Mistakes are the portals of discovery. —James Joyce
“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

James Joyce Irish novelist and poet

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Kingsley uti from Nigeria JULY 1, 2022
Mistakes are part of the learning process in life.

Linda from Nigeria SEPTEMBER 5, 2017
That's is True

audrey AUGUST 24, 2017
love it

Roy from ColoradoSpring  AUGUST 24, 2017
This is true.

Riddhi from Balurghat AUGUST 24, 2017
Mistakes may take place in your life but if you try hard to overcome those then you will feel that you are successful in your life.

Barb from Eastern WA AUGUST 23, 2017
I've discovered a lot in my 73 years!

Cynthia from New York AUGUST 23, 2017
I have made many of both!

Anonymous AUGUST 23, 2017
Wonderful. Thank you!

akshay from Aurangabad AUGUST 23, 2017
best one

Anonymous AUGUST 23, 2017
Dont fear trying something new in your life. Mistakes are very important factor when leraning.

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