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Nora Johnson


Growing up with my grandparents because my mom was a drug addict . My aunt Nora would always be the one to help me realize we weren't a normal family. To always be a better person, save money . Work hard and stay away from drugs and alcohol . She came to visit almost every day and took me to her house on weekends. . I loved it she had a pool and we were always there . I was molested as a young child by a great aunts husband. I told and it was stopped but nothing ever happened to him . I used to have to visit my moms in rehabs halfway homes and jail . When she was out and picked me up I would watch her shoot up and pass out in the projects it was horrible. In high school I was drugged and gang rapped. I always wished Nora was my mom. Life would have been so different. I grew up feeling like a worthless loser she was always a happy escape

Submitted by Tanya haro

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