Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. —Karen McLendon-Laumann
“Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.”

Karen McLendon-Laumann

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Pass It On®

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Ava from Raleigh, NC SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
I love this one!

LaRhonda from Kisd SEPTEMBER 5, 2017
I like this one, and is true!

Vicki Banks from Huntley, IL SEPTEMBER 5, 2017
A smile can do amazing things! It can make a sad person happy, a depressed person lifted, a lonely person feel liked, a smile has endless possibilities for the people you share it with! Smile often, it makes you feel very good too!

Mary J. from Rochester, N. Y. SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
Oh yes it is a smile doesn't cost you a dime but can give anyone a million dollar day Just smile at the next stranger you come across

David from TX SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
A smile is one free thing you can do to make someones life more pleasant, give them out freely!

Pat from Lakela SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
If you are happy, why not show it. Thanks for sharing your smiley face with me.

RJ from Valley of the Sun SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
It's really easy and extremely effective

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
Emotions are contageous

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
Great quote

OD Sharma from New Delhi SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

Frank from Cheshire  SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
So true that such small things make a big difference

Evelyn from NV SEPTEMBER 4, 2017
Love this - so easy to remember!

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