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Trudy Ann Campbell is a born Jamaican woman whose passion for great achievement is unparalleled and she has this zeal to reach for greater heights in spite of the impediments ahead of her anytime,prime time.She is a care giver,goal setter,goal giver and getter too,family oriented,highly ambitious and helps other to flame their golden candle while yet on her own pursuit for the things that gives her joy in helping those around her.She is a prolific writer,poetess,singer,and she has surrounded herself with women of significance both in Jamaica and across the Caribbean and the world in general.She never allows obstacles distract her from her focal point in life,whether it is in singing,career,leadership and relational goal,she has reached for the unreachable,see the unforseeable and do the unthinkable and going for and aiming for the apex in life. She has soar on the wings as eagles,redeemed all the cost to be merited and from the rising from an associate degree to bagging a bachelors degree as an HR,world class and world best from the well known Mona university in Kingston,Jamaica.She is adorable,beautiful and of course,will always sweep you off your feet with her contagious smiles that never runs out once you meet her,you can feel the grace,class,tushness and the peaceful ambience eluding from her ever dashing and gorgeous presence.She is a modeler,friend,sister,keeper and seeker of truth. Trudy Ann is worth celebrating and thus, we are passing this on here on pass it on. I celebrate this gorgeous,amiable and best in the world mogul and tycoon TRUDY ANN LATOYA CAMPBELL.

Submitted by joseph mensah adu

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