“Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body.”

Norman Vincent Peale preacher, author

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Leigh Padolina OCTOBER 29, 2020
Taking a rest is absolutely necessary in order for us to function well. It is also important to know that our mind and body are interdependent; this means our body is reliant to our mind and vice versa. Our bodies are the bridges that connects our mind and soul onto the world and this dynamic relationship is vital to consider in taking care of ourselves holistically. In my own opinion, creating a positive change on physical body first is easier since we can easily control it. For example, when one feels stressed, pausing on whatever he/she do and taking deep breaths help him/her feel calm and at ease. In our current situation as a college student in the new normal, feelings of stress and burnout are usual for us everyday. Practicing meditations or any type of activities which will help you be present are helpful for having a relaxed body, and eventually a relaxed mind. For this reason, it is important to keep this quotation in mind to successfully take care of our entire being.

CATALINO, ERICA M. from Parañaque City OCTOBER 29, 2020
Relaxed body gives you the ability to do things, think and decide fairly and just. Your thoughts arranged.

Kristine Patoc from Philippines OCTOBER 29, 2020
We can only be capable of introspection if we attain peace of mind and tranquility. We also have to take good care of our mental and emotional health as well as our physical body.

Deborah Joy A. Seludo from Manila OCTOBER 28, 2020
The quote is a good reminder and very timely because lately I’ve been staying up all night just to finish the school requirements and the readings. I’ve been having a bad lifestyle these past few weeks and it’s really unhealthy. The quote reminded me that it’s very important to take care of our physical body because once we have a healthy body, our mind and our feelings will be in a good state too; which gives us inner peace. It is true because lately I’ve been having mixed feelings, more of a negative one and I just realized that my body is giving up because I overworked, then one night I just cried without knowing the reason behind it. It’s like a domino effect, once the body is not in a good state, the mind and spirit will be affected too. I have pushed myself to the limits and its time for me to rest and take a good care of my body. I know that our education is important but we shouldn’t risk our health for it. Our body is precious and we must priorities our physical, mental and emotional health.

Coner, Mergien from Quezon City, Philippines OCTOBER 28, 2020
I agree with what the quote says. Having a tired body affects our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects too. There are times I feel like I overworked myself that no matter how much more I want to do my body couldn’t function properly, and I end up getting more stressed and worn out. I think that’s why taking care of ourselves always starts with our body because it’s the one that does all the physical work. If it is well taken care of, it would be much easier for us to focus on our mental and spiritual aspects.

Jasmine Ando from Manila OCTOBER 28, 2020
Undeniably, there are times we overwork ourselves. The quote reminds us to be mindful that our body needs rest. Our sanity relies on how we take care of our body. A sound mind lives in a sound body.

ANDREA M. DIOTAY from Dasmarinas City, Cavite OCTOBER 27, 2020
As I am known by the people around me as a calm and a positive person, I usually try to repress my emotions when I am so stressed; so the people around me won't be affected by the negativities that I carry. Aside from this, I don't want other people to see my weaknesses. However, when I feel that my mind is really in chaos, and I can't take it anymore, I usually burst into tears, alone. Upon reading the quote, I look back and contemplate on myself. Am I doing the right thing; repressing and hiding my emotions and suddenly cry whenever I can't control it anymore? Is it true that having negative emotions is a weakness? The quote gives me the idea of the value and importance of a relaxed body. It conveys the message that a person needs relaxation in order to find inner peace which is very hard to find for me. When I see this, I realized that we have different coping mechanisms in facing our stress and in facing the mess in our minds. I know the feeling and I can relate that inner peace is really hard to find specially in this time of pandemic where a lot of negativities are swallowing our minds. Having a relaxed body is indeed important and I think that we should know more about different strategies and techniques on how to relax the body in stressful situations where we can't control our emotions.

Aira Villanueva OCTOBER 27, 2020
I agree with the quote above because our body is our very own temple. Our mind, spirit, and body work together. It’s like a home where we’ll live forever. It is important to take care of our bodies for our mind and spirit needs to have a good support system. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us too.

Belarmino, A.E from Las Pinas City OCTOBER 27, 2020
I agree with this quote. If our body is relaxed, we can focus more, we feel ourselves present in the situation mentally and spiritually whole. Like when you attend an elevation, you feel your body relaxed while singing hill songs and you feel your mind connecting with your heart, and you feel the inner peace you're longing to have because you're letting yourself let go of the emotions and thoughts that have been bugging your mind lately. When you finished singing along with the hill songs, when you let go of those emotions, you will feel free and it feels like you're a new person.

Mikka Angela D. San Miguel from Philippines OCTOBER 27, 2020
The quote simply says that we have to take care of ourselves, since one of the things that produces good state of mind is our body. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. That's why we have to find sometime to relax and give time to energize our bodies.

BARDAJE, Angelica F. from Navotas City, Metro Manila OCTOBER 27, 2020
Our inner strength flows in our mind and spirit, wherein these two stores in our bodies. Resting is a must and good for the soul because the winning spirit is a product of relaxation and meditation. We have to take care of our bodies, as well as our emotions. We have dominion and control over our thoughts so, mental health must be our top priority and after that, our hard work would pay off.

Jhamie Ilagan from Las Pinas City OCTOBER 27, 2020
The quote's message is learning to stay calm out of things is necessary, because as we learn to relax or stay calm our body will be more comfortable as it houses our mind and spirit and it will give you harmony and inner peace. In short, staying positive will attract positive things.

Shayne Cueto from Manila OCTOBER 27, 2020
We have to take extra care of ourselves because if not, we wouldn't be able to function well as an individual. Having a healthy body allows other aspects to be at place and it will be evident that we are mindful and aware of what we're doing. It allows us to be happy because we don't have to worry about everything.

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