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Prior to becoming the 16th US President, the persistent Abraham Lincoln ran for public office, tried to set up his own business, and even ran for Vice President—and lost every time.

Persistence. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Persistence features Abraham Lincoln.

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Some people would call him a loser. He ran for state office— was beaten. He started a business—it failed. He ran for congress and lost. He was nominated for vice-president, he lost again. Fortunately, Abraham Lincoln knew what it took to be a winner. Persistence…Pass It On. From the Foundation For A Better Life at Values.com.

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Nancy from NJ AUGUST 23, 2017
Nice F.B.L radio ad about Honest Abe showing real Persistence

Lisa from Brentwood, CA JANUARY 21, 2016
Keep running the race and I'm a winner.

knuj from NY JUNE 13, 2013
Perfect. Reminds me of a professional athelete.