“I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a transformer in any situation, any organization. Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader.”

Stephen R. Covey motivational writer

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ebo frank from accra SEPTEMBER 26, 2013
leadership is a platform for service . “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” – Winston Churchill

John Phillips from Roseburg OR JULY 23, 2013
Cracked open my Seven Habits book last night and realized how much of the training I use in my daily life. Thank you Stephan Covey.

Padmanabhan T.K, from Hyderabad JUNE 24, 2010
Well said and relevant. Nothing more or less to add for this quote is apt.

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