Where did your values come from?

We've all had people in our lives who have made a positive impact on us. A parent or grandparent, a sibling who was there for us, or maybe even just a guy who shines shoes for a living? Whoever they are, tell us their story so they can inspire us even more.


Chuck, Wes, Andrew, Hunter Semp

These guys have lived to serve others in their lives. They have chosen paths that require commitment and a centered life. They live to make the world a better place. As teenagers they sang gospel music anywhere that could, anytime. As adults, they have chosen careers of service. Self sacrifice has always been...

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Alexandria Lewis

During the hurricane my mother who is close to 80 didn’t have power in her house for 2 weeks . My daughter Alexandria stayed with her and helped her. Her roof was leaking and she tried to go on the roof to try to fix it but it was too dangerous. I who am her mother was not there because I am working in South...

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My Parents

I had a stroke at birth, doctors to this day still don’t know why I had the stroke. I was in hospital for a month and stopped breathing several times at which point I nearly died. When I was released from hospital I was a year behind my milestones but caught up. After a few years I recovered fully from the stroke...

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Rachel Stcbridge

My BBC Rachel has special needs. But she is so sweet. How I met her is one day I was sad and she came to me and said that everything is going to be OK. How I know that she is caring is she helps everyone that is sad, scared, or even mean to her. She will just not let stuff get in her head.

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Freddy Brammeier

I often traveled with my father during the summer to pick up feed/seed… he was a farmer…I basically went everywhere with him when he wasn't working at his factory job… One day, we went to a female, about 20 miles south of our house… When we got almost all the way home… We were stopped at a railroad crossing… and...

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Ashley Eubanks

As women, we go through a number of physical, mental and social struggles unknown by our male counterparts. When “that time of the month” comes we either reach into our stash of pads or tampons, or rush to the nearest drugstore for the $5 box we so haphazardly spend on to prepare ourselves for our dreading...

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Alexander Kovarovic

I wanted to share the story of someone in my community who is seriously changing lives and is extremely inspirational to so people across the country. He truly shows what being a truly amazing person is all about. His name is Alex Kovarovic and he lives in Schenectady, NY. He used to live in Gloversville, NY and...

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Terry Wells

My story is that my dad was in the ARMY for 10 years and i wasn't even born yet and i always say thank you for your service to everyday. I love him so much i am thankful that he is still here for me today. And my godfather Josh was in the ARMY with my dad and he is like my dad, so i sometimes call him dad. 2...

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Michael Michael

Born the youngest of four children to an abusive alcoholic father and an ill mother, Michael learned early on to make lemonade of lemons. When he was four years old, he and his siblings & mother were able to escape their father. They had nothing other than the clothes on their backs. The family survived by living...

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Trent Nunley

my dad is my hero because he used to be in the military but retired to spend more time with his family. we all get to spend alot of time together, and we all enjoy it. every day he comes home and the first thing he does is say hello to his family. he drives me and my sister to tae kwon do, because he knows what...

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Ericka Brown

Ericka is a single mother of 4 young men. She also recently enrolled back into college at 43 years of age after dropping out over 20 plus years ago. Ericka have overcome molestation, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Ericka is always positive despite of all she's been through. She continues to wear a smile...

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Allora Lockwood

She helps dogs when she finds them on the road.She nurses them back to health and then gives them to no kill shelters where they are adopted in Paris.

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Joe Lopez

Any hero I choose is my dad, he has worked for a company for seven years.but now he owns it and is the boss of it as well. My dad has started working when he was five years old, he had to work for money every day on his life,even today and still standing up and working for his and our family. Also he and his...

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a long history of action against bullying and empowerment of young people, she does it through her fashion, her music, her social medias and through Born This Way Foundation, That she founded in 2011, after her álbum “Born This Way”; The Born This Way foundation is a non profit organization as a way...

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Karen Sanders

My mom is my hero because she's caring and has been supportive of me my entire life. Even though I was a very difficult teenager and even though at the time I didn't like her decisions about my life, I now realize that she only did what she thought was right for me. She has always been there for me, sometimes she...

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