You only live once - but if you work it right, once is enough. —Joe E. Lewis
“You only live once - but if you work it right, once is enough.”

Joe E. Lewis comedian, singer

Live Life
Pass It On®
Pass It On®

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Narendra from India OCTOBER 28, 2016
Quality life is better than quantity

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 2, 2016
Make every day count as if it's your only day.

Silver from Port Orford oregon AUGUST 30, 2016
Hope to remember this more often.

Sherry from HUNTINGTON, WV. AUGUST 30, 2016
Such a positive outlook.

Joseraul from Levelland Texas AUGUST 30, 2016
Pass it on!

Francis Mark from Birkenhead Merseyside  AUGUST 29, 2016
U won't succeed in everything u do but it's the tryin that matters the most at least ul hav the experience & learn something anyway ?

robert j. from CT AUGUST 29, 2016
valuable, but most of us (myself included) lack the the self-discipline to get it right the first time. I'm always trying to succeed in everything i endeavor.i want to live long enough to reflect on that quote and say JOE E. LEWIS was correct!!

Robert from Usa AUGUST 29, 2016
I'm trying

Jatin from India AUGUST 29, 2016

Anonymous AUGUST 29, 2016
Good quote.

Frank from Cheshire  AUGUST 29, 2016
This is so true and if you do get it right there is no need for any more time

Emily AUGUST 29, 2016
I wish!!!

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