In this time of constant change and turmoil, who doesn’t need a message that will uplift? We’re excited to share our new PSA Radio spots that will inspire and motivate. Your listeners are sure to love these messages, apply the values, and then pass them on.

Gratitude Pass It On®

Live Read for Radio Stations

Gratitude isn’t just good for the person being thanked, it does remarkable things to the person who shares it. When gratitude is in your heart the world looks better to all those around us. Gratitude is in you. Now pass it on. This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It

Stations: Thank you for using the live read copy and airing the pre-recorded PSAs—we are happy to make these messages available for you and your listeners. Please note that The Foundation for a Better Life does not sponsor any type of program. Therefore, we ask that when using the Live Read copy or the PSAs please avoid language that indicates any sponsorship. We would appreciate your using the phrase: "This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It"

Pass It On®


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Daniel Levy from Albuquerque, NM MARCH 15, 2023
Truly, a powerful idea! :)

Asher Hansen SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
When being thankful, be thankful towards other people because it makes them feel good

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