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Only months after losing her arm to a shark while surfing, the courageous Bethany Hamilton was back on her board performing better than ever.

Courage. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Courage features Bethany Hamilton.

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A shark took her arm but not her teenage desire to be a surfing champ. So the next time life puts a little fear in you, just think of Bethany Hamilton hanging ten on top of a heavy wave. That's real courage! Rising Above… Pass It On. From the Foundation For A Better Life at Values.com.

Stations: Thank you for using the Live Read copy and airing the pre-recorded PSAs—we are happy to make these messages available for you and your listeners. Please note that The Foundation for a Better Life does not sponsor any type of program. Therefore, we ask that when using the Live Read copy or the PSAs please avoid language that indicates any sponsorship. We would appreciate your using the phrase: "This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It On.com."

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Nancy from NJ NOVEMBER 16, 2017
This F.B.L radio ad about Bethany Hamilton made me think of Anna-Sophia Robb portraying her in Soul Surfer

Nancy from NJ AUGUST 17, 2017
I like this F.B.L ad about Bethany Hamilton it made me of Anna -Sophia Robb portraying her in Soul Surfer

Nancy from NJ AUGUST 17, 2017
I like it and this p.s.a from F.B.L is about the Bethany Hamilton who Anna- Sophia Robb portrayed in Soul Surfer

Anonymous MARCH 3, 2017
Very brave

Dustin Robinson from Waynesboro,Virginia FEBRUARY 17, 2014
never quit no matter what any body says