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General George Washington directed the Continental Army to victory, all the while proving that leadership can transform the world.

Leadership. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Leadership features George Washington.

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See the billboard that inspired this radio ad.

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Although the Continental Army was entirely outnumbered and out equipped, they had one huge advantage—General George Washington. Just as the leadership of one man helped form a nation, today leadership can transform the world. Leadership…Pass it On. From The Foundation for a Better Life at Values.com.

Stations: Thank you for using the Live Read copy and airing the pre-recorded PSAs—we are happy to make these messages available for you and your listeners. Please note that The Foundation for a Better Life does not sponsor any type of program. Therefore, we ask that when using the Live Read copy or the PSAs please avoid language that indicates any sponsorship. We would appreciate your using the phrase: "This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It On.com."

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Nancy from New Jersey MARCH 4, 2018
I totally agree we do need more leaders like George Washington on this earth and this F.F.B.L radio ad is proof positive

Pete from Ponte Vedra Beach FL OCTOBER 25, 2016
America's first Underdog ! Against all odds, we need more leaders just like him.