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My Parents


I had a stroke at birth, doctors to this day still don’t know why I had the stroke. I was in hospital for a month and stopped breathing several times at which point I nearly died. When I was released from hospital I was a year behind my milestones but caught up. After a few years I recovered fully from the stroke at birth. At the age of 12 I developed epilepsy because of the lesion in the brain. As I got to high school this got worse, I was in and out of ICU and allergic to nearly all the epileptic medicine. In February of 2014 at the age of 16 I went to Cape Town where I had two operations, the first operation consisted of the Doctor stitching the probes onto the brain to see exactly where the epilepsy was coming from. This was a 5 and a half hour operation. I stayed like that for a week. After which the doctors said they had enough information to operate. The second operation was a nine and a half hour operation where they removed all the dead tissue causing the epilepsy. The operation was a success however, I suffered two strokes because of it. It’s nearly 4 years later and I am still recovering. It has been a difficult couple of years but I have kept my perseverance and have not stopped believing that hopefully one day I will recover fully. I could have not done any of this without the support of some family members, my parents, friends and God.
It has been my hope that in sharing my story I encourage others to keep going no matter the circumstances.🌸

Submitted by Tanielle

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