“My mother sat me down and said, ...you are beautiful to me but must know that you are beautiful for yourself. You should also be aware that true beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that how beautiful you are to other people is always going to be subjective to who is looking at you at that time, and since you will always be looking at yourself first, you should find your own beauty and feel good about who you are.” She went on to tell me that I needed to take the time to identify those things that I found to be beautiful about myself but also celebrate what I thought was weird or unusual because those were the special things that God had given to me that made me different from everybody else. I learned how to appreciate, embrace, and enhance those special things so that they would shine rather than be hidden...We learned to love and identify with what made us uniquely beautiful.”

BeNeca Ward Author of "3rd Generation Country, a Practical Guide to Raising Children with Great Values"

Believe In Yourself
Pass It On®
Pass It On®

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Elodie Morse from Seattle Wa JANUARY 21, 2014
THis is great for new moms especially

Lisa Moore from Bedford, KY SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
I love this quote!

sheryll jackson from kissimmee, fl JULY 7, 2013

mirasol brangan from philippine MAY 9, 2013
we have to learn to accept and embrace ourselves and know our strongest and weakest link because in real life there are people who are with you and either against you and nobody will be there to defend ourselves except as you and only you alone.

Nzukie from East london JANUARY 18, 2013
Wow so I'm blessed!!!!!! Awesome and inspired!

Barbara from nanaimo DECEMBER 24, 2012
My mother never sat me down and told me this, I had to figure it out for myself...lol. thus, this is for all my daughters, those of my blood and those of my heart, those true and those borrowed. And for my neices, much loved. xo

moshood from Lagos DECEMBER 14, 2012
Morning Dew...

Reggie from Lagos SEPTEMBER 8, 2012
For all my daughters, I love you!

Melanie from USA MARCH 21, 2010
I think your mother is a genius.

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