Creativity is intelligence having fun. —Albert Einstein
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein theoretical physicist, philosopher, Nobel Prize winner

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Jonathan from Bunnlunnlevel  AUGUST 1, 2016
Like it

Sue from St. Louis, MO MAY 3, 2016
It is how necessity becomes the mother of invention. Yes, nurture creativity!

Florence APRIL 8, 2016
Hmm knowlegdeable & sensitive quote

Larry Brock from St George, Utah  FEBRUARY 21, 2016
Have some fun

Bev from Hickory, NC FEBRUARY 15, 2016
Great quote to start the day! Thank you Albert!!

zahir from Bangladesh FEBRUARY 15, 2016
I believe creativity means life.Without creativity life is dead.

Creativity is being possessed by a greater inspiration.

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