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Deaf and blind, Helen Keller overcame a world of darkness with foresight.

Foresight. Pass It On!

This radio ad about Foresight features Helen Keller.

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Deaf and blind she faced a future of total darkness. But by pressing her fingers into her teacher’s hands, Helen Keller was able to spell and at long last she could see hope and a bright future. Foresight…Pass it on. From The Foundation for a Better Life at Values.com.

Stations: Thank you for using the Live Read copy and airing the pre-recorded PSAs—we are happy to make these messages available for you and your listeners. Please note that The Foundation for a Better Life does not sponsor any type of program. Therefore, we ask that when using the Live Read copy or the PSAs please avoid language that indicates any sponsorship. We would appreciate your using the phrase: "This message is a courtesy of The Foundation for a Better Life at Pass It On.com."

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Nancy from NJ AUGUST 22, 2017
Nice radio ad about Helen Keller it made me think of The Miracle Worker which told her story personally i like the 1999 TV Film version with Hallie Eisenberg as Helen

Linda from USA JANUARY 7, 2016
You can overcome anything!

lion kenneth khiwa mhlanga from zimbabwe APRIL 23, 2012
Helen Keller,our mother of hope,left a living legacy for the underpriviledged,that disability is not an inability but a mere disadvantage and that we are all equal under the eyes our the almighty -God.

Alejandro H. Mendez from Pasco, WA APRIL 23, 2012
People who are also ignorant are also blind. There is a spanish saying that says: "El que no sabe es como el que no ve."