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Dr. Thomas H. is a Geology professor at North Harris Community College. Not only does he successfully bring an otherwise boring subject in college to life, but he stirs in important real world lessons that we all need. I'd recommend this professor to anyone.

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Jerry N. from Liwonde, Malawi JUNE 8, 2009
Amazing and inspiring! This is to prove that disability is not inability. We must learn to be self confident. No one is more capable than another. Everything is possible with faith.

Jose D.M. from Miami, Florida MARCH 26, 2009
It's amazing what you did. I've never heard of someone who climbed the tallest mountain in the world and its great that you lasted weeks there and stuff.

Kelvin T. from Maringouin, Louisisiana MARCH 5, 2009
Your story was amazing how you climbed the mountain, the biggest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. I hope you felt good when you climbed it.

Selena N. from LA MARCH 5, 2009
Do not let people put you down. The story made me believe that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. If you have a disability do not quit what you like to do.

Kiran T. from Maringouin, LA MARCH 5, 2009
That story was so great and I never knew someone who climbed the tallest mountain in the world. How did you feel after you climbed Mountain Everest? That was so Cool Dude!!!

K.M. from Maringouin, LA MARCH 5, 2009
This story was remarkable. A man without sight can achieve so many things. Though Erik was blind, it didn't stop him from succeeding in life. He graduated from school and started climbing. Mr. Weihenmayer started climbing mountain after mountain, having fun with his life and the people around him. Erik and his crew began to climb Mt. Everest and succeeded at it. He had good friends to trust his life with and have fun with. Even though he can't see, it never stopped him from doing what he wanted to do or succeeding at life. Anything is possible, there is no impossible.

Jessie W. from Maringiuon, Louisiana MARCH 5, 2009
I think that this was a good story. I never heard of a blind person climb Mount Everest. I think most people who have great sight won't do that. This is a great inspirational story. A lot of people can learn something from this story.

Cheremie M. from Maringouin MARCH 5, 2009
Erik Weihenmayer is a great example for children. He had to believe in himself and have patience in order to climb the large mountain.

S.M. from Singapore FEBRUARY 9, 2009
Erik is a true hero whose action must be told in every school in the country and every patient in the bed fighting for their life. To me he is the true hero and I bow to his courage!

Helen from Jamaica FEBRUARY 3, 2009
This story is the most inspirational story I have ever heard. I'm so happy you found someone to spend your life with and were able to achieve something people said you couldn't YOU GO DUDE!!! Take care of yourself.

J. from Canada JANUARY 31, 2009
Inspiring. People with disabilities can do anything, even the impossible!

Cydney S. from Oregon NOVEMBER 18, 2008
That man to me is crazy, but what he was able to do is inspiring. He was born with a disability and over came it and did something great. THAT is AMAZING!

Brandon P from Yonkers, NY OCTOBER 20, 2008
I loved this story! It is really sad, I loved it. Hope he never has to go through that situation again!

Raquan C OCTOBER 20, 2008
I thought the story was inspirational in its own way because it takes a lot of guts to climb over 30,000 ft-- ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR BLIND!!!!!!

Bryan B from Yonkers, New York OCTOBER 20, 2008
This is truly amazing! With all sincerity this is touching, inspirational--it's encouraging. I can at the moment climb the mountain (though not physically) because of what I believe now. I now understand better that no mountain can stop you when Determination, Patience and Hardwork come together. Go Ahead, Nothing Can Stop You!

I.C. from Yonkers OCTOBER 20, 2008
This is so amazing I really can't believe it. You made my day! Thank you and take care.


Taylor W. from Nebraska OCTOBER 3, 2008
This story really touched my heart. I am glad that he was able to accomplish this stunning feat. We should all take notes from what he did. People can do things; they really can if they set their heart to it. We can all accomplish great things- I realize that now. Thank you.

Kayla B. MAY 14, 2008
I loved this story! It is really sad, I loved it.

Daniel L. from New York USA MAY 9, 2008
As a hearing impaired teenager, I was listening to your fascinating story. That is quite an amazing feat that you have accomplished, despite so many obstacles you have gone through. It is really amazing what you have done when you put your all into achieving a goal.

Neelima K. from India MAY 7, 2008
Thank you, Erik for proving that there is nothing greater than the will to achieve. You have done an inspiring job keeping aside all the difficulties you faced. I am thrilled!

