Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass. —Sir John Vanbrugh
“Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.”

Sir John Vanbrugh Architect and dramatist

Good Manners
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Balya from Jakarta SEPTEMBER 8, 2016
Splendid and nice to be contemplated.

Khorrami from Iran AUGUST 5, 2016
Those who are easily cajoled by some who are eloquently provoking, undergo the ordeal of their desires

racheal from uganda AUGUST 1, 2016
Its a great quote

Linda from Heath,ohio JULY 30, 2016
usually works---- bad manners ---mean actions does not accomplish but hard-feelings and broken hearts......

joyson from India JULY 30, 2016
in practical life this quote is a blessing. But many a time we fail to practice this quote - our weakness. But we have to try

Valerie from Qualicum Beach  JULY 29, 2016
The good manners are a given. The soft words are to be aimed for, though it may be hard sometimes. But keep in mind the steady drip of water on a rock - eventually it wears it away.

Pat from OK JULY 29, 2016
I need to work on this one

RJ from Valley of the Sun JULY 29, 2016
@Linda - again... I have always been taught and believed: "Whoever raises their voice first, loses the argument!" FWIW...;-)

RJ from Valley of the Sun JULY 29, 2016
@Linda: I appreciate your feelings. Those were my first thoughts, but I remembered: Good manners does not mean "soft, get pushed-around!" Soft words, and politeness works da**-near ever time. The politeness might just be politely saying: "If you don't get this done, I will simply ask your boss, your wife, your competitor to take care of it." IMHO, of course.

Linda JULY 29, 2016
Yes...but, sometimes you can't sugar-coat things, these days!!

Diana from Greer, SC JULY 29, 2016
Great quote, very good manners and respect are so important in these difficult days

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