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Ericka Brown


Ericka is a single mother of 4 young men. She also recently enrolled back into college at 43 years of age after dropping out over 20 plus years ago. Ericka have overcome molestation, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Ericka is always positive despite of all she's been through. She continues to wear a smile though the rain. Ericka at one point had lost her home. Lost her job and still remain positive. I sometimes see her struggle but she never verbalizing it. Many would have fallen. This lady taught herself how to sew and is still pressing forward
I met Ericka through my husband. In that I learned she has her own non profit organization feeding the homeless. When I learned of this I immediately saw fit to join in. She's an advocate and encourage for us all. She is beating the odds and still find a way to feed the homeless. mentor young women. be a mother and still go to college. She inspires so many us.


Submitted by Janet Jones

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