Having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is blessing. —Unknown
“Having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is blessing.”


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Phalla from Cambodia NOVEMBER 13, 2023
I really love this!!

Anonymous OCTOBER 29, 2022
Hi! I think this quote should go in the HALL OF FAME!

Jeannette  DECEMBER 28, 2021
You are all three 💞

Gregory Malley from Newtown Pa DECEMBER 28, 2021
The truly wealthy person is the one who has the good health and the time to share with those who he/she loves. Thomas E Malley Sr

Marsha R. from Washington  DECEMBER 28, 2021
That is so very true. Some people don't have either one.

ibaad from srinagar MAY 9, 2021
Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing “Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life

Anonymous DECEMBER 20, 2018
So very true Its a whole life otherwise does not mean too much!!!

a friend. from Missouri  DECEMBER 20, 2018
Always be a forever friend because forever has no ending.

Anonymous DECEMBER 20, 2018
When you have loved some one for thirty years and they go on to be with the lord, you choose to make a discison to either keep that love hid in your heart or share it with thirty other people I CHOSE To SHARE .

sally from Tx DECEMBER 19, 2018
So very very true!!

Susie Gomez from Greeley, Colorado  MAY 9, 2018
This is one of my favorites!

kaileigh from antigo, wisonsin JANUARY 29, 2018
true stuff

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2018
it is so ture

Elaine from Los Angeles SEPTEMBER 11, 2016
Yes, yes!!

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