Janine from Canada MARCH 11, 2008
With every tear that hit my cheek, you inspire me.

Alvin Y. from Toronto, Ontario Canada FEBRUARY 5, 2008
Absolutely Beautiful! Bless his soul!

Tanya J. from Texas, USA JANUARY 17, 2008
I listened to this story with my head in my hands and my eyes closed. It was more out of the need to focus on what I was hearing, but it enhanced the story in a profound way. Thank you for the story; there was much to gain from listening. To be optimistic...that is what I gained the most. No matter what my circumstances are...accept things for what they are, do the best that I can with what I have, and live to make an impact. Thanks Erik and all of his family and friends that have helped him become the person that he is.

Anthony H. from North Carolina, USA JANUARY 12, 2008
I cried; this is life.

Paddy M. from Melbourne, Australia DECEMBER 28, 2007
We must learn a lot from Erik. We must all thrive to gain knowledge and apply our wisdom to the betterment of our society.

Yazna A. from Pakistan DECEMBER 6, 2007
Erik, you are Amazing!

Thuraya,A from United Arab Emirates NOVEMBER 27, 2007
such a beautiful world & EriK simply couldn't resist!very inspirational EriK, Bless your heart!

Milfrance P. from Philippines NOVEMBER 17, 2007
Erik, you are Amazing!

John Elord D. from Philippines NOVEMBER 11, 2007
Engrossing! Its really amazing. The story tells us that in life, "with enough determination, and faith in yourself, nothing is impossible!"

Saad from Rabat, Morocco NOVEMBER 6, 2007
I find it good what is said in this story, but it will be very good if there are images. The music accompanying the stoy is a good choice.

Amber S. from USA OCTOBER 30, 2007
You first have to believe in yourself, then you can make others believe in you as well. Great job, this story really helped me to understand the only peron who can limit you, is yourself.

Tammy B. from Arkansas, USA OCTOBER 21, 2007
This was a great audio! You took something that could have had a negative impact and turned it into something positive. We should all strive to have your determination!

Charmaine P. from New Zealand OCTOBER 11, 2007
Wow, you are truly amazing to this world!

Charmaine P. from New Zealand SEPTEMBER 15, 2007
Wow, you are truly amazing to this world!

Mursal G. from Germany SEPTEMBER 9, 2007
Amazing!!!! WOW. He is a hero...a man who is powerful. He shows us that nothing is impossible!

Janet G. from Colorado SEPTEMBER 9, 2007
I can't stop crying. You are an amazing, absolutely gorgeous person; if only I could be half the person you are!

Rams from India SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
Such a great inspiring story which makes all strong and believe that the world has endless possibilities. Sky is the limit in life and drawbacks are just a winning step for sucess.

Shirley C. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Erik just proved that nothing is impossible if you are determined to accomplish something. Even normal people can be "handicapped" if they don't use their senses properly. Physical handicap can be overcome by faith in oneself and love and support by your family. Go on, Erik and bless us and continue to inspire us with your accomplishments!

Priya D. from India SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Very inspirational and very motivating story. It's a terrific story; it's really unbelievable that some one like Erik climbed Mount Everest. After listening to this story i must say that, "Nothing's Impossible. It's just how you try and make it Possible."

Priya D. from India SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Very inspirational and very motivating story. It's a terrific story its really unbelievable that some one like Erik climbed Mount Everest. After listening to this story I must say that "Nothing is Impossible it's just how you try and make it Possible."

David L. from Rosedale, Louisiana USA SEPTEMBER 4, 2007
Wow this amazing and I think you're right because you know life is short and you should live life to the fullest!

Pieter M. from Johannesburg, South Africa SEPTEMBER 4, 2007
So often we feel sorry for ourselves, making excuses why we cannot do things and finding reasons why we should even try. Erik's story is the perfect example of the spirit that exists in everyone, the idea that "I will succeed." Congratulations, you inspire and motivate me!!!

Anne from Philippines AUGUST 25, 2007
A great story...amazing and interesting! It's about challenge and perseverance and it inspires me to do all things I'm afraid to do.

Prithvi R. from Chennai, India AUGUST 25, 2007
This story was really great. The most important thing the story states is that with perseverance and the grit to do anything we can really achieve whatever we want'

Will P. from Cushing, Maine USA AUGUST 17, 2007

Vivek from India AUGUST 17, 2007
This has really inspired me, from his story we realise that "Nothing Great can be achieved with out great enthusiasm." It has shown me a "Ray of hope" and a way to achieve goal in my life.

