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While many rose up for violence, he sat down for peace. Mahatma Gandhi reached out with the strength he cultivated within his soul.

Soul. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Soul features Mahatma Gandhi.

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He went without food, not to lose weight, but to help people lose generations of hate. While many around him rose up with violence, he sat down for peace. Mahatma Gandhi made the world a better place by reaching out with the strength he cultivated in his soul. Soul…Pass It On. From the Foundation for a Better Life at Values.com.

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Nancy from NJ NOVEMBER 16, 2017
I like that Mahatma Gandhi said my life mantra be the change you wish to see in the world

Nancy from NJ AUGUST 17, 2017
I like that the Gandhi being read about in this F.B.L ad said my life mantra which is Be the change You wish to see in the world

Ameeta from India OCTOBER 2, 2015
I admire Mahatma Gandhi for his tenacity to persevere for an outcome rooted in the soul values he chose to represent and show people all over the world how possible this can be...

Anonymous JULY 14, 2015
I like Mahatma Ghandi; he had strength and Soul, and I will always remember him for that, too... :)

Rebecca F from Jacksonville, FL JANUARY 6, 2014
He was pure truth and peace personified, an inspiration to us all.