The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.
 —Malcolm S. Forbes
“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ”

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Faf bantwana from Cape Town  JUNE 4, 2021
I like this site

Michelle Frost from Chicago, IL AUGUST 27, 2020
I agree because parents are not the only teachers of our children. The more you know the more you can understand and social issues become clearer

Samantha sam from Hydrabad  MARCH 8, 2017
Wonderful.. And so true

Francis Mark from Birkenhead Merseyside  AUGUST 28, 2016
Education is the key ov life & never forget your never to old to learn

Annie from Jenkintown, PA AUGUST 22, 2016
Education begins with parental education, then formal education takes the experienced mind of a child and help open it to worlds of formal education. However, don't believe that a child comes to school with an empty mind. That is ignorant.

muthamizhmudhalvan AUGUST 19, 2016
nice one..

OD from Delhi (India) AUGUST 17, 2016
Superb Message

OD from dELHI AUGUST 17, 2016
Superb message

Paul from MI AUGUST 17, 2016
Wish molre Wish more teacher's understood this concept.

RJ from Valley of the Sun, USA AUGUST 17, 2016
how true is this? so many people have it a little backwards. Education should show us how much we don't know....

Alice AUGUST 17, 2016
Wonderful and so true

Tom  AUGUST 17, 2016
It's true

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