Jane C.O. from London, United Kingdom AUGUST 15, 2007
This is truely Amazing! With all sincerity this is touching, inspirational--it's encouraging. I can at the moment climb the mountain though not physical because of what I believe now. I now understand better that no mountain can stop you when Determination, Patience and Hardwork come together. Go Ahead, Nothing Can Stop You!

Framarz B. from Tehran, Iran AUGUST 14, 2007
Once more again it is proved "A man can be defeated but not destroyed." Erik tells us indirectly to open our eyes to see the life not through our eyes but through our "I"s.

Majd H. from Sharjah AUGUST 11, 2007
People's ambitions and persevearance keep astonishing us.

Peta Horn from Johannesburg SA AUGUST 1, 2007
Wow! I felt so humbled by what you said...every day I see things you don't but have NEVER experienced what you have, your life is much richer! Thank you for blessing me with your words

a chattopadhyay from kolkata, India JULY 15, 2007
this audio clip is so full of honesty, hope, strength and how one can use his potential to the best by sheer intelligence, courage, planning, practice...very inspiring, very motivating...he is a true hero!

Tara prasad from India JULY 12, 2007
Awesome, exemplary, absolutely inspiring! We are put to shame, because we as normal beings are not able to take such challenges...God bless you and may you be a driving factor for the rest of us.

Shilpi C from Salt Lake City, UT,USA JULY 11, 2007
Very motivating, with the strength of his extraordinary nature clearly resonating through the story.

marvin manalang from philippines JULY 10, 2007
your such a great man Erik. I salute of what you achieved. Hope your story inspires a lot of people in the world....

Steve B. from California, USA JULY 8, 2007
Thank you, Eric for your amazing and inspirational story. You and your life experience is a gift to all of us and should be used as such to inspire and motivate our lives.

Sakwe from South Korea JULY 8, 2007
Thrilling and astonishing. Great man.

Ceferino R Jr. from Qatar JUNE 18, 2007
An encouragement for others who think life ends when there is no hope but there are other greater possibilities when we push ourselves forward. Erik is one great person, definitely he is.

Burga from Germany JUNE 12, 2007
This is more than a great example of positive attitude, believing in yourself, having goals and working persistently to reach them--even with the "obstacle". Yes, this is quite a man, and a great inspiration to all of us.

Rhea E from Philippines JUNE 11, 2007

Lynde A. from Philippines JUNE 7, 2007
Truly amazing story! A great inspiration and example for everybody. Perseverance, self determination and patience can lead to success.

Juliet O. from Barbados JUNE 3, 2007
What a brilliant man! He challenged the impossible and despite the odds, he persevered and made it to the top victoriously. He reminds us how important it is to have hope, be optimistic, have a clear mind, and plan each step of the way. He also reminds us to use what skills we have to do the best we can in life, instead of worrying about what we can't do. Wow, what an amazing gentleman!! Thank God, Erik Weihenmayer, was blessed with a loving Mum and Dad, good supporters, and a loyal team.

Shelly G. from Phils., MAY 16, 2007
Wow, what an interesting story! In spite of being blind he has the determination and hope.

Bernard G. from philippines MAY 12, 2007
Wow!!! Really amazing story. It inspires me to do the things I am afraid to do. Thanks a lot.

carly .a. from barrie APRIL 25, 2007
i think that the fact the he had the courage to climb mount everest is AMAZING Even if he didn't succeed.. at least he tried

V.Rumi from Singapore APRIL 25, 2007
The words are powerful and awakening. The clip blossomed in the will to challenge. Isn't it true, the belief in oneself will bring him to the epitome of self knowledge.

Jacob Tambala from Ndola, Zambia in Africa APRIL 23, 2007
this is just [amazing] and it shows that nothing can be an obstacle but yourself!

Anonymous APRIL 20, 2007
Truly amazing! Everything about it. Him, the challenge (blind or not!), perseverance, trust, etc. And the people around him are just as amazing to me! The sheer loyalty and patience and trust and commitment is really remarkable. Great story. Great inspiration and examples! Thank you. Wow.

Chris from Utah APRIL 3, 2007
That is an amazing story. I think the story of how he even came to think of doing something like climbing Mount Everest is just as interesting as the fact that he actually did. What an incredible person.

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