a normal and athletic life. How inspiring!

Karry from houma OCTOBER 15, 2013
i love this

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