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My hero is my younger cousin, Miley. She is almost four now. Miley was born almost four months early in 2007. When she was born she was only 13 inches long. Her mom (my cousin), Alex, was only 16 when she gave birth to Miley. Miley was born with out her eyes open and was on a ventilator for those four months, they tried to take her off early because she could breathe on her own but she would hold her breath until she turned purple. Now she is a lively, energetic, loud three year old and I love her to death!

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Rachael Hoskins from Sacramento  AUGUST 14, 2019
Wonderful story and very inspiring! You’re a very strong person and I appreciate you sharing your story!

Trisha from California FEBRUARY 5, 2019
What an inspirational story on the positive mind shifting experience where most humans would find themselves in a paralyzed state of reality with this terrifying health news. Very impressive human spirit within this soul. Thank you for the reminder ~ 'The best things in life are free"!

Molly Joy JANUARY 26, 2019
What an inspiring story, thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and using it to help others. Love your positive attitude!

Christine W from Cabo San Lucas MX JANUARY 25, 2019
What an inspirational and uplifting message! I like how you included the scientific and emotional aspects of addressing your journey. Most people don’t understand that , while you can’t just “think away” a tumor, the dopamines you were flooding your brain with help both you and your brain heal better and faster! Way to go sister!!

Michelle from Deephaven, MN JANUARY 25, 2019
What an incredible story and an inspirational woman. Need something positive in your day today? Look no further!

MJ from Wayzata JANUARY 25, 2019
So honest and inspiring! This story needs to be shared! Reminds us to slow down and be grateful! I admire her strength!

Patty from Hawai’i  JANUARY 25, 2019
Jennifer’s story is so inspirational. She looked at the positive aspects of her situation vs dwelling in the negative. This is a good lesson for us all!

Paul from Edina, MN JANUARY 24, 2019
I really enjoyed this positive testimonial that was given by Jenn. I can use this in everyday life, stay positive when turbulence arises and be thankful for the simplest things in life. Thank you for sharing your story!

Brandon from Woodbury, MN JANUARY 23, 2019
This served as an incredible reminder for me of the importance and power of personal perspective. Thank you for sharing your story. Awesome!

Nancy from Spring Park, MN JANUARY 16, 2019
What I like about this story is how Jennifer turned this situation into something positive even though it could have turned out a lot different. Her positive attitude and perseverance is obviously what got her through this. God bless you Jennifer!❤️

Krista from Minneapolis  JANUARY 16, 2019
Jenn’s ability to turn a brain tumor into a positive experience is incredible. I had the pleasure of spending time with her while she was receiving radiation treatments. One would have never guessed what she was facing on a daily basis. She is truly a remarkable woman. What an inspiration to all! Keep up the good work, Jenn!

Maria Jordan from Minneapolis, MN JANUARY 15, 2019
What a story and a good reminder for all of us. It reminds me there are choices in every situation. Fear can attempt to take over where you would not feel ANY choice in the situation. Fear can be paralyzing. Our brain is a very powerful instument. It can help carry us to the 26th mile in a marathon. One step at a time. Thank you! -Maria

Shelley Klevos from Palm Springs JANUARY 14, 2019
I met Jenn before her diagnosis and got together with her again after her treatments. I am a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury and am so proud of her perseverance and her drive to learn, help and give back. Her attitude and personal goals remind me to strive and give back to others I can connect with.

Andrea from Minneapolis  JANUARY 12, 2019
Jennifer's story was, and is amazing. I am a true believer in the power of positive thinking and her personal experience just reinforces for me, the existence of the power that lies within all of us. Too often we rely on modern medicine to provide the only treatment for what ails us. Jennifer's story shows us that emotional health can be powerful in helping people cope and heal - And, that we can control much of how we move through these experiences. A story definitely worth reading!

Anonymous JANUARY 12, 2019
So inspiring, keep sharing your positive message!

Ann from MN JANUARY 12, 2019
" I’ve chosen to concentrate on what I know, rather than what I could fear.", "Even though we can’t control the quantity of our lives, it’s empowering to know we can influence the quality of them" and "Courage isn’t necessarily the absence of fear. It can be feeling afraid and choosing to persevere anyway." are three lessons for us all. . . no matter what we face in life.

Anonymous JANUARY 12, 2019
What a story. What a message. A gift to all of us. Thanks Jenn!

Peter from Minneapolis JANUARY 11, 2019
Wow-incredibly inspirational as well as practical!! Jennifer’s willingness to share an intensely personal experience for the purpose of helping others is truly a gift. She is undoubtedly a truly empathetic and caring person and her message is one the benefits us all and our loved ones! A must read for everyone.

Joana from WI. JANUARY 11, 2019
Jennifer"s sharing of Emotional Grit is inspirational and instructive. She not only shares her experience, but she also gives examples of tools that helped her along the way. These tools can and are used in many challenging situations! Congratulations Jennifer for being part of the solution in your recovery and life!

Kim Smith from Sarasota Florida  JANUARY 11, 2019
Uplifting & inspiring... true testament of the power of choosing joy over fear! So many people will benefit from your story!

Michelle from Minneapolis JANUARY 11, 2019
This is a young woman who is going somewhere to happen! Awesome - keep writing!

Daryl from the Twin Cities JANUARY 11, 2019
Wow, I really liked the article by Jennifer F. called “the power of emotional grit.” The article was both inspirational and practical. I realize we all go through trials in life but her ability to focus on the positive and redirect her thinking despite her excruciating circumstances Is something I definitely need to learn how to do better. I agree with her premise that our ability to get to a healthier place begins in the mind. This article helps remind me of that fact.

Stephanie from MN JANUARY 11, 2019
Your story is very inspiring! I appreciate that your perspective now is one of gratitude after going through this harrowing experience. I know from my work in nursing homes with people at the end of their lives that indeed the things you mentioned-laughter, kindness, pets, music, gratitude- really do improve quality of life. And that perspective-and faith-make a world of difference.

Cathy from Chaska, Mn. JANUARY 11, 2019
Jennifer’s story is such an inspiration! She proves the importance of having and maintaining the right perspectives when life throws us curve balls!

Tony from MN JANUARY 10, 2019
I know you from both B.T. (before tumor) and A.T. (after tumor). You haven't missed a beat. Still a great person that genuinely wants to get the most of out of life and help people along the way. Your diagnosis, surgery, and recovery would have changed most people. I'm glad you are not one of those people.

Beth and Don from Florida JANUARY 10, 2019
WOW! What a wonderful job of telling your story. You have another talent we didn't know about.

Gary B from Minnesota JANUARY 9, 2019
Your dad told me about your story being published here; I'm so glad your situation turned out with no lasting effects. You and I can relish in the fact that we both had life changing events within the last two years and recovered 100%. What could be better than that for us? Nothing! Keep it going......

phil from superior, wisc JANUARY 9, 2019
i can only hope that i would face such a personal health challenge with the same strength of character that was shared with this testimony

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