You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. —C.S. Lewis
“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C.S. Lewis writer, theologian, scholar

Live Your Dreams
Pass It On®
Pass It On®

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Sylvia Loven Carter from Texas JANUARY 23, 2022
Amen I'm encouraged!!!

Santa from America  NOVEMBER 7, 2020
I fully agree

Angie from Arizona JANUARY 18, 2017
I like this goal; it motivates me!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 14, 2016
yes very true, love it

I fully agree

Stephanie from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada MAY 27, 2016
It is a reminder for me to set another goal. I am 75 and have retired but am busier than ever. Time to smell the roses!

Mario from Los Angeles MAY 26, 2016
Why do we limit OURSELVES sometimes with wrongful mindsets and worse, BELIEVE those mistaken mindsets? It takes MINDFULNESS to change our thought-patterns and if we can read this, we can choose this and achieve new learning and more life-affirming thought patterns. We must to live out the BEST manifestations of ourselves. INDEED, we are NEVER too "old" to set a new goal and dream new dreams!

Mary from Rochester, N.Y. MAY 26, 2016
So true

Kat from NC MAY 26, 2016
Right on!!

Lucille from Saint Paul, MN MAY 26, 2016
This is my true rally call!!

Lekhani from USA MAY 26, 2016
Get Inspired...

Andrew from Estill SC MAY 26, 2016
I've just turned sixty. Finally, I can't claim youth anymore. I love C. S. Lewis and, with these words, my attitude has become youthful again. Thank you

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