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She’s a superstar who got her big break at 13 years old. Grace VanderWaal believes your goal should be to find something that’ll make you happy. She’s taking the world by storm through her music and by sharing a simple message, “You Be You.” Grace hopes her experience will inspire her fans to be the best version of themselves.

Confidence. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Confidence features Grace VanderWaal.

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Superstar singer, Grace VanderWaal, believes only you can find your own happiness. And when Grace found her own happiness, she discovered something else … Confidence. Confidence is in you. So pass it on. From

Stations: Thank you for using the Live Read copy and airing the pre-recorded PSAs—we are happy to make these messages available for you and your listeners. Please note that The Foundation for a Better Life does not sponsor any type of program. Therefore, we ask that when using the Live Read copy or the PSAs please avoid language that indicates any sponsorship. We would appreciate your using the phrase: "This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It"

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Anonymous APRIL 13, 2018
Are you really 13 you're so good!!!!!!!!